Do Not Call List

Length: 7617 words
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Micheoff
Summary: Michael is stuck in a dead end job and a dead end life. Nothing a little phone sex with a customer can’t fix, though, right?

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It may be over a week late, but this is a birthday present for horrificsmut. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why it happened except that I’d been stuck on inspiration for weeks and this is what came out of me.

Anyway, I love Kelly a lot and without them I’d have probably never started writing fic. My life is better with them in it, happy birthday beautiful.

We Own This City (I Think...) - A GTA Fake AH/Starbomb cross over

Rememebr that fic I was tlaking about? Well, here’s chapter one!

Summary: The Fake AH crew has had Los Santos eating out of the palm of their collective hands for almost two years, after knocking Roosterteeth (also know as “Cockbite”) down a few pegs. After going awhile without being challenged, Geoff Ramsey and his crew see themselves as royalty.That is until a few assholes hop off the bus and try overthrow the hierarchy.

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Or, you can read it here :)

“Is that a helicopter?”

Five men crouched low at Ray’s voice in their ears. Their gazes scoured the night sky before landing on a well-hidden black chopper with ropes dangling down.

Ray’s voice rang out again, dripping sarcasm.

“”Yeah, that’s a chopper, that’s fine.”

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Multichapter Fic coming soon!!

That’s right, everyone! I’ve got a project going. I won’t spoil anything major, but here’s the basics.

- NOT a ship fic. The only ships in the story will be real ships. (Juggey, egoflap)

- WHAT, EGOFLAP? That’s right, the Game Grumps will be co-starring in this fic, along with the main RT branch and Achievement Hunter (including Ray)

- this is a GTA AU, meaning that everyone is a hardened criminal who likes video games.

- Updates will be every Tuesday

If this interests you, then stay tuned! I’ll have the first chapter up as soon as I can get my AO3 account verified (which should be sometime tomorrow!).

I’m excited to get this fic on the road! :)

In regards to Ray leaving Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter

Please, be respectful. 

Do not give him hate.

Do not beg him to come back.

Be happy for him.

Yes, we will still take on fics and requests with Ray in them.

Yes, you can still write about him.



“ In Addition: It’s ok to feel sad that he’s leaving Achievement Hunters. But like Tat’s said, at the end of the day this is what he wan’ts, what makes him happy and we should support him the best we can. “

fake ah crew micheoff where geoff refuses to let michael use his newly-purchased 00mogar as a getaway vehicle in a heist because “jesus fucking christ, kid, the chrome isn’t exactly subtle, police could spot that car from space”

and because michael is a little shit, he waits until geoff drinks to the point of stone-cold-won’t-wake-for-the-actual-apocalypse sleep the night before a heist and proceeds to paint his nails. and so geoff wakes up the next day and looks down at his hands and sighs deeply when he sees this:

and that’s essentially how geoff ramsey, infamous crime boss of los santos, robs a bank armed with an smg and has to snap at no fewer than three bank tellers to “stop looking at my fucking nails and put the money in the bag, for fuck’s sake”