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Can I request some REALLY fluffy miles smut? Like disgustingly sweet but still smutty if that makes sense lol

Word Count: 588

Warnings: NSFW

“Miles, what are you doing?” you giggled as he picked you up bridal style and carried you off towards the bedroom.

“I am simply taking my princess off to her kingdom,” he puffed out his chest as he was careful to not knock your head on the door but completely tossed you onto the bed causing you to yelp.

“And I say, dearest Miles, if I am the princess does that make you the court jester?” you teased with a smirk.

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he looks like you.
and maybe that’s the only reason why i can stand him;
because he looks like you.
maybe that isn’t fair -
fuck, okay, i. i know it isn’t fair.
but he looks like you
and it’s not like you’re around to look like you anymore.
i mean,
he sure as fuck doesn’t smell like you.
you never smoked, but this guy -
well. you know i’m not fond of the smell.
gets in my nose,
creeps up on us while he’s sucking at my neck.
he’s got his own personal ash cloud, he does.
it’s nothing like your lemon-scented fabric softener,
or your spearmint breath.
he tastes different. very different.
and he feels different too, i mean,
you were always so soft and gentle -
i was so careful with you.
this guy tosses me around and lets me pin him down
and he’s all callouses and raised scars.
i just. i needed something more
to keep me grounded, i suppose.
you were so feather-light, so brief.
and he looks like you.
but he pushes hard, kisses rough, leaves bruises.
i can pretend, but i know. i know you’re gone.
shit. and,
you’re not coming back.
so i’ll just
keep staring at his eyes for now i guess.
he’s a good lay.
but he’s not you.
Casual Reassurance.

Pairing :: Pairing :: Chad James x Fem!Reader

Warning :: None, for once.

Word Count :: 530

Prompt :: Cuddles after the reader has self-doubt.

AN :: Sorry this took so long, I have had trouble with fluff recently because I guess I have had a lack of motivation and have been going thru a lot of insecurities about my body from my family so that kinda vented into this I guess.

You opened the door to your apartment and walked inside before slamming it shut, tears slipping down your cheeks. You thru your bag on the couch and kicked off your converse before walking into the kitchen. You got some water to drink and took some painkillers for your incoming headache.

“Hey YN!” You roommate Chad cheerily said as he walked into the kitchen, smile present on his face. “…Hey…” You mumbled, not looking him in the eyes. “YN? Are you okay?” He questioned. When you didn’t answer he walked around the counter to you and stopped next to you. He turned your body to face him and he raised your face up to look at him, face dropping at the sight of your wet cheeks.

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i did my best to find a banging quite but they’re all so banging i just couldn’t pick one, all that to say have a fahc turnfree from @ganglylimbs​ absolutely AMAZING, INCREIBLE, FANTABULOUS

fic, (the second chapter to be precise),

like this fic is so good, soooooo good

so good

if you dont shower alex with lots of love for their brilliant fic  i will be sad


Listen…….. im glad there are like clues and smart stuff in Eleven Little Roosters but im gonna be honest. All I can think about are these two… in suits bich. All Black and White suits yo. Im a Weak Man im not gonna be able to focus on the clues .bye.


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