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It was so nice writing this prompt, ‘cause recently I’ve just written really intense stuff. 

So thank you Anon :) I hope its good enough!

Rae sat, stunned in silence as the words tumbled out of Izzy’s mouth. She had no idea why the girls always seemed to come to her in these situations – she had no experience whatsoever with this. No personal experience that deemed her the expert in what to do, where to go or who to see. Yet, it seemed that when it did arise – the girls all flocked to her for support.

“Rae, did you hear me? I’m pregnant!” Izzy said, breaking into Rae’s thoughts and Rae stared at her.  The two were sitting side by side on Rae’s bed, and Rae found she still couldn’t speak.
“Shit!” She finally uttered, hissing out the word.  
“Well, that’s not going to help me is it? What should I do?” Izzy asked, her grey eyes brimming with tears as she twirled a lock of ginger curls around her finger. “I’m scared Rae.”

Rae felt a rush of sympathy wash over her, here she was – being selfish again, thinking about herself when she should be being there for Izzy.

“You know your options right?” Rae said; she assumed that everybody knew what was available to them. Chloe certainly did when she had been in this situation, straight down to the family planning clinic take a couple of pills and off you pop on your way.

Except it wasn’t like that, it had been emotionally battering for Chloe – and Rae wondered if part of the reason why Chloe had gone off of the rails last year was because she had never really dealt with the emotional turmoil she had been through with Mr Carrisford – sorry, “Steven”.

“Well, people always go on about your options – but I never asked, never thought it would happen to me.” Izzy admitted. Rae loved Izzy with all her heart, her sweetness and innocence was endearing and encouraging – she wasn’t torn down by a world that could be cruel and dismissive. Her bright sunshine attitude always made Rae smile, something which was hard to do sometimes.

“Well, I had a friend once who went through the same thing.” Rae started speaking to Izzy, but thinking of Chloe the whole time. “You have two options, you can either keep it – or you can have an abortion.” The word 'abortion’ felt stale in her mouth, she knew that everybody deserved a chance to have the right over their own bodies – but seeing what Chloe had been through last year still haunted her slightly. Still – this was Izzy, and needed to be Izzy’s decision.

Izzy nodded, her hands had moved unconsciously to her flat stomach and Rae felt a stab of jealousy run through her. She silently pushed it away from her, reaching over and hugging Izzy. “You do need to do one thing though – you need to tell Chop. Honesty is key.” She whispered into the shaking body which was so tiny against her own.

As they drew away from the hug, Rae noticed that Izzy was crying. Izzy smiled bravely at Rae, before wiping the tears away. Rae smiled back, trying to send her some strength.
“You’re right Rae- I should tell Chop, I’m just scared of how he’ll react.” Izzy gulped, petrified at the idea of telling him. Rae wasn’t worried though – she knew that Chop loved Izzy more than anything in the world, and he would always want to support her… despite whatever his initial reaction would be.
“Just remember that whatever he says or does – that he loves you.” She whispered, pushing her body gently against Izzy’s.

Izzy gave herself a couple of moments to compose herself, and Rae could tell that she was telling herself that it was going to be ok  - everything was going to be ok. It was in this moment that Rae recognised a part of herself in Izzy, part of her anxieties that belonged in everyone – no matter how sunny they usually were.  There is always darkness in light.

“Thank you Rae.” Izzy smiled at her friend, before standing up to leave. Rae walked her downstairs and leaned against the front door pane watching as Izzy walked down the driveway.
“Iz – Why did you come to me?” She asked, and Izzy smiled at her.
“Don’t you know?” Izzy asked, popping her heart shaped sunglasses on over her eyes.  Rae shook her head, and Izzy grinned.

“It’s because you’re strong.”