True Colors (part 1)

Hello my lovelies! Here’s my new multi chapter… I hope it’s not boring and that you’ll like it :3 I personally take great pleasure writing this story. All my thanks go to my henceforth beta llexis because without her this story would have not existed… ALSO! This story was totally inspired by Nico’s role as Newt in Hollyoaks. Enjoy!

Finn Nelson is not your typical 17-year old teenager. His life changed drastically in the matter of a year. He was happy and popular not long ago, and his life was turned upside down when he met Angie. Angie was beautiful and cheerful, she had long auburn hair and green eyes, and Finn made her laugh even though he was never the funny type. They were friends for a time, but Finn soon made his feelings for her clear, for he was not the kind to wait for a girl. He would just ask her out and fast. Finn fell in love though, and for the first time he wanted to keep the girl. He didn’t want just a shag and share her with someone else. She was unexpectedly pretty upset at first because she actually would rather keep it casual with him. Finn was vexed at first but he ended up fighting for her and he won.

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My first blog post is up on the RMH website of you guys want to check it out. It’s a few weeks old by now, but there’s more to come. We’re currently re-vamping the website and social marketing plan, and I’ll actually be taking over their tumblr pretty soon. We’ve done a lot of cool shoots recently, so feel free to check it out: RMH

In the Spotlight...featured designer Rae Marie!

Only 10 days left and 10 designers to feature! 

Meet Rae Marie one of our featured designers

Rae Marie: The Fashion House of Rae Marie is flouncy, flirty, sassy, vibrant and exciting! Rae Marie melds together chic, sexy and sophisticated aesthetic with an urban, hip hop sex appeal. Rae is edgy, hard and bold; Marie is vivacious seductive and romantic. Together they create a clothing line that is full of surprises, personality and style. Together the fashion house of Rae Marie is sexy, edgy and chic.  She will be showing a collection of 20′s inspired garments, mainly inspired by Jazz, the rise of feminism and other key elements found in the 20′s for her RTW 2012 Spring line. The line is bold, fun and gives a unique perspective on modern 20′s fashion. All of her designs will be available for order after the show and can be custom ordered as well.

Check out her interview with our fashion host Arabella! 

Purchase your ticket today at www.foreverdarling.org! 

Fleet of Dreams - Rae Marie

Released: Mar 25, 2014

  • Oh the Love of Jesus
  • Fleet of Dreams
  • Be Holy / Who Can Stand Before You
  • Having Done All to Stand / You Alone Are Worthy
  • Bowing Down
  • The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me
  • Anoint Your Servant, Lord
  • Restoration
  • Together for the Gospel
  • Put On the Full Armor

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Check out the blog I'm writing for this summer!

This summer I got an internship with the wonderful Rachel Marie Hurst, and along with designing, sewing, styling, selling, and much more I will be updating their blog with tales of our adventures. As you can see, all of the interns and Rachel herself write for it, but look for anything by Amy Shank and you’ll know you found me. If you just can’t get enough here are some more links for you:

Rachel Hurst facebook: RMH

Rae Marie facebook: RMH

Tumblr: RMH

Twiter: RMH

Pintrest: RMH

Dear marks,

Tell me again how skilled you are inside a wrestling ring, how you put your body and livelihood on the line night after night purely to entertain crowds. How you have to sacrifice seeing your families on a regular basis, how you have to travel, train and perform for 360 days out of the year. All the while trying to change the landscape of an underutilised, undervalued and underpaid division. Whilst trying to maintain the marketable look that your employers wants in order to keep your ‘brand’. 

PoC News in America

PoC News in America

We’ve covered Ferguson earlier this week, but as seen in the events following the anniversary protests, Ferguson remains a community divided. (more…)

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Installative Performance with appointments

duration:15 min

1 animated being “Harriet”, one assistant, a clay object, massage oil, water, hygienic spray, 1 visitor, towels, an istruction voice

Voice: Lauren Rae Mace

Assistant: Marie Schomerus (Amelie Jakubek, Tetyana Zolotopupova, Julia Kopylova, Inky Kutz)

2015, “Gallery for Interactive Research”, Kassel, Germany

provided by ACAD&C

The Thaw (2009)

Movie: The Thaw

  • Director: Mark A. Lewis
  • Stars: Aaron Ashmore, Alejandro Rae, Anne Marie DeLuise, Brad Dryborough, Brenda Crichlow, Evan Adams, Gary Chalk, Greg Rogers, Kurt Evans, Kyle Schmid, Lisa Marie Blair, Michael Dobson, Peter Kelamis, Sebastian Gacki, Steph Song, Val Kilmer, Viv Leacock, William B Davis, Zachary Throne
  • Release Date: October 06, 2009
  • Run Time: 90 mins
  • Genre: Thriller,…

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