I think it’s definitely time for WWE to create a Divas Tag Team championship. Considering the popularity of the women involved in this 3-way feud, WWE’s current set up isn’t going to be good enough.  So, one way to make sure that no one loses their momentum is to finally create another championship for the women to fight for. There are a number of reasons why this should happen, but here are my top four:  

  1. It guarantees that we will have at least 6 women in the spotlight at all times.
  2. A lesser title can help the ladies prepare for the Divas Championship.  It gives them more exposure, more time to give promos and more time to wrestle. This could lead to better title reigns.
  3. It creates more feuds and rivalries between the women’s roster.  In addition, lesser shown Divas have a better chance to get screen time.
  4. Some fans might not have to wait years for their favorites to hold a title. One title for 15+ women isn’t going to cut it anymore.

The current roster is stacked with women who know how to wrestle and have dynamic, diverse character personas.  Plus, it won’t be long before Bayley and other NXT ladies are called up.  

I think the Divas fandom should get #DivasTagTitles or some similar hashtag trending during Raw, Smackdown, NXT and all other shows to show that we want more for the women of WWE.  We got their attention before with #GiveDivasAChance. While they may not have exactly gotten the message we were trying to send, we still got their attention.  Why not try that again?  We want a real revolution, not some cheap storyline.  It can start by giving the women tag titles.

Strictly platonic

Hello all! This is a fluffy one-shot. If anyone watches Degrassi there are some stuff they will recognize and I’m not sorry :D. Smutty times ahead, maybe, at one point. Enjoy!

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My first blog post is up on the RMH website of you guys want to check it out. It’s a few weeks old by now, but there’s more to come. We’re currently re-vamping the website and social marketing plan, and I’ll actually be taking over their tumblr pretty soon. We’ve done a lot of cool shoots recently, so feel free to check it out: RMH

In the Spotlight...featured designer Rae Marie!

Only 10 days left and 10 designers to feature! 

Meet Rae Marie one of our featured designers

Rae Marie: The Fashion House of Rae Marie is flouncy, flirty, sassy, vibrant and exciting! Rae Marie melds together chic, sexy and sophisticated aesthetic with an urban, hip hop sex appeal. Rae is edgy, hard and bold; Marie is vivacious seductive and romantic. Together they create a clothing line that is full of surprises, personality and style. Together the fashion house of Rae Marie is sexy, edgy and chic.  She will be showing a collection of 20′s inspired garments, mainly inspired by Jazz, the rise of feminism and other key elements found in the 20′s for her RTW 2012 Spring line. The line is bold, fun and gives a unique perspective on modern 20′s fashion. All of her designs will be available for order after the show and can be custom ordered as well.

Check out her interview with our fashion host Arabella! 

Purchase your ticket today at www.foreverdarling.org! 

Breathe (finale)

Hello my dearies! Thanks for your likes, comments and reblogs, it means  lot to me :) Here comes the last part of my season 3 that I‘ll personally consider canon from now on haha :D I hope you’ll like it too… This last part is quite Rinn-centered, and I’ll justify that by saying I think they are both happier and better when they’re together. I hope you’ll agree :)… Enjoy!

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Fleet of Dreams - Rae Marie

Released: Mar 25, 2014

  • Oh the Love of Jesus
  • Fleet of Dreams
  • Be Holy / Who Can Stand Before You
  • Having Done All to Stand / You Alone Are Worthy
  • Bowing Down
  • The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me
  • Anoint Your Servant, Lord
  • Restoration
  • Together for the Gospel
  • Put On the Full Armor

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xo xo, Christian Music Girl

Check out the blog I'm writing for this summer!

This summer I got an internship with the wonderful Rachel Marie Hurst, and along with designing, sewing, styling, selling, and much more I will be updating their blog with tales of our adventures. As you can see, all of the interns and Rachel herself write for it, but look for anything by Amy Shank and you’ll know you found me. If you just can’t get enough here are some more links for you:

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anonymous asked:

My brother-in-law and his friends were watching RAW and this is who they say are the ugly Divas: Sasha, Naomi, Charlotte, Summer Rae, Lana, Nikki and Eva Marie (who they say looks like a drag queen due to her "strong" face) What you guys think?

You’re brother-in-law & friends need glasses. Sasha, Naomi, Charlotte, Summer Rae & Lana aren’t ugly. 

I agree with Eva Marie though

Let's revamp BET

So I accidentally turned my TV to BET today and thought, “Damn why is this channel so whack?” I mean do they even have black people over there writing shows??? It just seems like there is no clear demographic just black folk and black stereotypes. I do have some ideas though.
1) why not bring back what works, everyone loved college hill! It showcased black students getting ahead in life, but still turning up(pretty representative of real life)

2) With the success of shows like the Misadventure of awkward black girl why not bring in more scripted shows that showcases “different types” of black people instead of relying on stereotypes

3) incorporate a black news segment ( I think they already have this not sure if it’s consistent or for special circumstances)

4) I really liked the hip hop vs America segment they did in like 08. So more think pieces like that would be super cool.

5) I know the black girl with the locks from YouTube, I’m pretty sure her name is Francesca, has a segment on MTV about racism so maybe something like that.

6) I watched a documentary about strippers called POP, power of the pussy, and it was really good. That could easily be turned into sister hood of hip hop esc type reality show. It could show case the struggle, and grind to find a new lane all while focusing on interactions between dancers and management.

7) black bachelor, or bachelorette

8)I hear being Mary Jane is dope so more content like that

9) I miss the run dmc show, it was like the black Kardashians. We need something like that.

10) just better writing for scripted shows. Throw in some original movies idk.
These are just some thoughts.

i was thinking abt eva marie yesterday and for some reason i also started thinking abt the avatar series so then i started thinking abt what type of bender wrestlers would be


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#1: Mary Ellen Mark on the Portrait and the Moment: The Photography Workshop Series
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Tag-A-Long, fiction by Misty Marie Rae Skaggs | Fried Chicken and Coffee

On Fri­day nights, the sprawl­ing liv­ing room was filled with a fine mist of Aquanet Extra Super Hold. The kind of no non­sense hair spray that could take your breath away if you were unlucky enough to stum­ble through a fresh, pun­gent cloud of it. That was the smell of brand new fem­i­nin­ity being pushed to its lim­its. The cute lit­tle girls from the snap shot that stuck with me, were almost all growed up. Wield­ing two giant, shiny, pur­ple cans, they worked simul­ta­ne­ously — shak­ing and squirt­ing, clink­ing and hiss­ing, gos­sip­ing and gig­gling. They ate up ozone and lifted layer after layer of soft blonde hair, eight­ies style. It left a strangely sweet, chem­i­cal scent hang­ing in the air to mix and dance with the smoke from Mamaw’s Win­ston cig­a­rettes and the strains of a Bad Com­pany record blast­ing down the hall. It tasted like rub­bing alco­hol on my tongue if I opened my mouth too wide as I laughed loudly. Around the same time the sun slid down behind the ridge, my aunts started get­ting ready for high school dances or rural route par­ties that unfolded in some barn or trailer down the road a lit­tle ways…


Michael John LaChiusa’s first play, Sukie and Sue: Their Story was a comedic parody of horror movies about a nurse who receives a possessed Raggedy Ann doll from her mother. Other characters include her fellow nurse roommate, her roommate’s deadbeat boyfriend, the boyfriend’s pot dealer who angers the doll, a psychic who summons demons but can’t banish them, and an incompetent priest/exorcist. Hilarity ensues.