Senior Solos:

1st Sydney Burtis - MARSHALL ELLIS OTE


3rd  Haley Vicknair - LEMOINE OTE

4th Joei Jacob - THE MOVEMENT OTE

5th Londyn Daniel - LEMOINE OTE

6th Kylie Ruiz - LEMOINE OTE

7th Angelina St. Philip - REVOLUTION

8th Sage Vickers - SHEFFIELD

9th Mary Katherine Munn - APEX

9th Maris Rae Krystosek - BROADWAY SOUTH

10th Sara Laine McNew - JILL’S

10th Rachel Pistorious - LEMOINE

Senior Duo/Trios:

1st Tokyo the Academy - Bruises OTE

2nd Jill’s Studio of Dance - Helium

3rd Modern Conceptions of Dance - Depth Of Field

( Raven Adams / 21 / she/her ) is that ( Marie Avgeropoulos ) ordering a ( Skinny Soy Latte ) at mocha? i heard they’re a (student ) who’s known as the ( fighter ) around here. however, they say ( Raven ) is very ( brave ), but ( closed up ). well, better get their drink before it gets cold! ( Ari / 20 / she/her / gmt+10 )

Heyyo here is my other bby Raven (Rae) with this gorgeous Marie as an FC. Anyway, a little more about Raven.

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Secret admirer

What a lame title isn’t it? Anyway, this is a short one-shot fic, not very original but full of fluff and dedicated to my little angel llexis ♥

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machetegirl: Success and inspiration do not just take on one form. This group of hard working and talented women are ready to make history. I love the attention these girls are commanding! Eventually people will get tired of telling you “you can’t do something” You just have to have the energy left to charge forward and seize the moment! #wwe #womenswrestling #newera

Nikki Bella is beautiful.

Brie Bella is beautiful.

Charlotte is beautiful.

Alicia Fox is beautiful.

Paige is beautiful.

Becky Lynch is beautiful.

Emma is beautiful.

Natalya is beautiful.

Sasha Banks is beautiful.

Naomi is beautiful.

Tamina is beautiful.

Summer Rae is beautiful.

Lana is beautiful.

Bayley is beautiful.

Dana Brooke is beautiful.

Eva Marie is beautiful.

Every single woman on the WWE roster, main and NXT, is an amazing, gorgeous, strong women who deserve literally nothing but respect and I absolutely will scream about this until my throat hurts.

List of Victims on American Airlines Flight 77 that hit the #Pentagon: #NeverForget #Honor911 #Flight77 #Sept11
Paul W. Ambrose
Yeneneh Betru
Mary Jane Booth
Bernard C. Brown, II
CAPT Charles F. Burlingame III, USNR, Retired
Suzanne M. Calley
William E. Caswell
David M. Charlebois
Sarah M. Clark
Asia S. Cottom
James D. Debeuneure
Rodney Dickens
Eddie A. Dillard
LCDR Charles A. Droz III, USN, Retired
Barbara G. Edwards
Charles S. Falkenberg
Dana Falkenberg
Zoe Falkenberg
J. Joseph Ferguson
Darlene E. Flagg
RADM Wilson F. Flagg, USNR, Retired
1stLt Richard P. Gabriel, USMC, Retired
Ian J. Gray
Stanley R. Hall
Michele M. Heidenberger
Bryan C. Jack
Steven D. Jacoby
Ann C. Judge
Chandler R. Keller
Yvonne E. Kennedy
Norma Cruz Khan
Karen Ann Kincaid
Dong Chul Lee
Jennifer Lewis
Kenneth E. Lewis
Renee A. May
Dora Marie Menchaca
Christopher C. Newton
Barbara K. Olson
Ruben S. Ornedo
Robert Penninger
Robert R. Ploger III
Zandra F. Ploger
Lisa J. Raines
Todd H. Reuben
John P. Sammartino
George W. Simmons
Donald D. Simmons
Mari-Rae Sopper
Robert Speisman
Norma Lang Steuerle
Hilda E. Taylor
Leonard E. Taylor
Sandra D. Teague
Leslie A. Whittington
CAPT John D. Yamnicky, Sr., USN, Retired
Vicki Yancey
Shuyin Yang
Yuguag Zheng

Lana, Charlotte, Alicia Fox, Tamina, Paige, Eva Marie, Summer Rae, Natalya, Becky Lynch, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Sasha Banks, Emma, and Naomi
[April 3rd, 2016]

Sincerely, I don’t think there’s been a more diverse, talented group of female superstars in the WWE’s history on the roster at one time. Of course, everyone has their favorites and those whom they dislike, but there’s no denying that everyone pictured fills their role to great prominence, and that the WWE hosts some of the greatest wrestlers in the world.

Imagine showing this picture to Jim Cornette. He would explode.

These girls mean the world to me. I’ve loved this business since i was six years old. Ever since i saw Trish Stratus and Lita on my TV, I knew I wanted to be like them and be in that ring. All these girls have inspired me one way or another and deserve so much. They have shown me what I want to do in my life. They’ve motivated me to want to be a wrestler. And I know I can make it as a wrestler, I know soon enough I will be on that stage and in that ring night after night. This is my future. These are my inspirations who helped me realize that. Without them, I would be nothing.


I think it’s definitely time for WWE to create a Divas Tag Team championship. Considering the popularity of the women involved in this 3-way feud, WWE’s current set up isn’t going to be good enough.  So, one way to make sure that no one loses their momentum is to finally create another championship for the women to fight for. There are a number of reasons why this should happen, but here are my top four:  

  1. It guarantees that we will have at least 6 women in the spotlight at all times.
  2. A lesser title can help the ladies prepare for the Divas Championship.  It gives them more exposure, more time to give promos and more time to wrestle. This could lead to better title reigns.
  3. It creates more feuds and rivalries between the women’s roster.  In addition, lesser shown Divas have a better chance to get screen time.
  4. Some fans might not have to wait years for their favorites to hold a title. One title for 15+ women isn’t going to cut it anymore.

The current roster is stacked with women who know how to wrestle and have dynamic, diverse character personas.  Plus, it won’t be long before Bayley and other NXT ladies are called up.  

I think the Divas fandom should get #DivasTagTitles or some similar hashtag trending during Raw, Smackdown, NXT and all other shows to show that we want more for the women of WWE.  We got their attention before with #GiveDivasAChance. While they may not have exactly gotten the message we were trying to send, we still got their attention.  Why not try that again?  We want a real revolution, not some cheap storyline.  It can start by giving the women tag titles.