Rae Marie

The girls at the beach!

Mun: @ask-eremin-snk @akimitsu-kaine @krul-tepes-trap-queen So..This happened, I’m glad you guys gave me your opinions on how you look so that way I could get it right and put us all together! Here are the details of the picture and who’s who since nobody really knows what you three look like lmao.

Me: The one with the Japanese swimsuit on that’s blue with black hair that’s short (I couldn’t find a side braid for me)

Misty ask-eremin-snk: The one right beside me, red hair and dark blue eyes with the Volleyball on her hip (we both like Volleyball XD)

Mari krul-tepes-trap-queen: The one to Misty’s left, wearing the purple swimsuit with the see through light blue skirt thing around her waist, I heard she likes green popsicles so I added that

Raven akimitsu-kaine: The one to the far left, a really nice tan and blonde hair! And her swimsuit is super cute! She has a little blue and white tube she’s holding while her other hand is in a peace sign!

What do you all think? I love this picture tbh!

Watching The Women’s Evolution last night on the network made me cry. Like to see how far these women have come and to see how amazing they all are is all so overwhelming. I’ve never been so proud and so excited for a women’s division before. To finally see women be just as good as the men, it was just surreal. With all the new women who have recently come up in the past year and then the women still down getting ready to come up from NXT, the women’s roaster is just going to get better and better. You can count on that.

thebriebella: My greatest journey in life. Blood, sweat and tears….turning no’s into yes’s and negatives into positives. We never let anyone hold us back and conquering every obstacle was empowering. To all the women I’ve wrestled and watched. Generations and generations of paving the road made #WomensWrestling what it is today. Love to them all ❤️ @wwe


sweetest downfall: a wlw playlist with paired songs by @aeolian-harp​.

listen on spotify.

consecutive songs are meant to be paired together, as inspired by a couple conversations about shipping songs together. also, HUGE inspiration from @fomoriii​‘s list of lgbt musicians, from which many of the lbq artists of color that are on this list are drawn.

lyric excerpts under the cut –

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These girls mean the world to me. I’ve loved this business since i was six years old. Ever since i saw Trish Stratus and Lita on my TV, I knew I wanted to be like them and be in that ring. All these girls have inspired me one way or another and deserve so much. They have shown me what I want to do in my life. They’ve motivated me to want to be a wrestler. And I know I can make it as a wrestler, I know soon enough I will be on that stage and in that ring night after night. This is my future. These are my inspirations who helped me realize that. Without them, I would be nothing.