Kester’s View

“See ya next week, Rae.” He waved after her, hearing her huffed, “Whatever,” in response. He smiled to himself, this girl was a pretty tough cookie.
Lighting a cigarette between appointments, he leaned close to the open window. As he examined the pictures he’d thrown out during Rae’s session, he caught site of the girl herself crossing the hospital grounds toward the main road.
Long dark hair trailed behind her as she walked. Suddenly her determined gait halted and she turned. Her whole body turned back to face the hospital. She took a step in his direction and looked as if she would keep coming but she stopped again mid-stride. Kester could have sworn she sighed, her shoulders lifting in her black leather jacket.
Making a sharp pivot turn, Rae headed once again, for the road back to town, to what Kester assumed was her home.

“I’ll see you next week, Rae.” With a wry smile he watched her storm off. He hoped Rae would get whatever was bothering her off her chest. And soon.
Leaning out for a quick fag before his session with Tix, Kester spotted Rae. She was storming off toward the road. No hesitation in her step this week. If anything her gait belied a sincere need to vacate the hospital grounds posthaste.
Watching her red Converse tear up the grass Kester wondered what condition she would be in the following week.

He sighed, “See you next week, Rae. Take care.” She actually smiled this time. Could this be due to the object of her affections? The one who makes her feel like she could be swept off the earth? He smiled considering this.
As he slowly exhaled out the window, Kester witnessed a curious scene below. Rae was walking confidently out of the doors one moment and dropped out of sight the next. This happened just as a young man was crossing the path toward the main hospital. Rae lifted her head and seemed to be watching the young man’s progress to the main hospital doors. Once the young man entered, Rae carefully stood and practically ran to the main road. He chuckled and shook his head in confusion.

“Alright, Rae. See you next week.” He waved and it looked like Rae waved back. Or possibly flipped him off. Either way, he laughed and closed the door.
He studied the ash collecting at the end of his cigarette. Rae happened to walk right into his line of vision as she left the building. For some reason she was shaking her head.
From below Kester heard a voice shout out, “Rae”. Rae halted but didn’t turn around. Kester saw her head droop for a few seconds and lift as she turned toward the voice. Kester thought this must have been the same individual Rae hid from the previous week.
Rae remained standing in place. Kester could make out enough of her expression to see that Rae was surprised to run into this person. Speaking at a normal volume, Kester couldn’t hear their conversation. He simply watched their body language.
This boy must have been the one Rae was talking about a couple of weeks prior. Everything about the young man with the fringe told Kester he was dead gone on Rae. His toothy grin was as bright as day from where Kester witnessed the exchange. What threw him was Rae. Her posture was stiff, her arms crossed, closing off her body to him. It looked as if she was trying to make herself smaller in the boy’s eyes. Kester hated seeing this girl that he knew to be vibrant and charismatic attempting to tamp down her light. It just didn’t make sense.

“It was good to see you, Rae.” He stood at the door and watched her form move down the hall to the stairwell.
Flipping through his notes of Rae’s sessions he selected a single page to review. He moved toward his office window, cigarette in hand.
The familiar sight of Rae crossing the grounds met his gaze. As Rae approached the road a scooted pulled up. The rider stopped in front of Rae and pulled off their helmet. Kester thought it must be Rae’s admirer. He watched them chat for a moment. The young man produced a second helmet and helped Rae put it on. He then mounted his scooter and put a hand out to help Rae join him. Kester smiled to himself watching the pair drive away. He wished the pair luck and hoped Rae would feel chatty in their next session.


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