So here’s some MMFD season 3 drama to the tune Youth by Daughter… Interestingly enough I should just title this “Everyone done fucked up because they are human” but I’m just gonna leave this here. If you haven’t watched Ep2 of S3 I just want to say there are many parts from it in here… But I had to do one for all the drama so far in this season. xx


The best scene!

Mmfd the end?

I know many of us are confused about how going to end this story. Rae has to be well on its own. No need anyone. She’s a free spirit, and have seen how often such women may feel alone or choose not to start a family because they want to take another life. But that’s not a good speech. I want her to choose herself and love herself above all else, but don’t think this well for that reason can’t she be loved as appropriate?. Sometimes we will say that independent women can be loved by a man despite that? I don’t know anymore. I love Finn. And although I always wanted and want they be together, I never found him to be at the level of her. I never saw in him someone who can really understand and really see her. He wants Rae but that’s enough? I know many may think he is perfect. It’s not for me. She takes him away, yes. But I always felt that it isn’t easy talk to him. He doesn’t understand her and she knows it. I still believe in Finn. I said before that I don’t care if they end up together or not. But I believe they love each other. I think Rae deserves more that Finn Nelson, but she deserves Finn Nelson too. Maybe now, this way she can release her fears with him. The terrible fear that she doesn’t deserve him. For me one of the two he always was at risk of not deserving the other, it was Finn. Because she deserves someone who has the courage that we have seen in her more than once. And the most important thing, what really matters, she deserves love herself. She deserves the worldwide.


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