Music Monday - Zenzenzense (前前前世)

Happy Monday Quotakus! Today’s feature is Zenzenzense ( 前前前世 ) by RADWIMPS, because I am totally in love with their music. 

They’re an indie rock band, started in 2001, and their band name was formed from two English language slang terms; rad and wimp. They are currently most known for their tunes on Kimi no na wa ( 君の名は )!

Notable songs for the animated film besides Zenzenzense are Sparkle, Dream Lantern and one of my personal favourites, Theme of Mitsuha. They also recently released an album titled Human Bloom, full of amazing songs such as O&O, Weekly Shounen Jump and One Spring Day!

They’re on Spotify & Apple Music so do check their albums out - you won’t regret it, heh!