Radio head drinking game

Ok I was with my friend unique-username-number-9 and we came up with some ideas for a radio head drinking game I’d like to share

To start put all studio radiohead albums on shuffle ( Pablo Honey can be left out)

General rules
1. Take a shot when you don’t know what thom is singing
2. Try to guess the song from the first ten seconds of not hissed take a shot if guessed incorrectly take 2
3. The person who took the least amount of shots last song must attempt to sing the current song
4. If a player does not like a song they can take a shot to skip it
5. The person who took the most shots from each song must remove a article of clothing
song specific rules
1. During sit down stand up males take shots when sit down is said and females take shots when stand up is said ( extra also follow instruction and attempt to sit and stand )
2. Select certain songs that all males have to so and all females have to sing
3. If creep comes on select the most intoxicated individual to sing)
1. Every time you feel depressed by the music take a shot


Radiohead — “High and Dry”

It’s the most ordinary thing in the world, but it still feels weird that 20 years would be enough for me to move from one side of “I bet you think that’s pretty clever, don’t you boy?” to the other and to hearing the tone of Thom Yorke’s voice differently as a result.

It turns out the video I remembered for this song is some nonexistent mix of the American and British videos. Maybe in Canada we got both.

I like this song a lot more now. I wonder if Yorke still hates it?



I adore what they did to them ‘hit songs’; I esp. love the ‘Creep’ (Radiohead) rendition. 

so i’ve been at Panera working on my thesis for the past few hours, and for some reason there are a lot of strange Radiohead covers on the restaurant playlist? right now they’re playing a weird upbeat / reggae version of No Surprises, and earlier i heard a weird upbeat jazzy version of Just.

Use only song titles from one band or artist of your choosing to answer the following questions! then tag others to do it.

I was tagged by condoravenues, so thanks!

Ok I’m gonna sort of cheat and use 2 artists

They are: Radiohead and Elliott Smith

Describe yourself: Morning Bell, Independence Day

How do you feel about yourself: Knives Out, Punch & Judy

Describe your favorite accessory: 15 Step, LA

Your Fondest Memory: Codex, Waltz #2

Describe your current location: House of Cards, The Last Hour

Describe where you want to be: Weird Fishes, Pretty Mary K

Your best friend is: Bodysnatchers, Bottle Up and Explode!

Your favorite emotion is: Bangers & Mash, Son of Sam

What’s the weather like: Separator, Clementine

If your life was a television show, what would it be called?: No Surprises, Say Yes

What is life to you?: 2+2=5, Rose Parade

What is the best advice you have to give: Videotape, A Passing Feeling

Your biggest fear: The National Anthem, The Biggest Lie

Your parting words: Reckoner, Happiness / The Gondola Man

I’m gonna tag ira-vheissu disneykid23 donteversayrocknroll and harbor-the-love


A previously unseen video of Thom Yorke, age 20, performing an early version of The Bends track “High and Dry” with his pre-Radiohead band Headless Chickens.


Okay but this mashup is incredible and I’m dying over this girl’s voice