‘He’ll be terrific’: Cillian Murphy sings the praises of Dunkirk co-star Harry Styles.

Speaking to the Radio Times, the 40 year-old revealed that his Dunkirk co-star is ‘terrific’ in the new production, which will prove his ability.

'Harry Styles is great,’ he enthuses of the One Direction frontman who makes his break for boyband freedom with his first real acting gig.

'I had very few scenes with Harry but we got to hang out and I’ve got to say he’s a great, great kid, and really, really funny. Above all, Chris Nolan [the director] knows talent and would have cast Harry for a reason.’

‘There’s a long history of musicians moving over into acting and I come from that world myself, so I’m sure he’ll be terrific in the role. I trust Chris implicitly in that.’

He’s also revealed that the project’s production values will make it the perfect choice for Harry’s debut. ‘With the way Chris is shooting, all on IMAX 65mm cameras and in the real locations, it should be pretty powerful.’

(via Daily Mail)