I feel like no one talks enough about how losing Noodle affected Murdoc

-Murdoc and Noodle have the video and Noodle’s escape all planned out, and it’s all perfect. Murdoc tells her, “Ignore the radio calls. Ignore the search parties. Parachute off that island, call me when you’re safe, and go take your break.” Noodle promises, and everything’s ready. 

-Russel and 2D are panicking after the crash, the support team is trying to radio her, the crew is searching through the wreckage, but Murdoc isn’t worried. He’s waiting for the call. 

-But the call doesn’t come. Murdoc waits a day. Then two days. Then a whole week. And Noodle isn’t calling. None of his calls go through. And that’s when Murdoc starts to panic. 

-It’s the way he burns through a pack a night staring out his cellphone and waiting for a text, the way he holes himself in the radio room resting his forehead on the rim of a rum bottle, hoping she’d maybe try to catch him on the waves. But he doesn’t hear anything. It’s all static. 

-One night he’s too drunk and too manic and he stumbles to the crash site and just starts digging. Pulling away the wooden slats, burned clumps of Earth, empty bullet shells, metal sheets stripped from the bombs that were dropped. It’s been hours, his hands are bloody, his shirt is soaked through in sweat, and he finds nothing. He sits there on his knees, staring at his hands, looking around him, and he feels his throat close up. He realizes he fucked up. 

-He visits that crash site every week to look again, long after Kong is burned down, long after the group is in shambles. 

-One day at the crash site, when he’s thinking about plastic pieces hiding in the sand, he finds a clump of Noodle’s hair. He sits there, runs his fingers through it, realizes he finally has a piece of her that he gets to keep, and comes up with an absurd idea. 

-He pulls out medical journals, books on coding, programming languages for robotics, and dozens and dozens of pictures of Noodle. He slaves for nights on end, so many nights he can’t remember, and he knows this idea is absurd, but what if it worked? What if he could actually do it?

-It takes him months but she’s finally ready. When he runs his fingers through her hair, it almost feels real. 

-But it’s not the same. Cyborg doesn’t remember their inside jokes from when Noodle was 10 and still using pinky promises to keep them sacred. Doesn’t remember the time Murdoc would always buy Noodle chocolate when he went out to get smokes. Doesn’t remember the smile and the pat on the head he gave her when he heard her Demon Days sketches. Cyborg kills and does what he tells her, and he knows Noodle wouldn’t have tolerated that for a second. But he needs his band. He needs her. He needs what keeps him sane. He can’t do without it. He wouldn’t survive. 

-Then there are nights he sits in Cyborg’s charging station, watching the sparks, reading her malfunction logs, looking on eBay for replacement parts, and feeling his throat close up once more. His fingers shake as he flips through pages and pages of error messages. He prays in secret that she doesn’t burn out. He can’t lose her twice. He might not survive it. 

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 13

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: (LOTS OF) Violence, blood, language, possible triggers and themes of death/mentions of death/death

Word Count: 7,430

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

A/N: This chapter has been the hardest piece of writing I’ve written to date, you guys. I spent four days straight wrestling with this one. All I am going to say is, hold your breath.

“You’re going to get him out of there,” You stared into Kyungsoo’s deep, emotionless black pools. “Right?”

Kyungsoo faced you slowly, meeting your gaze with one that turned your blood stone cold. His face remained void of all sympathy as he turned his back to you and walked away.


Everyone’s heads turned. You found yourself in shock of the volume and desperation in your voice. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you continued.

“You are going to get him out of there.” You lowered your voice, asserting yourself as Kyungsoo continued to walk away from you.

Your blood was boiling as Kyungsoo continued to ignore you. You stalked up to him, hands balled into fists at your side as you caught up to him and halted in front of his path. Kyungsoo was determined, however, and brushed past you with ease.

“Kyungsoo!” You gaped at him in shock. “You have to do something!”

This caused him to stop in his tracks, his face still facing you as he spoke.

“I am doing something,” He growled, the air around him vibrating with a threatening aura. “And that something is going to keep the clan alive.”

Your anger could not longer be controlled, and you ran up to him, grabbing his arm and forcing him to look you in the eye. “And by something you mean you are going to let him die.”

The air was tight between the two of you as his stone-cold stare bore straight into your own, yet you refused to back down.

“The clan is my priority.” Kyungsoo deadpanned. “Nothing else matters.”

As Kyungsoo turned around to walk away from you again, you gripped his elbow. Kyungsoo froze, taking in a vehement breath in frustration. You could tell his patience was wearing dangerously thin.

You didn’t care.

“Chanyeol is your leader.” You dropped your voice, your tone conveying the seriousness of the situation, as well as your stance on it. “You can’t just leave him.”

Kyungsoo’s jaw clenched as he threw off your grip on his arm. His head turned to stare down at you, his expression sending shivers down your spine.

“The clan has a new leader now.”

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So yeah, I said that I was going to hold off writing anything else before Chapter 3 came out but here we are again, pfft. Just can’t help myself, I guess.

I really wanted to explore the whole bond idea between Henry and Bendy because it was just too interesting to /not/ write about it. So once again, this story is inspired by the 2D Bendy AU created by @shinyzango, go check out her amazing art!


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2D's Plastic Beach Conversation
Escape to Plastic Beach (Game)
2D's Plastic Beach Conversation

Wanna have a conversation with 2D? Now you can! This audio was taken from the Escape to Plastic Beach Interactive Game (sadly, the game doesn’t work anymore). I’m sure there are more dialogues in the game, but this is all I could find. 

Allow me to explain what’s going on: You, as the player, arrived at 2D’s underwater bedroom at Plastic Beach and you see him sitting on his bed, huddling himself together, shaking in fear from a big whale that was guarding him by his window. You’ll talk to him about how he got to the island and how to get Murdoc out of his radio room (which is where he’s trapped). And that pretty much sums it up. As soon as you press the play button on the audio, say the first line on #1 and 2D will respond back. Then just continue from there. Enjoy! :)

1.) Everything okay?

2.) I just arrived here.

3.) You look pretty scared.

4.) What whale? I don’t see anything.

5.) Hiya 2D!

6.) No problem!

7.) Horror films don’t frighten you?

8.) How come your bedroom is all the way down here?

9.) So you just woke up here?

10.) So what other films have you got?

11.) How come Murdoc’s trapped upstairs?

12.) The power’s gone? How would I fix that?

13.) Who’s Dave?

14.) Who is this Dave then?

15.) Right, I’d better go and help Murdoc out.

Experienced In Loving (Jungkook x Reader)


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Summary: The reader is unable to spend Valentine’s day with Jungkook because she her boss needs her to close the cafe she works at. Jungkook, being an adorable boyfriend, decides to go over and make the most of their night.

You stuck your soggy mop-head in the yellow bucket and rolled your way towards the back of the cafe until you collided with a podium. Having very little control over the hole thing as it was, the loose wheel on the right side had become your nemesis of the night. Well that and your awful fate.

It was Valentines Day and instead of spending it with the man you loved, your boyfriend Jungkook, you were moping up dirty floors at the cafe you worked at.

It wasn’t really your fault as you had booked the day off but it wasn’t really your boss’ fault either as he had to be with his wife who was in labour. When he had told you he needed you to take the shift, you were fairly disappointed. You had planned to go on a picnic with Jungkook, who was equally disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to spend time with you.

You sighed looking out the clear glass doors and windows at the front of the store. It was 12am but cars we’re still passing by consistently. Probably couples returning home from lovely dates, you thought.

You sighed again heavily and moved your cart to the supply room in the back. You tried to focus on the sound of the radio in the other room. You hummed along to an Ed Sheeran song as you washed your hands and made your way to a pantry to get some ingredients. You had to sit the dough over-night.

When you came back into the front of the store you nearly dropped all of the ingredients in your hands. There standing outside was Jungkook in a very adorable Chef’s outfit, holding various pink signs and a picnic basket.

He smiled at you and you laughed; you couldn’t believe he was really there. You moved towards the glass and yelled, “Baby! I’m so happy to see you. But you know I can’t let you in after hours.”

Jungkook shook his head smirking. He put down the basket he was holding and turned around the first sign he was holding dramatically. You laughed when you read, “Need a Job, experienced in loving.”

He then whipped out another sign, this one reading; “Strengths: Stamina” He used the paddle to cover half his face and raised his eyebrows at you suggestively making you laugh hysterically. Then he pulled out another paddle, this one made you smile and reach for your keys to unlock the door. 

“Weaknesses: You”

As soon as there was no longer a barrier between the two of you, you threw your arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He immediately responded by putting his arms around your waist and lifting you up a bit so that your feet were barely touching the ground. After what felt like a blissful forever, you pulled back and said, “You’re hired.” 

Jungkook laughed. “I better be. How many employees bring picnic dinners?” He lifted up the basket waved it at you and you giggled, pulling him in behind you. After locking the door, you turned around to see Jungkook setting up the picnic he’d packed. He had a red blanket that he placed a box of pizza on, by the smell of it you knew it was your favorite, barbecue chicken. You hummed and moved to stand behind his knelt figure and placed a kiss on his temple. He placed a strawberry cheesecake on the blanket and two electric candles. 

“This is amazing, Jungkook.” You whispered.

“Is it now?” He turned around and pulled you into his lap for a kiss. You kept kissing him as he laid you down on the blanket. It went on like that for awhile, his body resting on top of yours and your lips moving in sync together. 

Jungkook pulled back just enough so that his nose brushed against your own. “You have something on your nose.” he said seriously. You blushed immediately, “I do?”

“You do now!” He swiped some cheesecake on your nose and pulled back. “Oh, you are so on!” You took a swipe of the cheesecake but Jungkook skillfully dogged it. Laughing, he grabed your had to make you add yet another swipe of cake on your face. 

You looked over at him and pouted, “Wow.. on Valentine’s Day too?” You pursed your lips at him and his laughter got even more high pitched as he rolled on the blanket clutching his stomach. “You-you look so funny!” He said in between laughs.

You turned to face away from him and sighed dramatically. “I think this calls for a termination.” 

Jungkook got up and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you back into his lap. “It’ll never happen again.” He said, his voice even now.

You turned to face him over your shoulder, ‘Really?”

“No,” he said wiping cheesecake on your lips this time. “Jungkook!-” You were cut off by his lips back on yours again before you could scold him.

The rest of the night was spent eating, kissing laughing but hardly any working.


Hello.. This was really fun to write. I hope you enjoyed it! Happy Valentines Day!


Letting Go

Description: After a hunt and argument with an over-protective Winchester, sometimes you have to let go of some of the frustrations and desires. GIFs aren’t mine. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Bed (yes the bed is worthy) 

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

A/N: First time writing an SPN imagine…fuck me. Feedback is appreciated. 

Warnings: smut, oral sex (female receiving) and stuff that usually happens during sex


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A Lesson in Love (Knight in Shining Armor)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,447

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Bucky’s blurbs are straight from my journal (with some alterations).

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstoriesI think this part will forever be my favorite one in the series just because you edited it while sitting right next to me, instead of on the other side of the country.

Originally posted by kingsebastian

The air is filled with the sound of music and the smell of food being cooked. The music might be a little too loud and the strong aroma of food is making your stomach growl, but there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

“Why does Wanda get to pick what we listen to today,” Natasha whines from her spot at the counter where she’s cutting a cucumber.

“Because you chose last time,” Wanda counters. Stirring a pot at the stove leaves her in the perfect position to reach for the radio and raise the volume even louder. Natasha winces and you laugh, finding amusement in all of this.

“I thought girls’ night was supposed to make me happy, not make me wish I was anywhere but here,” the redhead complains. You ignore her, knowing she doesn’t mean it.

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The Secks

Description- Honestly it’s based completely off a (joke) YouTube video I watched during my demon phase that I’m honestly still trying to find a logical solution for. Honestly.

Genre- Smut

Warnings- Uh, sex? I really don’t know what to put for this when it’s already obviously smut

Word Count- 1020

Notes- I have no clue why I’m writing more smut the last one was shit I guess I’ve just had this idea in my head way too long also there may or may not be an appropriately timed reference if you squint…

It was but another radio show. It was but another album countdown with Jameela. Dan was bored of it. He loved his job, but he sometimes wished he could spice it up a bit. Then he got an idea.

Dan gazed up at the clock on the wall. There was but ten minutes before they had to be out with Jameela. Was that enough time? He didn’t really care. He wanted to try something new and interesting. Maybe even something a bit dangerous. This definitely ticked off all of those boxes. 

Phil was sitting on the same couch as Dan, staring at his phone.  The younger boy leaned over and pressed his lips to Phil’s, who gasped in his mouth before warming up to the kiss. Dan climbed into his lap, causing another gasp by Phil. Dan moved his mouth down to Phil’s neck, and Phil, free to speak, voiced concern.

“Dan, we’re on in ten minutes.”

“Better speed this up then.” Dan unzipped Phil’s black jeans and pulled them off, followed almost immediately by his boxers. Dan took Phil in his mouth as he pulled off his own jeans and boxers, feeling Phil get harder with every passing second. Dan let go of Phil and got onto all fours on the floor, glancing back at Phil in anticipation. 

“You do know we don’t have any lube or condoms, don’t you?” Dan nodded. “And that we’re literally supposed to be out there with Jameela in five minutes now?”

The younger boy nodded yet again, this time with a smirk. “Try new things.” And with that, Phil was on the floor with Dan. He carefully inserted his cock into Dan’s incredibly tight asshole. Dan was immediately overcome with pain, and he winced. Phil stopped, feeling Dan’s shivers, but the younger boy signaled for him to continue, and he did. 

Every second was like another level of hell for Dan, but the pain was tolerable, and Dan wanted to continue. Eventually Dan got used to the pain. “Harder.” Phil thrust harder and faster, and Dan began to quietly moan. He was in even more pain than he had been earlier, but by this point he was almost enjoying it. 

Phil finally hit Dan’s prostate, causing both of them to come. Dan moaned loudly, and Phil immediately attempted to quiet him down. “Shh… Remember where we are.” Dan took a quick moment to do so. He had somehow convinced Phil to fuck him in the middle of the radio station green room. It was an impulse they both foolishly gave into, but Dan didn’t regret it. He looked around the room, out of breath, until his eyes finally focused on the clock on the wall. They were supposed to be with Jameela five minutes ago. 

“Oh my god, Phil.” Dan pointed at the clock with horror, and Phil gasped. 

“Hurry, hurry!” They pulled on their boxers and jeans as quickly as they could and dashing out the door. 

“Phil, wait!” Dan was limping. The lack of lube was still causing him a lot of pain, and trying to run was very difficult. 

“Come on!” Phil ran to the set as quickly as he could, Dan trailing as close behind as possible. A few seconds after Phil, Dan hobbled on and sat down on the couch beside him. Jameela was already talking to them, attempting to scold them for their tardiness. 

“Your mics are off. Sit there in silence, I’ll deal with you later.” Phil adorably put his hands to his mouth, and Dan hovered his hand over his boyfriend’s knee for a second before realizing they were on the air. Dan tuned out for a minute before noticing the music change. He heard the Arctic Monkeys album and then noticed Jameela addressing him and Phil again. “I am sweating! I’ve been left here!”

“Can they hear us now?” Dan spoke into the microphone and could immediately tell he was finally being broadcast over the airwaves. 

“They can hear you.” 

“Do you want to know an interesting fact?” Dan wanted to do anything to get the topic off him and Phil. He didn’t know how he would explain if she asked where they were. 


Jameela was obviously not amused. Dan, however, continued his fact. 

“They are the first independent artist to have five consecutive number one albums in the UK. Album chart facts by Dan!” He was speaking, of course, of the Arctic Monkeys. He then sang the last part, hoping it would take attention away from their late appearance. It unsurprisingly didn’t. 

“Where the hell were you?” 

There was one thing Dan’s random chatter did for him. It gave him time, and he’d finally thought of a completely truthful excuse. “We were just in another room but they didn’t…” Dan stuttered, trying to find the right words while being put on the spot. “No one came to get us. We were like, ‘Oh, we must be in ten minutes, but…’” 

“Everyone came to get you!” At this point, Dan was slightly confused, as nobody did come to get them. Maybe they had been repelled by Dan’s odd moaning sounds, or the couple couldn’t hear them. Either way, it was probably Dan’s fault. 

While Dan was attempting to create a theory in his mind as to what happened, Phil took the microphone out of his hand. “We were lost.” Dan started laughing, knowing this completely contradicted what he had just said. “I’m sorry,” Phil added. What a mess. 

“You were lost in a tiny building?”

“I tried to get a chocolate downstairs and I couldn’t get out the door.” 

“I knew it. I knew there was sugar involved.” Dan turned towards the camera and flashed the signature facial expression, reading ‘this is my boyfriend, the spork, and that’s yet another innuendo he’ll never live down.’ Although he technically wasn’t that wrong. Dan let Phil keep the microphone. He didn’t really want to talk anyway. At that point, all Dan wanted to do was gaze into the distance and reflect on his horrible choices of the day. And, oh, were there many of them. 

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

(For the record, the song by the Beatles is fantastic and I recommend. That being said, this is not like the song. Instead it’s basically just the entirety of their relationship)

“Chloe?” The redhead tilted her head up from the textbook she was currently staring at in Barden’s best little coffee shop, turning to face the boy who said her name.

“Yeah, Jesse?” Chloe asked, a sweet smile painted on her lips, one that meant for both peace and war regarding her Beca.

(Her Beca, she mentally scolded herself, noting the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing they had going on hardly made the brunette hers.)

“I was wondering if you’d help me? With uh… Beca, actually. I know you two are close and I was wondering if maybe you’d help me ask her out?” Jesse nervously bounced on the heels of the shoes, grasping a textbook in one hand and a coffee in the other.

The thing about Jesse was he was a good kid. He was sweet and funny and nice. And although he had been pestering Beca for the majority of the year, the redhead couldn’t help but feel a little bad for him. It wasn’t like the brunette who was the object of his affection hated him. They hung out willingly every once in a while from what Chloe remembered. It’s just that Chloe had a good thing going with Beca. Secret, private, and sweet. This was a grey area.

“Oh um… I don’t really know why you’d want my help,” Chloe said, nervously smiling at the boy.

“Well I just know she talks about you a lot. How you helped recruit her for the Bellas and everything way back at the start of the year. It’s the end of the year now and… you’re a senior and she’s a freshman. I just figured you had some mentoring role and could… extend the service to me. Mentor me in the art of wooing her,” Jesse scratched his neck before grabbing the seat next to the redhead, “here, look!”

Jesse pulled out a laptop and notebook, opening them each up to reveal notes on how to ask the DJ out and a mix in progress.

“What’s this?” Chloe giggled, looking at the screen she was being shown.

“I’ve been trying to make a mix for her. And I was gonna get a boombox and stand outside her window, or maybe serenade her in the park or-”

Chloe had pretty much droned off, thinking about the time she jokingly made Beca a mix and serenaded her in the park with a small Beats Pill and some dorky ‘Dancing Queen’ By ABBA mixed with more ‘dorky jams’ as Chloe called them.

‘I’m eighteen you know,’ Beca had said.

‘You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only eighteen,’ Chloe sang jokingly, ‘just doesn’t have the same ring to it.’

‘Whatever, you dork. Let’s get back to your apartment and I can show you how it’s done.’

‘The mixing or the serenading?’ the redhead cocked a brow.

‘Both. And maybe something else,’ Beca winked, grabbing the redhead’s hand and the speaker.

‘I like the sound of that.’

“That sounds… I dunno, Jesse. Sounds like something too cliche for her,” Chloe said, trying to give the best advice possible, despite it hurting her.

“Oh. Okay. Well… what do you think I should do?” He asked her.

“You know, I think you should just ask her. Honestly you shouldn’t have to rely on a big gesture to get her to say yes. She either will or she won’t, but it’s just a date you’re asking her out on. Not a proposal,” Chloe pointed out, collecting her things to leave.

“Where’re you going?” He asked innocently.

“I’ve got Bellas practice in fifteen minutes. See ya, Jesse! Good luck!”

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write something where harry teaches you to slow dance ?


Originally posted by shootlikeashootingstar-blog

You sat in a chair at a round table, sipping pink champagne, while couples everywhere danced together.

A wedding.

Harry’s friend of a friend of a friend had just gotten married, and Harry had asked you to join him.

You haven’t been together super long, but you were thrilled when he’d approached you about the Hawaii Wedding.

When a slow song flooded the speakers, you somehow met eye contact with Harry, and he excused himself from his friends and made his way over to you.

“Crap.” you muttered to yourself, knowing the question he’d ask.

“Bug,” he stood next to your chair, “You wanna dance?”

You peered up at him and shook your head lightly.

Disappointment covered his face. “Why?”

He sat in the chair next you, and laid a hand on your knee.

With a deep breath, and a nervous chuckle, you finally gained courage to tell him.

“I don’t know how to slow dance.”

He wrinkled his forehead, and smiled. “That’s a funny prank but- wait, you’re not joking?”

You shook your head, and stared at your lap.

Harry removed his hand from your knee, and rested a hand in his palm.

“I would if we weren’t at a wedding where I’d feel like all eyes were on me.” you mumbled, not meeting his eyes.

“Well, I’m gonna go dance with the 4 year old sitting over there,” Harry cleared his throat, “I’ll meet you here in a bit.”

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out of nowhere

 bughead fanfiction - part ii to my period piece collection - unbeta’d - wwii era au


“Love is like war; very
easy to begin, but very
hard to stop.”
—H.L Mencken

He awakens to both an angel and immeasurable pain. His flesh feels on fire, but he swears he can’t be in hell, for there are no angels of beauty there.

“Mr. Jones?”

Even her voice is melodic, more proof he’s somehow gained entry through the pearly gates of heaven. Blonde hair, blue eyes and pink lips, he stares up at her in wonder and questions how he can still feel pain, even after death. It’s not until the ringing in his ears lowers and the grunts and murmurs of injured men around him stir realization that he’s not dead, he’s wounded—and there’s no angel, only a nurse.

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