SHOW PREVIEW: The Lilies and Sparrows, Mazes and Monsters, and Foley

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You guys are in for a real treat. This Friday, the Radio Room is bringing a powerhouse trio of amazing bands. First up is The Lilies and Sparrows (from here in the Upstate), Mazes and Monsters (from Augusta, GA), and Foley (from Newport Beach, CA). All of the bands are similar in the fact that they all name a few of the same bands as influences. This makes for a very cohesive event.

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Why I create art.

I love creating art. I love that I use photography as my medium. I come with ideas and from those ideas I create an image or series of images. My art makes me struggle, and does not come easy. I work hard and constently challenge myself to be better than I was yesterday. I am always learning and trying to improve. 

I use digital and film, because both are equally important to me and my art. I use certain films, and cameras to achieve the desired look. I use a tablet  in Photoshop because I want to create my work differently and I love doing things with my hands. 

My art inspires me to push through and be me. It brings me hope and joy. If this is not enough to make a living making and selling art then I’m not sure I know what life is. This is what I want my life to be. I am an artist, and then a photographer. I know many people can do it and maybe even be better, but no one can be me. No one can say, experience and live the way I do. So this is my art and this is the way I create it. I hope you can appreciate it and maybe even gain something from it. I love making art and nothing is going to keep me from living this way.

I invite you to join me through my journey of making a living through art. Check out my website;

my fan page;


I make, show and sell my art. Please come to any event and support me when you can.

Tonight I am at the Radio Room for Last Thursday from 6-9pm!

The Switch is super excited to host a special event at the Radio Room featuring readings by Jamalieh Haley and Stacey Tran in conjunction with an exhibit of visual art by Yukiyo Kawano.

When: Wednesday, April 22, 7 pm sharp

Where: Radio Room, 1101 NE Alberta, PDX

Jamalieh Haley lives in Portland, Oregon where she co-curates If Not For Kidnap and teaches writing and literature. Her work has appeared in Interrupture, Sink Review, Everyday Genius, Sixth Finch, Plinth and she is the author of Strange Tarot (Poor Claudia, 2014).

Yukiyo Kawano, a third generation hibakusha (nuclear bomb survivor) grew up decades after the bombing of Hiroshima. Her work is personal, reflecting lasting attitudes towards the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Kawano’s main focus is her/our forgetfulness, her/our dialectics of memory, issues around cultural politics, and historical politics. She has an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, is the recipient of numerous grants, and has exhibited her work in the U.S. and Japan.

Stacey Tran is a curator of a performance series,  Pure Surface, and an editor of a small press publisher, Poor Claudia. Her poems have appeared in The Curator, Imperial Matters, BOAAT, The Volta, and other publications online and in print. She lives and works in Portland, OR.


So first, a big thank you to Steve for letting Mason Jar and Dables use the practice space for recording our split LP. It is going to be about 12-14 tracks, and may be out this Fall/Winter. But had a blast recording in a hot building with little to no air circulation in Columbia,SC during the summer. 

Also we have a good weekend tour w/ Stereofly’s Southern Showcase on August 17th @ The Radio Room (Greenville, SC), August 18th @ Art Bar (Columbia, SC) and August 19th @ Pourhouse (Charleston,SC). 

So come here some of the best local/regional artists in the SouthEast. There will be a variety of music genres accounted for, so please come out and support local artists. 


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Up-and-coming indie-pop duo Sunbears! will be invading Greenville’s Radio Room along side regional powerhouses Today The Moon, Tomorrow the Sunand I Was Totally Destroying It. Their Flaming Lips meets early MGMT style combined with a psychedelic color palette and positive vibes have led them to share the stage with the likes of Black Kids and Mates of State all the way to the information superhighway for a performance on “Yo Gabba Gabba.” Jonathan Berlin was kind enough to touch base with me to answer some questions before this weekend’s show, which is guaranteed to be an absolute blast.

Read The Interview Here!

From the Radio Room ... with Yuja Wang

Pianist Yuja Wang joined us in the radio room this afternoon following her first rehearsal of Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3 with the Philharmonic and her first rehearsal ever with guest conductor Jaap van Zweden. She remarked on Mr. van Zweden’s detailed-oriented approach to rehearsal by stating that “the greatness always lies in the details” and shared that while Prokofiev’s notoriously demanding concerto is very difficult, “it’s very satisfying.”

Catch the interview as part of the intermission feature when this week’s program airs on The New York Philharmonic This Week on WQXR 105.9FM, Thursday, May 10 at 9:00 p.m.*

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2nd video I took of Sleepy Eye Giant Saturday.
SHOW PREVIEW: Those Lavender Whales with Daddy Lion at Radio Room 1/21/12

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if you’re looking for some quality left-of-the-dial pop-rock this weekend, look no further than the WPBR Radio Room, where Columbia stalwarts Those Lavender Whales andDaddy Lion will be taking the stage this Saturday, January 21.

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New Music:

“Nobody Told You” | Radio Room

From the Radio Room with…Pinchas Zukerman

Violinist Pinchas Zukerman joined us before his rehearsal of Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 with the Philharmonic. He called Max Bruch “one of the quintessential German Romantic Composers” and remarked that the concerto is “perfectly written.”

Catch the interview as part of the intermission feature when this week’s program airs on The New York Philharmonic This Week on WQXR 105.9FM, Thursday, February 28 at 8:00 p.m.*

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SHOW REVIEW: Androcles and the Lion

by Chris Morris

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I know we have a section on this site for show reviews, and I feel we don’t post enough of them.  It’s not to say that we don’t go to a lot of shows.  We try to do our part to promote upcoming shows, so we tend to write more previews than reviews.  With that being said, I intend to remedy that right now with a review of last Friday’s show with Androcles and the Lion at The Radio Room.  Although, Our Western Sky accompanied them, I have no intention of reviewing a band that I play in.  That would just be weird.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect with Androcles and the Lion.  All I knew was that they were from Athens.  I was shocked and impressed with what I heard!

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INTERVIEW: Jurassic Heat

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So far many of you probably don’t know Columbia’s Jurassic Heat, tonight that will all change. The quartet even though only about a year old, has already been making large strides in the regional scene and has displayed the chops to make them more than just a flash in the pan. Tonight the band will be playing there second Greenville show and their first at The Radio Room with Greenville’sJohny Tango and one of our other new favorite Columbia bands, Can’t Kids. The show starts at 9PM (haha) and is Free!

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