Hidden America: Inside the secret rooms in landmarks across the US
Some of the country's most secret rooms are hiding in plain sight inside landmarks around the country - from a private apartment at Radio City Music Hall to an Art Deco tunnel snaking underneath the New Yorker Hotel.

Included in this look at “hidden” apartments, tunnels etc., are a few Art Deco spaces, like a secret apartment at Radio City and a tunnel connecting the New Yorker Hotel to Penn Station.

I feel like no one talks enough about how losing Noodle affected Murdoc

-Murdoc and Noodle have the video and Noodle’s escape all planned out, and it’s all perfect. Murdoc tells her, “Ignore the radio calls. Ignore the search parties. Parachute off that island, call me when you’re safe, and go take your break.” Noodle promises, and everything’s ready. 

-Russel and 2D are panicking after the crash, the support team is trying to radio her, the crew is searching through the wreckage, but Murdoc isn’t worried. He’s waiting for the call. 

-But the call doesn’t come. Murdoc waits a day. Then two days. Then a whole week. And Noodle isn’t calling. None of his calls go through. And that’s when Murdoc starts to panic. 

-It’s the way he burns through a pack a night staring out his cellphone and waiting for a text, the way he holes himself in the radio room resting his forehead on the rim of a rum bottle, hoping she’d maybe try to catch him on the waves. But he doesn’t hear anything. It’s all static. 

-One night he’s too drunk and too manic and he stumbles to the crash site and just starts digging. Pulling away the wooden slats, burned clumps of Earth, empty bullet shells, metal sheets stripped from the bombs that were dropped. It’s been hours, his hands are bloody, his shirt is soaked through in sweat, and he finds nothing. He sits there on his knees, staring at his hands, looking around him, and he feels his throat close up. He realizes he fucked up. 

-He visits that crash site every week to look again, long after Kong is burned down, long after the group is in shambles. 

-One day at the crash site, when he’s thinking about plastic pieces hiding in the sand, he finds a clump of Noodle’s hair. He sits there, runs his fingers through it, realizes he finally has a piece of her that he gets to keep, and comes up with an absurd idea. 

-He pulls out medical journals, books on coding, programming languages for robotics, and dozens and dozens of pictures of Noodle. He slaves for nights on end, so many nights he can’t remember, and he knows this idea is absurd, but what if it worked? What if he could actually do it?

-It takes him months but she’s finally ready. When he runs his fingers through her hair, it almost feels real. 

-But it’s not the same. Cyborg doesn’t remember their inside jokes from when Noodle was 10 and still using pinky promises to keep them sacred. Doesn’t remember the time Murdoc would always buy Noodle chocolate when he went out to get smokes. Doesn’t remember the smile and the pat on the head he gave her when he heard her Demon Days sketches. Cyborg kills and does what he tells her, and he knows Noodle wouldn’t have tolerated that for a second. But he needs his band. He needs her. He needs what keeps him sane. He can’t do without it. He wouldn’t survive. 

-Then there are nights he sits in Cyborg’s charging station, watching the sparks, reading her malfunction logs, looking on eBay for replacement parts, and feeling his throat close up once more. His fingers shake as he flips through pages and pages of error messages. He prays in secret that she doesn’t burn out. He can’t lose her twice. He might not survive it. 


Some of the lights for my dollhouses came in! Along with the vintage set for the farmhouse kitchen!!! I’m just waiting on the dishwasher and the kitchen is done! Well, except for some minor stuff like food and a radio. The living room (second pic) needs at least 2 more lights, it’s HUGE and very dark. I have one more on the way and I think I’ll get a couple more when I buy lights for the upstairs. This room just needs a vintage TV and a couple of the rooms rearranged and it’ll be set for the farmhouse! The last photo is of my Tudor Cottage, my Grandma made it 33 years ago and it’s basically complete, but she always wanted lights in it. One of them showed up, and I’m waiting on the other three and then it’s done.
All lights are battery operated LEDs. The cottage is the smallest of my dollhouses, the farmhouse is the biggest. Everything is 1/12th scale. Will update as changes are made :)

  • radio: [spice girls' "wannabe" starts playing]
  • Tracer: [kicks door open, bursts into room carrying radio]
[TRANS] Update on Bangtan’s current rooming situation
  • Yoongi/Seokjin
  •  Hoseok/Taehyung/Jimin
  • Namjoon/Jungkook

Yoongi/Seokjin: Quiet

Hoseok/Taehyung/Jimin: Room is full of fun with games and other stuff

Namjoon/Jungkook: Namjoon’s dried contacts are on the floor and Jungkook has his clothes hanging all over his bed






anonymous asked:

Wcif the purse, keys, and boxs from the entry way, the couch, pillows, blanket, hangning photos, alcohol shelf, books, and framed pictures in the living room, the radio, books, and pillows in the bedroom and the tiles in the adult bathroom?

Hello! This is a huge wcif, you could’ve at least said please and thank you, nonny. This took some time so yeah, manners are appreciated!! 


Living Room:

Master Bedroom:

  • Radio
  • Books (same as living room)
  • Pillows 1 2

Master Bathroom:

  • Tiles 1 2 
2D's Plastic Beach Conversation
Escape to Plastic Beach (Game)
2D's Plastic Beach Conversation

Wanna have a conversation with 2D? Now you can! This audio was taken from the Escape to Plastic Beach Interactive Game (sadly, the game doesn’t work anymore). I’m sure there are more dialogues in the game, but this is all I could find. 

Allow me to explain what’s going on: You, as the player, arrived at 2D’s underwater bedroom at Plastic Beach and you see him sitting on his bed, huddling himself together, shaking in fear from a big whale that was guarding him by his window. You’ll talk to him about how he got to the island and how to get Murdoc out of his radio room (which is where he’s trapped). And that pretty much sums it up. As soon as you press the play button on the audio, say the first line on #1 and 2D will respond back. Then just continue from there. Enjoy! :)

1.) Everything okay?

2.) I just arrived here.

3.) You look pretty scared.

4.) What whale? I don’t see anything.

5.) Hiya 2D!

6.) No problem!

7.) Horror films don’t frighten you?

8.) How come your bedroom is all the way down here?

9.) So you just woke up here?

10.) So what other films have you got?

11.) How come Murdoc’s trapped upstairs?

12.) The power’s gone? How would I fix that?

13.) Who’s Dave?

14.) Who is this Dave then?

15.) Right, I’d better go and help Murdoc out.


Songs for gentle slow dancing or kicking ass with your romantic companion.

The Look of Love - Frank Sinatra. Till the End of Time - Perry Como. They All Laughed - Fred Astaire. All of Me - Billie Holiday. Paper Doll - The Mills Brothers. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You - Dean Martin. I’ll Be Seeing You - Billie Holiday. Murder, He Says - Dinah Shore. You Made Me Love You - Harry James. Everybody Loves Somebody - Dean Martin. Come Fly with Me - Frank Sinatra.