Summer Chillout Playlist

The sun is shining all day long, you’re laying next to the pool or you’re already at the beach and sipping some tasty cocktails. What is missing? The perfect music to relax and enjoy your day off. Here are some great tunes to forget about everything stressful and just enjoy the moment. Listen to it here.

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[150623] Chanyeol, Jongdae, & Sehun @ SBS POWER FM 107.7

What is the ‘point’ in your fashion?

[Choi Hwajung said that the three of them were picked for today’s show because they have the best fashion in EXO]

OSH: This is my first time.. no, maybe third or fourth time wearing glasses since debut. But I wore them because I was coming out here today. I like simple clothes/fashion.

KJD: It changes everyday, with the weather and how I feel that day.

PCY: I don’t really have a point. I just open my closet and think ‘oh, this looks okay.’ I don’t put a lot of thought into it.

Are there any fun episodes from your Thailand concerts?

PCY: Me and Sehun got massages together while we were there. Sehun said it was refreshing, but it hurt for mea lot so I was very jealous of Sehun. I tried to tell them it hurt but I can’t speak Thai and I’m not good at English so I started yelling out “ah, ah, ah!” but the person just laughed.

[Chen didn’t get a massage. He said that whenever he’s gotten a massage before, he has never felt refreshed while getting a massage. He is more comfortable resting him by himself.]

Who do you want to go on vacation with?

PCY: I don’t usually play well with Sehun, but if you look at recent pictures, we’ve been hanging out a lot. When we were younger/trainees, we used to go around together a lot and I’ve been thinking about it a lot now. I used to like D.O but now we’re not really close because of D.O’s schedule (he’s always busy). I think it would be fun wherever we (CY & SH) go because we’re both loud and talkative.

OSH: If we were going to rest, Jongdae hyung.. ah, Chen hyung. If we were going to play and have fun, Suho hyung.

KJD: Xiumin hyung. If I go with Sehun, it’d be a lot of fun but he requires a lot of work. It’d be hard b/c I’d have to really take care of him. 

OSH: Jongdae hyung is very romantic (style), so I personally like him a lot.

Who are the fastest and slowest members in the chat?

PCY: I think I’m probably the fastest because I’m addicted to my smartphone. I always have it in my hand.

OSH: I think Suho hyung is the slowest.

KJD: No, Suho hyung is pretty fast too~

PCY: It’s different for every member~ for me, Sehun and Baekhyun, we joke and talk a lot. Suho hyung, too. D.O & Lay hyung only write when needed, like ‘okay’ and ‘what schedule do we have.’ Kai checks every 6 hours and doesn’t reply, only sees if anything is going on.

What was the last thing you bought online?

PCY: I don’t have a rag at home so I’ve been cleaning the table with a tissue.

KJD: Oh, I have something that I actually need to buy.. socks, the ankle ones~

OSH: I don’t really shop on the internet because it’s always different when you see it in person. With everything, I like seeing it in person~

PCY: I buy everything online~ recently, I bought a robot cleaner and sponge towel (?). If I show you my cart, then you’d be really surprised. I’ve been also wanting to buy a notebook (laptop) online.

Who was the last idol you texted?

PCY: I asked Heechul about how many he times he dyed his hair to get it to be white. He said that it wasn’t good for your hair and to not do it, but I’ve tried every other color hair since debut and white is the only color I haven’t dyed my hair yet. But he saved me by telling me not to do it.

KJD: Me and Changmin hyung work out together so that’s why I texted him.

OSH: I texted Donghae because I just missed him~

cr. me, lol.


150623 SBS Choi Hwajung’s Power FM


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