Rad Queers

We’re back and unincorporated!

Hello tumblrverse! 

As many of you know, there were some changes at AfterEllen several months ago. I’m Chloe, and I ran this tumblr for AfterEllen for several years. We built this tumblr into a wonderful, colorful, awesome safe space for LGBTQ women. Like most of the AfterEllen writers, I no longer work for the company. The new AfterEllen isn’t interested in maintaining a tumblr presence, and offered me back my beloved tumblr (YAY). 

So hello again all 64,000 of you! We’re back. 

I intend to renew this tumblr as a hub of rad gay & queer girl content. However, instead of just posting links from one site, I’ll post relevant links from all sites. Pretty pictures, funny memes, personal writing, interesting articles, all the stuff that made you follow this tumblr before. It’s just no longer owned by a company. It’s owned by ME. 

I’ve changed the name to “we are advocates” as an homage to the show I wrote that many of you helped me make. It may be changed if something catchier springs to mind. 

So say hello, fill me in, feel free to submit or reply questions, name suggestions, and content ideas?

western queer activism just looks so surreal and out-of-touch with reality tbh….

like hey i’m just a simple slavic lesbian, and frankly i have no idea what being non-binary/polysexual/aplatonic/whatever other mogai stuff really means. sure, i can imagine young liberals with sick hairdos being frustrated about people ~invalidating~ their identities, but what does it really-really mean? where is the point where all the identity-wanking connects to real life?

for example, how would you even describe this vague concept of gender identity to my 50-year-old mother, abused and mistreated by so many men throughout her lifetime? does the concept of gender identity imply that she could have avoided all this abuse if she identified as a man? how would you explain gender identity to my father, a rapist? would he raped less females if he was aware they identified as men?? would he rape as many males if he knew they identified as women? i’m fairly sure you guys can tell the answer. how is it not clear that patriarchy and misogyny are tied to biological sex, not gender identity?

I’m moving house! Possibly this weekend! Agent was suspiciously eager, but I suppose we’ll figure out what’s wrong with the place in the next month or two. (Betting pool on meth lab next door vs toxic mould?) Good price on a good amount of space, though, and it’ll be our first place without housemates. And fortunately the circumstances on the current place mean we’ve got a couple weeks to finalise the move, which is good, because I’m reading at the Rad Queer Festival on Saturday and there’s a birthday on Sunday, so moving all our shit on top of that would have required….more drugs than i have


“RAD QUEERS” – great profile on our friend Edie Fake by Graham Kolbeins