Racoon Boys

A List of Egos for Ethan that Hardly Anyone Asked For
  • Corroded Crank/Blank Gameplays - his evil side/s
  • Father Ethan - the priest from Markiplier TV
  • Prince of Raccons Racket Raccoon Boy - raccoon-loving superhero, here to fuck shit up, save the world and cause a racket

For now I consider Corroded Crank and Blank Gameplays to be two separate Egos, but that’s only until @crankgameplays officially confirms the name of his dark side. Headcanons for each ego will be posted eventually and linked once they’re up!

Special thanks to @martinplier for the idea of Father Ethan! :D




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Watch on day6fandom.tumblr.com

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Akdong Musician + Yedam + Racoon Boys - Special Girl (INFINITE H)

that ooh ooh~


Racoon Boys - Like This