Cuddling with Ivar would include 

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  • Ivar freaking loves to cuddle with you but he will never admit it
  • He only cuddles in private
  • Cuddling would include lots of kisses and he would be very playful
  • Ivar will worship your body
  • He will grab every part of you and squeeze, kiss, bite
  •  A lot of neck kisses and hickeys
  • A lot of hand kisses
  • Weak for lip biting
  • He will bury his nose in your neck
  • He would slowly bite the shell of your ear
  • He likes to claim you so he marks you and bites you until everyone in Kattegat knows that you are only his
  • He will press his forehead to yours and whisper, “You’re mine”
  • He loves holding you in his arms
  • Him calling you “my little one”
  • Cuddle sessions usually ending up as sex sessions
  • Ivar loves to slowly torture you  with teasing until you beg  to be fucked
  • He is very needy and wants attention all the time
  • He will hold you close at night
  • Him wrapping you with his whole body while sleeping
  • He wants to make sure you are warm and comfortable
  • You love to trace patterns on his back, play with his hair
  • He really loves when you do that, but he will never admit it
  • His grunts are literally the sexiest thing ever

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Author Notes 

Basically, my return from a dry patch. I do hope its okay.

An anon had requested Vulnerable Ivar smut. I do hope this is okay? (but not too similar to what I’ve already done) 


Pairing: Ivar x Reader 

Word count: 6,544

Warnings: SMUT, slight angst, first time. 

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Ivar The Boneless x Hvitserk Ragnarson x Ubbe Ragnarsson x Sister!reader

Written for: @milbethmorillo
Summary: You are the twin sister of Ivar, torn between a struggle of three brothers. And that is not the only thing … while saving your brothers you come eye in eye with Bishop Headmund and he seem to be fascinate by you.
Words: 2940

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I wrote this for an amazing artist in this Viking Fandom. @milbethmorillo not only bring Vikings alive in her drawings, she also inspires a lot. So in her requests for me to write this she decided to make a little art around it. And what a masterpiece that turned out to be! Thanks for the trust, the support and everything girl, credit for this art and my writing goes all to you. Go follow her here and on instagram peeps, you not gonna regret it. <3

You leaned against the wall, looking out of the window to how those Saxon idiots climbed there way into York. You should think, after that battle Ivar organized, that they would be more careful in how to approach a Heathen Army, but they didn’t. You heard Ivar chuckle a little and you looked aside you, crossing a look with him as he smiled slowly, looking back to the man climbing the wall. As his twin sister there was no stopping you in following him. You were his only equal in this, not Hvitserk, not Ubbe, it was you, it would be always you. When you looked over your shoulder to Ubbe his face was divided, like it was for days after Sigurd died. You wouldn’t ignore that look, Ivar killed Sigurd and it wasn’t justified. Yes, Sigurd did a lot, but dying for those poisoning words wasn’t the way.
‘That’s him.’ Ivar said and you looked away from Ubbe to look back out of the window.
‘Who?’ Hvitserk asked.
‘Aethelwulf. King Ecbert his son.’ Ivar said. Your eyes scouted the wall until you found the man Ivar was talking about, the man that so kindly drove his sword through your arm. You gritted your teeth, anger flushing your veins as you watched that man support two boys. ‘Oh and he brought his own sons. Like lambs to the slaughter.’ The satisfaction playing around Ivar his lips made you slowly pull out your axe, ready to kill at least one of those sons.
‘Hvitserk let’s go.’ Ubbe said. You looked down to the ground, hearing them leave before slowly looking up, pushing yourself away from the wall, ignoring the sting in your shoulder.
‘Don’t go.’ Ivar said. You turned around to look to your brother, pointing your axe out to him.
‘I have a score to settle.’ You said in protest, not even considering to stay back.
‘And you aren’t recovered yet sister, you can settle scores another time.’ He hissed between his clenched teeth. He was protecting you, like always and you hated it when he did.
‘You can’t stop me.’ You said back, neutral, turning your body to leave again.
‘Are you angry, for what I did to Sigurd?’ He asked, stopping your body right there on the spot. He never talked about it with you, because he knew he had your support. But you were ignoring him more then once and it wasn’t only because of Sigurd, it was because you saw the brothers fall apart, your brothers. You turned around to him, shaking your head, nodding to his helmet.
‘Pick it up and fight.’ You just said, leaving him while walking out, smoothening your hand over your painful shoulder, it was to much of a risk.

‘Ivar!’ You shouted, seeing him get catapulted from his chariot right onto the ground. But given the few Saxon that were around you, you didn’t had the chance to get to him. You fought, ignoring every bit of pain as you killed those Saxons with the grace only a woman had. When they dropped dead you looked for Ivar, seeing how he crawled to his chariot before your eyes traveled up to the Saxons bursting in. Your breath was unsteady, arching your back as they all stopped on the sight of your twin brother covered in blood, laughing like evilness himself. You grabbed an axe from the ground, stiffening your hand around your sword in your left hand before walking to where they were standing. You looked aside you to Ivar, looking into the madness of his eyes. They were all so scared, they were are so fragile and you slowly smiled, knowing there was no stopping your brother. Seeing that fear filled you with power, standing there alongside of him, twins against an army before Ubbe came. You weren’t scared on fighting that alone, it was always your dream to die for your brother, just as he was planning on dying for you.

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Requested: Taking a bath with Alex would include

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  • Alex decided to surprise you with a romantic bath
  • He prepared the water with a lot of foam
  • He knows that rose scents are your favorite
  • So he light up some candles  and
  • Put some rose petals on the floor
  • He prepared champagne and strawberries too
  • And of course he had special playlist for bath time
  • „Follow me baby. I have a little surprise for you“
  • Isn't he the sweetest boyfriend ever?
  • Alex helped you to take off your clothes
  • And he let you undress him
  • You smiled and bite your lower lip when you see him completely naked
  • He gently kissed your shoulder and
  • Take your hand and pulls you into the tub with him
  • Your back against his chest
  • His knees peaking from the water
  • He combing your long hair with his fingers
  • Washing each other’s hair
  • He massaging your back
  • Occasionally tickling you and wrapping his arms around your waist
  • You put your head in the crook of his neck
  • And close your eyes to relax
  • He whispers in your ear
  • „I need you… now“
  • His breath against your ear made you shiver
  • Alex hands trailed down your nude body and
  • One  hand cupping your breast, squeezing so gently
  • You can feel his fingers slowly caressing your  thighs
  • Making love with Alex is all you need after exhausting day on work.

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Requested: Cuddling with Alex would include 

  • He is super touchy when you two are  cuddling
  • You are in his baggy shirt  whole day and
  • Alex comes behind you , wraps his arms around your waist
  • Starts kissing you and  removing his shirt  from you
  • Leaving you just in panties
  • He would worship your body, he really likes touching you
  • And that includes painfully slow touches
  • And low whispers in your ear
  • Leaving open mouthed kisses on your neck
  • Alex enjoys inhaling your scent
  • He will use every chance he can get to be close to you
  • And he will grab every part of you and squeeze, kiss, lick , bite
  • Tickling kisses against your neck or
  • His teeth brushing slightly against your neck
  • While moving his fingers all over your body
  • His nose touching your neck,  your jaw line, nibbling your earlobe
  • Pressing soft kisses along your  jaw line and neck
  • Cuddling with him always leads to soft kisses
  • And leads to soft touches
  • Drawing patterns on your stomach
  • There is a lots of hand holding
  • Forehead kisses
  • Cheek kisses
  • Laughing , a lot of laughing  
  • You two trying to make cuddling a everyday thing

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The Wooden toy.

Author Notes
Warnings: Fluff
Pairing: Ivar x Reader 
Word count: 1043
bit of daddy Ivar for you loves. (Possible 2 piece). 

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Alex Hogh x Reader.

@rachiieee. this is really shitty?????? but here you go.

warnings: just a perfect boy.

Originally posted by dailyalexhogh

It always calmed you, listening to the rain fall, watching the small droplets quickly racing down your window, the cool glass pressed to your forehead contrasting to the warmth rising from the mug between your hands. On a free day, during the thawing of spring weather, there was nothing you enjoyed more than time to yourself, betting against which droplet would win the race you invented in your mind and enjoying a cup of steaming tea. You could forget about the duties you had attended to for the last week, escaping to your own little world where you could be yourself, and happy.

The sound of a harsh barking met your ears, causing your eyes to perk up between thick lashes, glancing out towards the wet pavement — a dog across the street was racing from it’s owners porch, pawing at the ground as water rushed along and down into the sewers. You chuckled, breath fanning out and fogging the area closest to your mouth that you quickly reached up, wiping away with the sleeve of your sweater, ignoring the dampness it left behind. You would have not paid attention to the scene in front of you for long, preferring to return to your important water Olympic race, but a car slowly rolling down the street caught your attention, especially when it stopped right in front of your house, behind your parked vehicle.

Surprising you a tad, you pulled the curtain shut slightly, but leaned closer to the glass, watching as it continued to sit there. It wasn’t that you didn’t get visitors, only, that you would of recognized this car had you known who this person was. It didn’t help that you couldn’t really see through their window either, but you noticed the white headlights ignite for a slight moment, before going dark once more. A few minutes later, as you continued to sit and stare in curiosity, the car did not start up at all, and you frowned, feeling sorry for whoever was inside. Not only was it raining, but this was not the biggest town to be in, the only mechanic being open in the early mornings, and by now it was far in the afternoon.

You debated, silently, tapping your thumb against the rim of your mug, if you should put on your rain boots and offer them some help. Your knowledge of cars wasn’t professional, but as a person who enjoyed doing a variety of things in their pass-time, you did know quiet a bit. Disturbing your inner voting ballet, you noticed the car door fly open, and you jerked, staring out like a deer in the headlights at the figure climbing out of the car. All thoughts out the window, you did not get a look at them as they began to turn towards your house and you dropped off the windowsill, spilling a bit of tea on your lap, causing you to grimace in pain.


Creepy was exactly how you wanted to come off to a stranger.

Setting the mug on the floor by the wall, you wormed your way across the floor, not wanting to be anywhere near the window when you stood up. Maybe you were paranoid, maybe it was just a thought only your mind would come up with, but you did not want them to think you were watching them. Making it out to your foyer, you laid against the cool woodwork and let out a deep sigh, your flushed cheek pressing harder into the floor, relishing in how it felt. 

Deciding to get up off the floor and go through with your plans, you barely stood up before you almost tripped at a sudden knock on your front door. It was timid, quiet, but it startled you enough to cause you to slip on your socks and grab the wall, your heart beating quickly in your ears. Your eyes widened, your nails gripping the doorway separating your living room to your foyer. Swallowing harshly, you curled into yourself slightly.

Oh, God. What if that was the person? Surly, that wouldn’t bother you, but as your cheeks continue to grow more red, all you could think about was them knowing that you watched like some weirdo. Another soft knock, and you shook away your thoughts, literally shaking your head a bit. You’d feel horrible if you left that person standing in the cold rain, soaking to the bone, or even sitting a cold car in the same condition. 

Letting go of your anxiety, you pat your cheeks a few times to chase away the color as you walked towards the door. When you opened it though, you were not expecting it to come back to your face immediately; blue eyes like electricity punched you straight in the gut, and a Colgate smile between plump lips that swept you off your feet, but the shyness that was in his dimples was the thing that really suffocated you. You watched his mouth move as you stared into his eyes, but you were too busy drowning in an ocean to really catch what he said. 

“I’m sorry?” You excused yourself, blinking dumbly, leaning against your door to keep yourself upright. Was he even done talking by the time you basically asked him to repeat himself? You weren’t sure, but by the sound of his voice, you’d listen to him say the same thing a million times if you could.

His smile grew, a insecurity lingering on the corners of his mouth as he reached a hand to the back of his head, and you tried so hard not to glance down at the hem of his shirt that decided to raise. “I — ah, well, I seem to be having a problem with my car and —  “ This very handsome boy, that you just met (you scolded yourself as you felt your heart swell with each word he spoke ), informed you has he turned around slightly, gesturing to the broken down vehicle with one hand. “ — my phone decided this would be the perfect time to.. go dead,” His tongue peaked out as he finished, running over his bottom lip as the corners of his eyes crinkled a bit as they glanced to the side, as though he was hoping you would get where he was going without having to outright ask you.

Dear, Lord, his whole face smiles.

Raising your brows, you opened your door a bit more, stepping to the side, seeming to regain the ability to function properly. “Right! Of course,” You agreed, inwardly beating yourself for not doing this sooner. “Please, come in! I’ll, uh — “ Pausing as you shut the door, it was like you didn’t know what you were doing as he stared at you with curious eyes, a flush creeping on your skin. “ — in here.” Pointing to your living room, you quickly walked in front of him, leading him to where you had a charger. Luckily, you had the right kind for his phone.

You watched him move, his muscles flex with every step, and you felt like you were heaven. Having what had to be the hottest guy in your house right now? No one would believe you. You weren’t even sure you believed you! He thanked you, a sincerity in his gaze that caused you to smile brightly. As he plugged his phone in, waiting the excruciating moment for it to juice up enough to turn on, you offered some hospitality. Some tea, something to eat, some dry clothes … or no clothes at all, you wouldn’t of cared, honest. “Thank you,” He murmured.


You were desperate.

Luckily, he agreed to the tea and food, and for some reason you felt giddy as you turned, feeling his eyes follow your form as you disappeared into the kitchen. A few moments later, you made your way out, carrying out a sandwich and a warm steaming cup. Looking up from watching your steps, not wanting to spill anything, you stopped and followed his line of sight that switched between the coffee mug on the floor, and the hand print on the window. Unfortunately, you couldn’t turn around and run away as he looked over at you, a light in his eye that seemed to to put the puzzle together, the burning of your cheeks a dead give away. “It’s not — “ You quickly defended yourself, for what reason, you didn’t know as you set the plate and cup down in front of him. 

Pulling the phone back from his ear, a few strand of thick dark hair fell down in front of his face, and you watched him tap on his screen to hang up the call. “No, of course.” He chuckled, placing the device screen down almost in defeat, holding his hands up a bit. But apparently the thought of you watching him seemed to get a reaction, a barely noticable flush came on his cheeks and he looked anywhere but your eyes, focusing on the tea he picked up. “Your house is just haunted, right?” A tease as you sat down beside him, tense — back straight and your hands tucked between your knees.

Looking to the side, a grin fell over your face, and you shifted slightly in your seat. “Convicts; murderers and drug dealers,” You informed him with a shrug of your shoulder, like this information was completely normal and you had lived with his for hundreds of year.

That seemed to break any tension in the room as he laughed through some tea, putting a fist to his chest as he coughed a few times, the biggest grin on his wonderful lips as he pulled his hand away. “I’m Alex,” He offered, and when you met his blue eyes, it was like looking into the soul of someone you had known for years, and all you could think about was a really cheesy love song as you introduced yourself as well.

You never thought your heart could race so fast.

As he ate, drank and warmed up, you conversed with one another, and despite the fact you just met this man, you had never felt so comfortable before. As he finished up, you both stood and reached for the dirty dishes. “Please,” The both of you said, pulling back before reaching for the plate and cup once more. 

You chuckled, swatting his hands away and swiping up the dishes. “You’re my guest,”

Alex grinned, his whole face lighting up the room. “Exactly,” He stressed, trying to grab them from your hands but you dodged his advances, dancing around him into the kitchen, watching as a small pout formed. It only made his lips look larger and more soft.

Placing the dishes into the sink, you felt a sense of victory rush through your veins, showing that you were an independent woman. “Exactly.” You mimicked, a playful glint now in his eyes, one that you matched as you stared each other down. 

He took a small step towards you, and you matched it until his phone rang, catching his attention and he took off towards it almost immediately, but you missed the disappointed look in his eye. Exhaling deeply, you watched from the kitchen with a pang of sadness, knowing this was probably someone calling to inform him that they were coming to get him. But as you leaned against the frame, your arms crossed as Alex frowned, scratching at his chin as he spoke in a foreign language to the other person. It didn’t seem very happy.

Once he was done, he rubbed his face furiously and let a few words fall from his mouth, seeming to forget you were in the room. Watching his head move, you looked up as well and met his eyes through the reflection in the rainy window. Your heart seemed to stop as you gazed, losing yourself in the beautiful ocean that he held, and once more you watched his tongue graze his bottom lip before his features suddenly turned bashful and he looked down. Clearing your throat, trying to regain your senses, you began walking forward. “Is everything okay?”

Jerking his head up, you noticed how more hair fell, framing his beautiful features — his high cheekbones that could cut paper, his strong jaw, just how full his lips were, and how there seemed to be various shades of blue sparkling in his irides. “Yeah — I mean,” Alex took a strong hand through his hair, loosening the bun on his head more, and you were so tempted to feel it as his eyes slid shut. “You might be stuck with me, ah.. a little longer.”

Excitement ran through your veins at the thought, but also a small bit of sadness as you knew you couldn’t keep the poor man here forever. He probably had a job, school, family a … girlfriend to get back too. “Shouldn’t be too long,” You mumbled, watching his face scrunch up in confusion, his eyes still shut and you had to contain the urge to poke his nose as it rose up slightly. 

“What do you — “

Rudely, you cut him off, not even thinking about it. “Well, when the rain clears up, I could… maybe… take a look at your car?” You offered.

Alex’s eyes snapped open, his eyes looking right over the top of your head before they slowly trailed over every feature, causing you to flush and his dimples to come back. “Really? You — you would do that? You know how to fix cars?” He seemed fascinated almost.

Was that not normal for girls?

“I — a bit, I mean, yeah?”

He exhaled deeply, his features going slack a bit, a redness creeping on his tanned skin, but his smile still present. “Beautiful,” You blushed harder than ever before.

So you did, once the rain cleared up, which seemed to be quickly despite your prayers for it not too. Taking him outside, you stood in front of the car, looking at Alex as he waiting by the open drivers side door. “Pop the hood,” You practically ordered before realizing how it commanding you actually sounded.

“Yes, ma’am,” His blue eyes seemed to glow as he playfully purred, making a claw motion at you as he bent over into his car. You rolled your eyes, feeling a warmth spread through you at his actions.

To say you didn’t try and sneak a peak at his rear-end would make you a liar.

It didn’t take long to find out the issue, having him turn the key a couple times. His battery had died. Easy enough for you, so you set to work; getting the cables, turning your car around, having to scold the neighbors dog for jumping in your car when you got out to hook him up. Alex seemed to be enjoying himself thoroughly, which for some reason, made you very happy. Once everything was said and done, his car up and running again, you had him check it a few times to make sure it wouldn’t die once he got too far away.

Nodding your head, you both just stared at each other for a moment, your parting seeming more uncomfortable than your meeting, and you felt like you died the moment his strong arms wrapped around your body and pulled you close. “I can’t thank you enough for this..” Alex spoke, but really, all you could think about was how warm and firm he felt against your body, and the way he shook with his deep words. 

The way his breath felt against your ear? How were you even standing up?

“Really, it’s no big deal — I mean, I’d hope you’d do the same for me,” You told him, and he let you go, your shoulders shrugging. 

You could think of several ways Alex could repay you for this, but they weren’t anything he would probably agree to. Hell, they weren’t even things you should be thinking.

A million times over,” He breathed, his gaze piercing yours, a big flush coming over his face and you just noticed how his thumbs were rubbing patterns against your skin.

Grinning you leaned in to hug him again until your felt something firm on your rear and you practically yelled in surprise, pulling back and looking at him in a mixture of shock and satisfaction. “Alex — !” 

Before you could say anything else, he was already halfway into his car, an almost naughty smirk on his face as he winked, sliding in the rest of the way and shouting out to you: “Call me!” 

Like an idiot, you were slack-jawed and red as a strawberry, watching his smirk turn to that shy smile again with amazement in his eyes as he drove off. 

Call him? How would you … you didn’t even …

Your butt.

Quickly reaching into your back pocket, you felt a little piece of paper there. Grinning, your chest tightened and you felt light in the head. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, you ripped it out and open like a mad woman, inhaling sharply at the words written under his number, but your smile only grew:

—  “If you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a sledgehammer.”

Requested: Alex dating plus size girl

Originally posted by heathensoldier

  • Alex  adores every inch of your gorgeous body
  • And  worships your body 
  • Whenever you are feeling down, he is constantly kissing your insecurities
  • Caressing your gorgeous body with his fingers
  • He likes to lay down on your tummy
  • Placing little kisses all over your face
  • Rubbing his nose against you
  • Nuzzling your neck whenever he hugs you
  • Lazy make out session
  • Holding hands while making love
  • Placing wet  kisses over your collarbone and neck
  • Him being very gentle
  • He loves to touch every part of your body, slowly
  • Biting, squeezing
  • He would often call you honey, sweety, sweetheart
  • Because you are so sweet and he loves you so much
  • Movie nights including pizza 
  • Play with each other’s hair while watching the movie
  • Always surprising you with cute little gifts
  • He loves to spoil you by taking you out to dinner or lunch
  • He would be there for you in your moments of weakness
  • Encouraging you to open up about your insecurities
  • He loves seeing you in his clothes
  • Alex loves  you unconditionally

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Best Laid Plans pt. 1

Originally posted by marcoilsoedaily

Pairing: Hvitserk x Reader
Words: 3,563
Summary: The classic “our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire “date” scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now we’re two months into this charade and I’m not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore” AU.
Warnings: None.
A/N: SURPRISE BITCH @sweetvengeancee I TOLD YOU YOU WERE GETTING A PRESENT WHEN YOU WOKE UP (p.s. you’re not a bitch and ily)
Tagging @geminized @rachiieee @zombiexbody Let me know if you would like to be tagged in part 2 or any of my other works!

You were going to kill your friend. You already had it all planned out, too; you would suggest taking a road trip, maybe even try out camping, and then smother them in their sleep. You hadn’t figured out what you would tell everyone when you were the only one that returned from your little excursion, but that could be decided later.

…Or maybe you just needed to cut back on watching all those true crime shows.

It was your best friend’s idea, originally. She had been gushing about a man she met at a bar one night, Ubbe was his name if you were remembering correctly, and had been wanting to the two of you to meet ever since. You had to admit that you wanted to see if he lived up to all they hype, but then she started talking about the fact that he had a brother.

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The Return of the Viking Daughter - Chapter 1 (Ivar X OC)

Rating: M - Mature (angst, swearing, violence,, domestic violence, attempted assault, eventual smut)

Genre: Drama, angst

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This is my first attempt at Ivar fanfiction, please be gentle with your critiques. If the response is generally positive I will post more chapters. :)

I tried to pretend that I wasn’t anxious…. alright, terrified to leave my car. I could see activity going on at their house, the usual hubbub and chaos that circled them; a truck with the hood up, two motorcycles visible in the large garage and not for the first time I cursed the fact that, although we lived on the affluent side of town, with large landscaped yards, the Lothbrok home and my childhood home rested on the edges of our respective properties; meaning that we had a constant view of the other’s goings-on. My old home was at the top of a small rise, which afforded some small privacy, but I’d had a front row seat to the Lothbrok brother’s life my whole childhood.

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500 Milestone #5 Ivar

Author Notes

Celebrating my 500 follower mark by recycling old works.

1 work per brother = 1 for each hundred

Originally posted by ivartheheathen

Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Warning: Very faint smut. Just touching. 
Word count: 820
Theme: Daddy Ivar


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lovingstyles87-deactivated20180  asked:

Head canon #5 when alex gets jealous

  • It takes a lot to make Alex jealous. He is really confident with who he is,  doesn’t feel insecure often
  • He might get some crazy thoughts when his partner really starts paying a significant amount of attention to someone 
  • If someone starts to flirt with you, he will interrupt that person and act like they don’t  exist 
  • He is cute puppy but goes to bad boy in 0.1 second
  • He will do everything in his power to get your attention back to him  
  • He would wrap his arms around your shoulders and pull you in for a passionate  kiss, than place a soft kiss on your cheek 
  • Be prepared for a lot of touching and sweet random kisses 
  • Random “I love you” in the middle of any conversations too
  • Cute adorable back hugs 
  • He will  tell you about how he didn’t like the person you were talking to because he felt as if they were getting a little too friendly with you
  • And than he would cuddle with you.  Alex is such a huge tease when it comes to cuddling
  • Always has this big, huge smile when cuddling and it’s adorable
  • He loves to wrap his arms around you while you run your fingers through his hair 
  • A lot pillow talk during cuddling
  • He is just really glad that you are his and he is yours

@lovingstyles87  sorry babe it took me a lot of time to answer, I was so  busy these days. Hope that you like it ;)

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Wild Eyes

Originally posted by dangerousvikings

Summary: A short, sorta poetic drabble about Ivar’s eyes.
Words: 572
Warnings: None.
A/N: English is not my first language, so I’m sorry if I made any mistakes and if you happen to notice any please do not hesitate to let me know!

Tagging: @angryschnauzer, @trash-and-glam, @lisinfleur, @akamaiden, @girlwhoisfearless, @rekdreams247, @titty-teetee @kenzieam, @lovemypikachu, @nutellaninja210, @fanndas-skadisdottir, @beltzboys2015-blog, @laketaj24, @mads—world, @wish-i-was-a-mermaid, @earthsmightiestasses, @silverscreenwriter, @demonhunter1616, @happys-crazy-queen22, @perfectus-in-morte, @meikolia, @tryingtooptimism, @witchyuniiverse, @inthenameofodin, @characterobsessed, @amour-quinn, @romanchronicles, @readsalot73, @neeadinghugs, @pebblesz892, @tiredofthisgeneration, @belledamsceno, @mypage-myfandoms, @ivars-snowflake, @rachiieee

She always went quiet when he looked at her like that, the sentences she had always carefully constructed in her head seemed to blend together on her tongue in moments like these, making her stutter and stumble over simple words before leaving her utterly speechless. She never denied him anything when those blue eyes found hers, wide and wild, bright and eager, a destructive tale of raging fire dancing in them as he laughed, the sound echoing in her head and stinging the inside of her skull like a swarm of restless bees. The weight of his gaze made her tremble.
She had tried to understand him, but she was unable to penetrate and examine that complicated mind of his while he seemed to know her so well. He always watched her curiously, effortlessly seeming able to predict and calculate every move she would make before she had thought of it herself, understanding every emotion that made the muscles in her face contract.
Sometimes, on rare occasions, she almost believed there was a reason behind all of this, a horrible truth that she had finally uncovered, only to be reminded of the fact that she was fooling herself and there was no reason, no possible way to realise how his intricate mind worked. It was disjointed, there was no sign of any regular pattern or movement, his thoughts simply jumped from one to another, chaotic and turbulent, making him restless and slightly paranoid. He never seemed to find any form of release from the demons that plagued him, filling his mind with bitterness and poisonous words, leaving him intoxicated.
There was no sign of human emotions in those eyes and without fear he was almost invincible, except he bled just like her and that was the only truth she had - that he couldn’t truly be the devil, for the devil was surely unable to bleed like the rest of them.
And yet it was easy to forget that he was human as he watched her, those eyes filled with sick joy and horrifying thoughts as his lips curled up into a wide, psychotic grin. It made her legs tremble while shudders clawed themselves into her spine, her throat went dry as she was once again at loss for words.
Sometimes he cracked. His features hardening, growing sharp with shadows, blue eyes reminding her of a predator that cornered her - intelligent, dangerous, vicious. Every day she was rudely reminded of his anger and complete lack of patience, she always seemed to trigger the madness that consumed him without any effort.
And yet, when he touched her, he was always surprisingly gentle. She usually froze underneath his touch, curious fingers ghosting over her delicate skin, caressing every inch of her exposed flesh and leaving a trail of burning goosebumps in his way. He often went quiet when he touched her, his eyes suddenly able to focus on the task long enough to make the demons disappear for the short amount of time, almost seeming afraid she would break and crumble if he added too much pressure to his searching hands.
‘Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to kill you.’ He dragged the words out, stretching the letters as he simply shrugged his shoulders. It sounded foreign and strange on his tongue, but she was almost certain he was just mocking her. 'You’re my favourite toy, I want to play with you forever.’

Cuddling with Hvitserk would include 

Originally posted by harleysquine

  • Him stroking your hair and           
  • Running his fingers through your hair         
  • He would tell you how your hair smells so nice         
  • Enjoys inhaling your scent          
  • He would  press his head against yours      
  • Eskimo kisses        
  • Kisses on the cheek          
  • Nose kisses         
  • Forehead kisses         
  • Pressing soft kisses along your  jaw line and neck       
  • Always teasing each other        
  • Whispering cute things on your ear whenever he can       
  • Talking about everything and anything   
  • He loves your laugh more than anything     
  • Hvitserk  playing with your hands 
  • Drawing patterns on your stomach
  • A lot of hand holding          
  • He can’t keep his hands off you         
  • Hvitserk loves wrapping you in his arms and       
  • Makes sure you are safe         
  • You falling asleep in his arms        
  • Sleepy cuddles      
  • You two dont need to talk all the time   
  • Just laying in bed with him        
  • Facing each other         
  • His forehead pressed on yours    
  • Thats enough     
  • Waking up all tangled together      
  • He loves you more than anything

Tags: ( Tag list is open ) 

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RUSH  – Chapter One


Warnings: smut, language

A/N: This will have only two chapters and I will publish chapter 2 on sunday. Just the old and good (good? you tell me) smut. Feel fre to comment, your feedback is very important! 

   The handsome viking was teasing you all night. His eyes were glued to you, his rosy tongue often wandering over his bottom lip. The truth is that at the minute you saw him your panties were soaked but you tried to keep your shit together. Your people hates vikings more than anything in the world and Lord Dunward would kill you if imagine how aroused you were because of that one. They were too worried about other things to notice his glances to you. 
        This sunny morning you bathed on the banks of the Thames river, the cool water feeling so good on your bare skin and your hair. You were getting out off the water when you saw him sitting so close to you that you could touch him. You were so startled that felt like your heart was about to stop, the terror freezing your veins. How didn’t you noticed him? Since when was he watching? You opened your mouth to scream but he was faster. He gripped your wrist and pulled you down, covering your mouth with his free hand. You heard male voices speaking a foreign language somewere in the woods and you nodded. You realized he didn’t want to draw the other men’s attention more than you did. He let go your mouth and you breathed heavily, trying to calm down your thoughts. Then you remembered you were completely naked. 
        You were kneeling in front of him, your wrist still trapped in his grip. His eyes lingered first at yours and silently you observed him. He could be a nightmare but looked like a glorious angel. The bright blue eyes left yours toward your mouth and he licked his lips. His glance traveled lazyly down your neck and lingered on your breasts. You were frightened but that man was digging up other feelings… Your eyes scanned his braided thick hair and his leather armor with a different curiosity. Suddenly he leaned forward and sucked at your left nipple, then moved back. You jumped and whined and a sinister grin danced on his lips before he bared his teeth. 
        The hand that was gripping your wrist flew to your neck and he lightly squeezed it before pushing you. You fell in your elbows and your legs opened a little when you tried to recover your balance. You were ready to scream but you remembered the other vikings would hear and bit hard your botton lip. The man laughed and leaned his face very close to your pussy. You tried to close your legs and he put one hand on your knee, scolding you with his eyes, but his lips were still smiling. His eyes were dark, the blue was a thin ring around the dilated pupils. With his index finger he traced a line from your clit to your ass and back to your clit. You widened your eyes feeling how soaking you were. He grunted and you thought you would die when his lips found your sensitive skin. His lips moved avidly, sucking and licking your pussy like if he was making out with your folds. You gasped, you were mortified with fear but also obscenely aroused. 
        You heard louder laughs in the woods and you both paralyzed. They were close. The viking released your knee and whispered “run” with a strange accent. You caught your dress and ran still naked, forgetting your shoes. From afar you looked back and saw two huge men joining to your mysterious viking. 
        Your head was spinning when you arrived at the castle. The other servants could read in your face something was wrong and you told them you saw vikings near the Thames but nothing more. Of course they panicked and soon you were called by Lord Dunward, who was like a father for you, to tell what you saw. A shadow grew on his face. Fear. The whole village heard what happened to King Aella and King Ecbert. Some vikings could speak a weak english, but enough, and two of the leaders were unarmed and accepted as guests. Talk was everything Lord Dunward could do and he would offer anything for the sake of his people. 
        The he kitchen was full of whispers about the two strangers and the air was heavy with fear. When you left toward the hall you arms were trembling and you almost spilled all the wine on the floor. You were so nervous! You never imagined that you would have to serve wine to killers someday. Arriving in the hall you almost fell off your legs… He was there. Immediately your pants were soaked and your heart raced in your throat. Would he tell someone? Would he try something in front of everyone? 
        - W-wine? - of course your voice was trembling too.
        - Yes. - he said, not looking at you. 
You put some wine on his glass but you were trembling so much that you spilled at the table too. He recoiled his arm and looked towards you, frowning. 
        - Oh please, I’m sorry! - you whined and then you could tell the exact second he remembered you.
        He widened his eyes and measured you, the corner of his lips curving in a half smile. Your spine froze and mumbling one last “I’m sorry” you rushed toward the kitchen. The whole dinner was like that. His eyes lingering on you as if you were the main course and his hands discreetly wandering around your thighs every time you approached to serve him. At the end of the night you leaned near him to collect the dishes and he quickly pulled your hand at his pants. Through the light fabric you felt his shaft twitch and he released your hand. It took only two seconds but your eyes instinctively scanned the room. No one noticed what happened. 
        - Come to my room tonight. - he whispered.
        You felt like if your face was on fire and quickly disappeared through the door. Heart pounding on your ears, legs failing. Was it fear? Arousal? Both? 

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