#MADEFW STORIES: Rachel et Nicole 

In anticipation of Fall/Winter 2015 NYFW shows, we look back at past Made Fashion Week stories as told by some of our favorite bloggers. Today’s story comes courtesy of Rachel & Nicole Effendy —check out their blog Rachel et Nicole.

This photo was taken after Timo Weiland’s show by Andrew Boyle, a wonderful photographer and now BFF we met through attending #MADEfw. We picked this photo because we love and remember #MADEfw for the people we meet and have become friends with throughout the years, and that’s what makes it so special!- RetN

(photo by Andrew Boyle.) 

Exploring DUMBO with Rachel & Nicole Effendy of racheletnicole
Check out more of what they’re up to: @racheletnicole
Styles featured: Waverly, Amherst, Prescott, Beaumont, Exeter, & Vanderbilt

You can follow the collection as we post the rest of the sets at: Classic Specs Fall’14