Rachel Whiteread

House, 1993

“…In an odd reversal, Rachel Whiteread forces architecture to acknowledge Art. For her piece House, Whiteread fills a residential building with concrete and removes the outer shell.  She exposes the interior, turns the structure inside out, exploring (almost uncomfortably) the spaces we inhabit…”


Rachel Whiteread
Ghost Ghost (2008)
cast polyurethane resin

Ghost Ghost gives form to the interior of a large two-story dollhouse. In typical practice, Rachel Whiteread created the work by inverting the house and slowly filling its spaces with tinted resin. At a distance, the minuscule bubbles that have hardened between each poured layer of the polyurethane give the appearance of ship lap siding. Around the backside, the miniature home’s stairwell is visible as an apparition in a purple haze. This work appeared at Art Basel | Miami Beach 2009, but was sold by the time I circled ‘round to the booth. Should I have been surprised that it cost as much as full-size suburban home? Not really. It may not afford the ability to live within its impenetrable violet space, but it’s a more modest work by Whiteread I could actually live with.