the signs as mpgis characters
  • aries: Brittnay Matthews
  • taurus: Deandra the New Girl
  • gemini: Mackenzie Zales
  • cancer: Trisha Cappelletti
  • leo: Shay van Buren
  • virgo: Matthew Derringer
  • libra: Jenna Darabond
  • scorpio: Rachel Tice
  • sagittarius: Tanner Christiansen
  • capricorn: Ashley Katchadourian
  • aquarius: Jona(than) Getslinhaumer
  • pisces: Saison Marguerite

Part 3 of 3 of the art I posted on the MPGiS app!!
and plus the two where I actually did TRY emulating a style for them outside of chibi. Tho granted it still ended up being very anime-eque but hey it was something. I like this batch the best X,D haven’t updated my mpgis profile in a while though…