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Rachel Talalay just launched an Instagram account. Shame she didn’t have one when she was directing Heaven Sent and Hell Bent, but you can bet I’ve got it bookmarked in case she posts anything from the archive though (she’s already posted a behind the scenes shot from Tank Girl) - or of course anything from any future DW episodes… Here she is in Abbotsford, BC (a city near Vancouver), filming an episode of Supergirl with Melissa Benoist and the iconic Lynda Carter.

I like Rachel’s choice of headgear as she works on another major US TV show!

anonymous asked:

I mean you're down with Rachel Talalay at this point. Anyway you can confirm for us that she is directing Captain Marvel, or at least possibly is? :p

I mean, we’ve only chatted a little. I kinda doubt I’d be trusted with that sort of information, nor do I want to pry for it. Way I see it, if she’s gonna be doing it, I can wait for a proper announcement. And then get super excited because her directing that would be amazing.


First time ever.

For the first time ever, Doctor Who has joined the race for this year’s Emmy nominations! Peter Capaldi is on the lead actor ballot; showrunner Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay are on the writing and directing ballots for the episode “Heaven Sent”; and the series is a possible nominee for costumes, production design, prosthetic makeup, and visual effects. 

There is some stiff competition and voting is not open to the general public but if you or your parent/friend/neighbor/dog are a registered Emmy voter, we’d encourage you to vote for Doctor Who. Otherwise, voting closes on June 27th so check back next week to see if Peter, Steven, and Rachel have received their nominations!


1) Sharks are rude.

‘I’m not [as stupid as] John, I can tell when you are fibbing, Sherlock’.
‘Neither of us were the first.’

Yes. I’d say Mary is pretty rude.

2) Sharks drive on the right.

Mary is not British, Sherlock suspects she might be American. Therefore she drives on the right.

3) Sharks wee sitting down.

Females wee sitting down. Mary is female.

4) Sharks like going to the shops.

Another female attribute. Mary is female.

5) Sharks play dirty.

Is not telling your husband about your assassin past dirty enough?
Or does one have to shoot his best friend?
Mary is playing dirty.

6) Sharks like to dress as different kinds of shark.

The woman we know as Mary Morstan has taken over the identity of of a stillborn child. She presents herself to the world as a bread baking, cat loving, unassuming nurse.
Mary is a Shark in disguise.

7) Sharks speak very quietly.

‘I like him.’
While John is still fuming and raging after Sherlock’s return, Mary simply smiles at him, and ends the discussion by quietly stating that she likes Sherlock. Implying her permission for John to further interact with his former best friend.
She is also quiet and composed when breaking into offices or hospital rooms in order to threaten and murder people.

8) Sharks can’t spell.

Well, if your initials are A.G.R.A., but you sign your wedding documents with Mary Morstan, you have some serious spelling problems going on, dude!

9) Sharks are made of wood.

‘Why do witches burn?’
‘Because they’re made of… wood?’
-Monty Python and the Holy Grail

As we have by now established that Mary is a Shark, and Sharks are made of wood, the only logical conclusion can therefore be that Mary is a witch.
Where’s the lie?

10) There’s no such things as Sharks.

Mary is a Shark.
Therefore she must birth a Shark.
We know about the supposed birth scene in the tunnel.
There was a Shark graffiti on the tunnel walls.

I conclude, there’s no such thing as a baby.

Thank you Monty Python and Mark Gatiss for the final proof.


credits for the pics to @racheltalalay on tumblr


SHQ Pictures of Sherlock filming at Borough Market 26th April pt 6 - Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Mark Gatiss, plus Rachel Talahay (x)

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