First time ever.

For the first time ever, Doctor Who has joined the race for this year’s Emmy nominations! Peter Capaldi is on the lead actor ballot; showrunner Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay are on the writing and directing ballots for the episode “Heaven Sent”; and the series is a possible nominee for costumes, production design, prosthetic makeup, and visual effects. 

There is some stiff competition and voting is not open to the general public but if you or your parent/friend/neighbor/dog are a registered Emmy voter, we’d encourage you to vote for Doctor Who. Otherwise, voting closes on June 27th so check back next week to see if Peter, Steven, and Rachel have received their nominations!


SHQ Pictures of Sherlock filming at Borough Market 26th April pt 6 - Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Mark Gatiss, plus Rachel Talahay (x)

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Doctor Who Hires Second Female Director!

Sheree Folkson will be joining the crew of Doctor Who as the director of an episode in Series 8 written by Frank Cottrell Boyce

David Tennant fans might remember her as the director of The Decoy Bride and Casanova. Not much is known about the episode she will be directing, but it will apparently feature a fairly large cast of child actors.

Folkson joins Rachel Talalay as the second female director in Series 8. Prior to Folkson and Talalay joining Series 8, Doctor Who hadn’t had a female director since 2010. Doctor Who still has some work to do to increase diversity behind the scenes (female writers are still underrepresented), but Folkson and Talalay are welcome additions, and I’m truly excited to see their work!

We put cushioning in there, mostly because we knew he was gonna go for it. There is no half-arsed acting with Peter, so you’re protecting an actor who says, ‘It’s fine. I’ll just hit the console’ But no that’s not fine! He’s like 'Just let me do it,’ and I’m like 'No!’
—  Rachel Talalay on the needs to protect actors from themselves - in this case discussing the scene where Peter beats up the TARDIS console (DWM interview)

What the fuck

That was a fucking stunning episode. And not just by Who standards. That was a stellar piece of television. I probably haven’t been floored by an episode since Ozymandias (Breaking Bad).

Can Rachel Talalay direct every episode please?

Can Murray Gold continue to make the score sound like Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde”?

Can Steven Moffat, if he fucking insists on staying, always write stuff like this?

Can Peter Capaldi be the Doctor forever?


Hell Bent: Behind the Scenes from BBC One

There’s nineteen of them, so I selected ten favorites here. It always amuses me to see Peter snapping pictures with his own camera. He’s making memories of his own on the set, and that’s an important thing to do since it’s something we learned from the episode and from the Doctor himself:

”Every story ever told really happened. Stories… are where memories go when they’re forgotten.”

Though, I don’t think Peter, or any other cast and crew member, will ever forget their experiences and memories of working on a show like Doctor Who. They will also have many stories to tell. :)