Things nobody cares about: Boy meets girl

It’s funny how Danny Reed (Martin Freeman) is shown as left-handed at the beginning of the show. I mean, just as Martin.

and then when Veronica Burton (Rachel Stirling) is trapped in his body, Martin carefully switches to right-handed

and although things like the way one grabs the phone are not that relevant

They missed the way in which Rachel/Danny does most of the things

She/he writes perfectly, and it is even shown in a close up

It seems like avoiding the first part would have fixed it all, oops.

The Bletchley Circle

OMG this show. THIS SHOW OMG.

It is SO GOOD. Why aren’t more people watching it and freaking the fuck out over it?!?!

I have a lot of feelings that I need to write down.

Warning! Spoilers ahead

  • What is the deal with Millie and Susan? No, seriously. I’m glad I’m not the only one who got that (gay) vibe from them. There’s definitely some serious (gay) feelings there. By the end of the first season, I was screaming JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY at my laptop screen. But Anna Maxwell Martin’s only listed for 5 episodes on IMDB. So I don’t think she’ll be coming back this season. I seriously hope we get a season 3 because they just can’t let things end like that. Susan is basically running away and she and Millie still have a lot of (gay) things they need to sort out.
  • I love how confident Lucy’s become. I thought we would spend much of season 2 pitying her for her sad life and douchey husband (who I hope has since jumped off a tall building and died), but this girl don’t need anyone to take care of her. She took care of her own shit, and got a killer new wardrobe too.
  • Jean looks really sexy with a cane. I think she should keep it.
  • Millie needs 100% more lady-lovin’, and 0% getting punched in the face.

Promo is promising more intrigue! and murder! and a hot lady villain who I’m awkwardly shipping with Millie (seriously i just ship her with everyone). I CAN’T WAIT.

I really ought to stop watching the “movie” adaptations of books immediately after I’ve finished reading them because I become far to nitpicky.

I just started watching the first episode of the Tipping the Velvet miniseries and although I’m really enjoying it so far, my current complaints include:

1) Kitty Butler is too tall.

2) Nan, as the narrator of the book had a really distinct voice in my head, and it is, apparently, not the voice of Rachel Stirling.

3) I hate that watching the budding romance is making me smile in spite of myself because I know how it all ends and I want to hate Kitty, but I can’t.