Rachel Getting Married

RIP Jonathan Demme: Feb 22 1944 - Apr 26 2017

We are saddened to hear of the passing of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Philadelphia’ director Jonathan Demme at the age of 73. Our thoughts are with his family. 


Rachel Getting Married (2008) - (dir. Johnathan Demme)

I can live with it, but I can’t forgive myself. And sometimes, I don’t want to believe in a god that could forgive me. But I do want to be sober. I’m alive and I’m present, and there’s nothing controlling me. If I hurt someone, I hurt someone. I can apologize and they can forgive me or not. But I can change.


Rachel Getting Married / London Film Festival → UK Premiere + finger © getty
♡ favourite rickman moments

So normally I’d see someone doing this and be like, “Dude, get a toothpick” but in this case, I’d probably be too hypnotized to care, lol! Especially the second gif.

Me: Here’s a toothpick you can use.
Alan: Um. That is your finger.
Me: Oh, is it? Oops. So no then? ;)
Alan: Give it here.
Me: *faint*


Sebastian Stan (the bowtie party guest) dancing in ‘Rachel Getting Married’ (2008).

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Are You Sure About That?

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer Reid is your best friend in the entire world. Best friends totally spend every weekend together, and walk around holding hands, and cuddling on their movie night, right? 

Note: Just an idea I had one night. Hope you enjoy. 

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Rachel Getting Married (2008)

Sebastian Stan wants his fucking Zippo now.

This movie follows a family’s drama during the length of a sister’s wedding weekend. Everyone is terrible to each other and Anne Hathaway killed someone through intoxicated negligence. The story line swerves very near poignant in several instances but never quite hits the mark. The characters are flawed, a bit too much so to be believable, and Sebastian Stan is a rehab patient with a penchant for arson.

Sebacting: 9/10

I absolutely believe that he torched the self-help section of the library. He does ‘just a little crazy’ so, so well, and grasps the nuances of tics and neuroses convincingly. He also gets to mock Anne Hathaway which I am simultaneously jealous of and aroused by.

Sebstan presence: 1/10

The good part is that his scene is the opening one of the film. The bad part is that’s all there is.

Is It Worth It?

Mostly. The movie is interesting enough. It’s kind of like watching someone else’s awkward wedding video, which I guess is the point what with the shaky camera angles. For a character based film, this one feels draggy at some points as much as it feels sped up at others. 

But it isn’t The Covenant, so.

Final: 5/10 Sebstans