Rachel Getting Married


I could watch this scene a million times. 


Rachel Getting Married (2008) - (dir. Johnathan Demme)

I can live with it, but I can’t forgive myself. And sometimes, I don’t want to believe in a god that could forgive me. But I do want to be sober. I’m alive and I’m present, and there’s nothing controlling me. If I hurt someone, I hurt someone. I can apologize and they can forgive me or not. But I can change.


53 of my Favorite Women (in alphabetical order) —> Anne Hathaway

“In Hollywood you have to be careful if you go above a six, then you’re considered fat. I’m considered to be, I hope, an actress, and you can get away with a couple of extra pounds if you are trading on your talent instead of your sex appeal.I don’t have time to be tortured about me weight.”