It took me about a month of practice, but I finally did it – I completed the Amnoon Desert Race with only the Roller mount. I timed it from when the blue starting zone disappeared to when my mount physically intersected with the finish line – a total time of 96.011 seconds. The person in second place didn’t arrive until a full minute later.

The main difficulties were managing the quirks of the Roller mount. This race is clearly designed for the Raptor (to you non-GW2 followers of mine, they’re the big dinosaur lookin’ animals you can see at the beginning). The Raptor has a good base speed, a fast forward jump, fast endurance regeneration, and a good vertical leap height.

The Roller, on the other hand, trades raw speed for lack of maneuverability, almost no vertical jump height, and a very lengthy endurance regeneration. So I thought to myself, “Is it possible to complete the race with only the Roller?”

As you can see, it is! I had to time the ramp jumps, drifts, and boosts very carefully to get over the obstacles (the fence hop at the end is extremely difficult; I can only do it maybe 10% of the time!) – obstacles that the Raptor would find easy-peasy to clear.

But hey, in the name of making things harder for myself, I think I set some sort of unofficial record!

Music used in the video is Running In The 90′s by Max Coveri.

Jack:i’m going to Kermit suicide

Davey: Jack don’t do-

Davey: wait did you say Kermit suicide??

Jack: *plays a video of Kermit falling from a building while Race makes airhorn noises and crutchie starts yelling*


Davey: I hate you all

White people KNOW what they do. I’m really tired of the narrative that they’re scared, or threatened, or nervous. They see Black and Brown people in spaces that they FALSELY believe are exclusively theirs, and then with intention and deliberation, weaponize their privilege and the prevailing white supremacist nature of our society to utilize the state (police) in order to remove us.

This shows us two things. One, that white pseudo-safety is more important than actual Black lives. The news of Black Death due to state sanctioned violence is too prevalent for anyone to be ignorant to the fact that if you call the police on Black and Brown people, you are placing them in a situation where they might be killed. And two, that the police have always been a force that imposes the will of both capitalists and whiteness first and foremost. Because this is such a regular occurrence is evidence enough that at the end of the day, white people can RELIABLY call the police to do their bidding, no matter what the perceived (and usually completely fabricated) slight was.


You can get away with calling something “white trash” in polite company, on cable television and in the headline of a magazine article. An article in The New Republic once posed the question of whether President Trump might be “a white trash icon.” For some reason, the term manages to come across as less offensive than most other racial slurs.

Yet “white trash” could be called the Swiss army knife of insults. It’s deft in its ability to demean multiple groups at once: white people and people of color; poor people and people who “act” like poor people; rural folks and religious folks and anyone without a college degree.

So why does “white trash” still get thrown around without much pushback?

Why It’s Still OK To ‘Trash’ Poor White People

Illustration: LA Johnson/NPR