White Americans may finally be waking up on race and police brutality 

A poll from YouGov shows shifting opinons after several months of media attention dedicated to unarmed black people killed by the police, and whether the concerns of black protesters indicate a broader trend of police brutality particularly against black Americans. And another poll by Pew seems to support this.

I grew up as a black child in communities that are already suffering, and so the only resource I had was my truth, was myself. That was the one thing I could control in the world is to present and be who I knew I was.
—  Janet Mock was a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, and she is as poignant and brilliant as you’d expect. Watch the whole episode here.

It sickens me that most of the people shitting on this mirame thing aren’t white people but other people of color.
Latinxs have gone through similar racial issues and we’ve been through segregation and brutality. It may not be as highly publicized but it’s there so why can’t we support each other to solve the problem of race in this country? The fight against racism isn’t a fucking contest of who was oppressed more. Putting down a minority for the sake of another is just plain wrong Why must we tear each other down with this I suffered more so it’s all about me instead of We each have our story and because we understand each others plight let’s support each other