Rabiul Awwal

We Must CelebrateThe Month Of The Holy Prophet (ASWS)


The days that we are entering the believers must be celebrating the month, the month that the Holy Prophet (sws) has been born. The believers must take that month very holy, must run after that month, must sit, stand all together and must make Mawlid celebrations to the Holy Prophet (sws) because the Prophet (sws) has been sent to this world for the safety of the whole mankind in the east, west, north and south, from the day that he came until Judgment Day. If anyone is saying, “I am safe” or anyone who is looking for safety must be taking the orders and the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (sws). No other safety.

So when we look at it, to ourselves, to the whole nation of Islam and to this whole mankind… because Allah subhana wa ta'ala is not sending him to one nation, to one handful of Arabs. No. He is sending him to the whole mankind and also other creatures, other jinns and all. He is the prophet of all. He is the Prophet of the prophets. When all other prophets were coming, order was being given to them, “If Muhammad (sws) is coming in your time, know that the prophethood that we are giving to you is void. You must follow that one.” Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) knew when he is going to send that Prophet. He is showing a sign to us saying to us that all those prophets accepted the Prophet (sws). He didn’t come in their time but they accepted it.

The majority of those prophets asked Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) saying, “Ya Rabbi, do not make us prophets. Make us one from the nation of that Prophet (sws), one of the followers of that Prophet (sws).” And Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) refused saying to them, “What I give to you, my happiness in you is in that. What I give to the nation of Muhammad, it is a blessing to them.” It is a sad thing for those people from the east, west, north and south, all this mankind that, that title is given to them and they are just leaving that title and running after this empty world. And in the end you are going to find emptiness. Nothing else.

-Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim El Kibrisi El Rabbani Hz.

Q: How Do We Show Thanks To Allah?

Q: Other Than Doing Prayers, Duas And Making Shukr, How Do We Show Thanks To Allah?


In reality, the prayers, the duas, and to say the shukr, it is not for Allah, it is for ourselves. Musa(as) when he went to the mountain of Tur, and Allah (swt) asked him, Kalimullah, ‘Ya Musa, what have you done for Me, for My sake?’ And Musa (as) said, 'Ya Rabbi, I pray. And Allah is saying, 'Ya Musa, the prayer it is a safety for you. It is for you. What have you done for Me, for My sake?’

He says, 'Ya Rabbi, I give zakat.’

'Zakat, it is for you.’

'I fast.’

'Fasting, the benefits, it is for you.’

Dunya and ahirat, 'I go and perform the pilgrimage,’ because every prophet has to go to Mecca, to the Ka'aba, to perform the piligrimage there too. 'I perform the hajj.’

He says, 'the hajj, it is for you. Everything that you are doing, it is for you.’
Musa(as) says, 'Ya Rabbi, I don’t know what can I do for you?’ And Allah (swt) says, 'love whom I love and leave those that I leave.’

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This is the month in which Allah (swt) sent His Beloved to this physical world. On the Twelfth Day of this Holy Month, Hz. Amine Hatun gave birth to the Light of the Universes, Sayyidina Muhammad (asws). In these days, Muslims must be excited. Something must be waking up in the hearts of the Believers. They must be running to make their lives different, to make these days to be special and honored.

Imam Jalaluddin al-Suyuti is saying, ‘It is Wajib that special gratitude to Allah swt should be expressed in this month and as much worship and charity should be done as is possible, since He has bestowed on us the enormous blessing of the Birth of His Beloved (asws).’

And throughout the history of Islam, the believers have shown their happiness and gratitude to Allah (swt) for blessing us with the Birth of the Holy Prophet (asws) in this month. One person is describing the celebration of Mawlid in the Hijaz saying, ‘The people of Makkah and Madinah and Egypt and Yemen and Syria and of the eastern and western cities of Arabia, they hold functions in celebration of the birth of the Prophet (asws), rejoice at the sighting of the Rabi-ul-Awwal moon, bathe and put on their best clothes, adorn themselves in various ways, put on perfume, and give charity with great joy, and exert themselves in listening to the Mawlid of the Prophet (asws).’ By doing so, they themselves attain to success, as it has been proved that by celebrating the Mawlid of the Prophet (asws) the whole year is blessed: security and comfort, greater means of livelihood, increase in children and in wealth, peace in cities and contentment and peace in homes.

-Shaykh Lokman Effendi Hz.