Zone 5: Icecap ~Glacier FREEZE~

IceCap Zone is the fifth level in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Icecap or Ice Cap Taking place in the central mountains of Angel Island, this board delves into internal icy caves and Arctic wastelands. I can only imagine how fucking cold it must be when you only wear gloves, socks and shoes. There’s a variety of backgrounds and scenes throughout the level, moving from mountain tops to frozen caves to a huge Arctic sea. This is a pretty cool spot. Me personally, I didn’t get here until that lock-on thing was a thing. Because it’s a thing. A thing that’s a thing and it’s a thing. No, seriously, as a kid, I didn’t see this level with Sonic or Tails. I made there and to Launch Base with Knuckles. My brain wasn’t developed enough to say, “hey, move the D-pad up and down to move the barrel!” Yup, I was that guy!  Well let’s talk about this picture. Why are we using disgruntled kitty cats for this illustration? Because…

The story so far…

After finally achieving her goal of locating all 7 Sol emeralds throughout Angel Island, Blaze could transform into Burning Blaze. Sonic’s not the only one with a super form. She uses her powers to dash across the Carnival at lightning speed, but ultimately comes to halt. The duo randomly find a canon and out of curiosity, Cream jumps in and it launches her towards the mountains. Not one to skip a beat, Blaze chases after her. From the bustling city to the distance polar caps, Blaze now has to locate her kid sidekick. After searching for almost 15 minutes, she finds them and for time time being creates a heat shield to keep her warm. now they must traverse the snow and find a way off this dangerous mountain. With one obstacle out of the way, more seem to occur. Stair pointers and robotic penguins try to attack them, but Blaze brushes them off with little effort. Things have gotten gotten pretty hectic but Blaze has proven that even freezing temperatures can’t stop her. Finally after roaming the mountain tops, Cream spots a launch facility suggesting they go there. Our journey is far from over and what happenings await them as they make their way to the Launch Base site? Hurry up Blaze, or you’ll never retrieve the jewel scepter. Maybe it’s there. Will she find it and if so does this journey end resulting in these two parting ways???

*Image inspired by Icecap Zone and researching more realistic polar caps*

Zone 4: Carnival Night<<

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