One hour drawing. The theme is 『OTSUKIMI:The moon vewing festival』

🐰Look! the rabbit pounding mochi rice cake! 🦊Eh?

🦊I’m sure there is the crab.

🦁I think the lion is barking.

🐹The donkey.

🐏Otters carrying water.

🦌The crocodile.

🐻The bear with firewood.

🐆Beautiful profile of gazelle!

In Japan,it is said that there are a rabbit who pounding mochi rice cake on the moon. I heard when I was a kid that the pattern is looked different in other countries. It’s very interesting!

Touhou Randfic #5

Tenshi + Yorihime, ‘Old Promises’

Footsteps echoed through the quiet lanes of the Lunar Capital – sharp, deliberate, implacable. Their owner passed mansion after immaculate mansion, flawless gardens of sand and reed, and art of the most subtle beauty without ever sparing a glance from the path in front of her – so fierce was the resolve upon her face and the purpose in her stride. If one hadn’t just watched her walk in circles for twenty minutes, they might even think she knew where she was going.

“Would it kill them to put up a sign?!” Tenshi growled.

Perhaps expecting such legendary isolationists to care about the tourist experience had been ill-advised and so she turned her irritation upon the nearest living creature instead.

Hey, you!

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Bae Bae innuendos

 - GD grabs boobs and slaps the butt of a mannequin that’s pretty self explanatory. Also he’s like…seeing angels and shit….like the sex is ‘heavenly’

 - Taeyang is riding a horse like ‘ride my pony’ if u don’t know what I’m talking about watch this music video I think it will explain everything. Also when him and the woman touch stuff bursts into flames bc they’re super hot together

 - Top is surrounded by flowers which are symbols for vaginas. He’s also in a tunnel of flowers moving up and down it so….yeah…. And he’s got that white stuff and he’d spraying it n flowers and women I think you see where this is going. Then him and the woman make cum faces and suddenly they have a baby that was a short ass nine months

 - Daesung is on a desert island in the ocean like water water everywhere and not a drop to drink this man is THIRSTY! It’s ok though bc a woman comes out of the water and she’s really wet so she can satisfy his thirst. She must do it really well bc the water gets choppy enough to start lapping up onto the island making the sand wet like she brings water to the desert, get it?

 - Seungri is surrounded by smoke bc he’s smoking hot. Also the women he’s involved with is a ghost I think??? And the French word for orgasm means ‘little death’ so she’s lowkey died bc of Seungri’s dick but in a good way. 

 - Rabbits pounding mochi on the moon is a Korean sexual innuendo so those rice cake things that we see pounding against each other on the moon mean SEX. Then they’re looking up people’s skirts and that’s not really innuendo anymore but idk Top doesn’t seem to like the experience and GD is more interested in Taeyang’s butt