So anyway shout out to the gay kpop fans who have to watch their sexuality be turned into a gimmick while actual homosexuality is shunned (in general, but maybe not by their idols). Shout out to the transgender kpop fans who saw hope in Lady, but were heartbroken when they disbanded. Shout out to transgender kpop fans who don’t even know who Lady is, but could’ve benefitted from having their music around.

Shout out to the black kpop fans who have to deal with 1000 whitewashed photos of their idols because their dark skin isn’t nice enough to be captured in a photo. Shout out to the Asian fans who have dark skin, monolids or small eyes, big noses, and who aren’t skinny, that have to watch as their idol who shares these traits is ridiculed for not fitting the Western idea that Asians are petit or delicate and submissive, and forced to laugh it off, lest the idol’s reputation be damaged. Shout out to the chubby and fat kpop fans who feel like they’re lesser because they don’t look like their idols and have to watch as those who do look like them are attacked by netizens.

To those who look up to those few actors/singers who are out and appreciate people like Heechul, Amber, Ren, and Jeonghan for wearing traditional “boy/girl” clothing or having “boy/girl” hair; to those who look up to Wonho for saying gender doesn’t matter to him; to the black fans that find comfort in knowing Insooni, Lee Michelle, Yoon Mirae, and Alex from Rania changed the game and killed/are killing it the way they are; to those fans who defend their idols’ melanin to the death and who call out racist remarks made by other idols and fans; to those fans who don’t fit the bill of pretty and take comfort in their idols speaking out about kpop’s ridiculous standards:

Y'all are important and gorgeous.

bro alex apparently didn’t even know she’d been released from bp rania until people started asking her on her ig live about it…. how shitty can a company be???? like alex had it rough from the beginning; the choreographers didn’t want to put her in the choreos, people with their racist remarks, honestly i’m glad she left if this is how she’s been treated from the start. like imagine how toxic it’s been for the past two years for her. she’s even put in effort to learn korean and wore traditional korean clothing to blend into the culture and everything, so that she could be more accepted. this just shows how intolerable korea’s music industry is, i hope she can maybe join aomg because they seem A LOT more accepting of poc than all of korea, tbh. she deserved so much better.

Why do you keep saying Kpop is a safe space for Asians? Why do you treat us as a small untouched group of people trying to live in seclusion from the world and it is your job to keep us this way?

It is condescending. Kpop is a music genre, one influenced by other cultures and musical styles like so many other genres, we just have added our touch. Talking this over with friends we have come to see that maybe you take this approach because there are people in the black community who only want their music to stay within their community.

We are largely not like that, only the racists here care about that. These are the same who also do not welcome other Asians because contrary to what some people who post here think we Asians are not all one body. There is no Asian music here, no Asian community here. We are all different people with different cultures.

It seems many of you would like to keep us Asians who live in Asia closed off to accepting anyone outside the continent. We will not learn and be rid of ignorance with that practice.
Alex is black and it seems there are more of us Koreans oh and Asians, rooting for her than those in her own community. It is sad that you have to dig so deep to defend something that is not even yours (Kpop), when your focus should be on supporting someone from your own community.

Stop speaking for us. We do not need you to speak for us as you do it while speaking over us. If you think Kpop should only be for Asians then why are you a Kpop fan with so much to say about the industry and us? We are not a subclass of humans who need you to treat us like babies while you disregard us at the same time.”