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“The legend of the three kings of heavens is one of the oldest in Kroel, and has been present on the collective mythology of many cultures. This legendary Kings are beleived to be responsible for both controling the Weather and the Seasons, with both ALLFARAY and ALLFAFROST controlling each one the begining and the end of it, while ALLFASTORM acted as an agent of change, destroying the land so new life can be born. All three kings where worshiped by the original settlers of the region, altough not all in one place, worship centers dedicated to the three can be found spread across Old Country, with three main altars dedicated each to an specific king in diffent point of the continent. This altars are said to channel the powers of the kings, and even when they are open to the public as popular tourist destinations, many scientist and scholars still study their mysterious properties

[Alpha-All father-Storm]
-The Stormbringer pokemon
-Ability: Storm King*
-Dex: "When its wings flap the skies fill with the roar of thunder, and the air grows heavy with electricity, anouncing the incoming storm. Its legend says it ruled the heavens with its brothers, and was resposible for bringin forth both the rain and the lightning, creation and destruction.”
   -Electric Terrain
   -Rain Dance

145-ALLFARAY [Alpha-All Father-Ray]
-The Sunbearer Pokemon
-Ability: Sun King**
-Dex: “Its body is said to be made of sunbeams and when it flies across the sky the coldest night become the brightest days. Its legend says it ruled the heavens with its brothers, and was resposible for warming the world and setting the cycle of life in motion once more.”
    -Brave Bird
    -Heat Wave
    -Sunny Day

146-ALLFAFROST [Alpha-All Father-Frost]
-The North Wind Pokemon
-Ability: Snow King***
-Dex: “When its swipes across the land, it leaves a white blanket of snow wherever it goes, freezing anything that touches its crystal feathers. Its legend says it ruled the heavens with its brothers, and was responsible for setting in the winter cold and ending the cycle of life.”
    -Icicle Crash
    -Aurora Veil

* Sp. Attack is doubled during rain
** Fire-type moves always hit during harsh sunlight
*** Def. and Sp. Def receive a boost during hail

ALLFASTORM is based on Zeus, greek God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice, and the Eagle, one of his sacred Animals

ALLFARAY is based on the Ra, egyptian God of the Sun and Creation, and the Falscon, the animal he was most often represented as.

ALLFAFROST is based on Odin, norse God of wisdom, healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, and the Raven, specialy His two familiars Huginn and Muninn

So a friend hit me up with a kemetic question that nearly made me wanna slap him through the internet. and I quote him here

“ if there were,

 saya priesthood of ra

would the leaders of that priesthood

be called the top ra men” 

Boi I will drive up to boston and choke you for this fucking pun.