[Ra speaks]: I am the one who made heaven and who established it in order to place the bas of the gods within it. I shall be with them for eternity which time begets. My ba is Magic. It is older than time. The ba of Ra is in Magic throughout the entire land.
—  The Book of the Heavenly Cow
Warning: mention of progr*mming

Can someone send me some links on programming abuse or help me understand with your own definitions? We have an alter who has experienced it, but I can’t find any links that explain to me well enough. It’s tough for me to understand bigger words and process them. I’d ask the alter, but it makes them highly uncomfortable and triggers them into a state of severe panic and flashbacks to talk about it. 

To all the survivors out there..


DEITIES || Animal form Tests V1 

WELP– TIME FOR ANOTHER UPDATE WITH DEITIES this time in their animal forms /o/

So yes, the deities in my project have the ability to transform into various forms and states – much like in the mythology – and one of their most commonly used forms is of their sacred animal. These animals forms will be relevant to the story, so it gave me a reason to do another round of color tests, to mirror the ones I did of their human-like deity forms from last time.

There are some places where I took liberties with their colors, markings, and features, but I used photo and wall art references to help make those choices. Everything’s still open for adjustment and I’ll continue practicing them as I progress, but this helps me visualize how they’ll appear in the story, and how they compare to their corresponding deity forms. I think most of them are self explanatory, but the captions include some details regarding their animal forms

And if you’re wondering about the others (Osiris, Isis, Nephthys), they have animal forms too! But as they mostly appear “human” in story, their animal forms aren’t planned to be featured as much, so I’ll get to them another day.

Also little heads up! I’m planning on doing a DEITIES themed #Inktober next month, to introduce more deity designs. So if you’re interested in following along feel free to check out my twitter!

In the meantime here’s my tag for my DEITIES Project if you want to find more art progress o)/ the devART version of these tests with additional sketches is also posted above and HERE!

“They feed on energy alone. From life-force they live. They know not what they do, they simply do what they must.”

Words by C.R. Sheehan