The Dolphin Project

Dolphins hold a special place in the minds of humans. Jumping and darting off the bows off a boat. We’ve managed to at once anthropomorphize them while longing for the freedom their lives seem to have. But dolphins aren’t just one thing, with over 32 species these highly intelligent mammals live in complex social structures. The largest species is the Orca Whale, more commonly known as the “killer whale” that came into public consciousness with the famous Sea World shows.


The Sub-Saharan continent holds nearly a third of the world’s population living in poverty. The majority of the country lives in darkness, with 7 out of 10 people living without access to electricity. Yet, it is the children who are at the most risk, millions of whom are without access to proper health care and education. Of the children worldwide who die from malnutrition before the age of five, 42% are from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Watch RYOT’s incredible 360 documentary here. 

Simple math always made sense:
one plus one was two
I and you was true.

It made sense and everything was clear.

Then they added xs and ys
and unknowns.
I went to college while you stayed at home
and things became


Now our solution is diluted with
other variables and miscomunicated
and you’re with the wrong people
and I’m alone and

maybe this time I and you
doesn’t equate