The Rugby World Cup 2015 Pools Officially Confirmed.

After Uruguay defeated Russia 36-27 in their second bout, they have successfully secured their place in the RWC 2015 being held in England.

Pool A is now most certainly the ‘Pool of Death’ (as if it wasn’t already).

Grupo A

  • Australia
  • Inglaterra
  • Gales
  • Oceania 1
  • Ganador playoff

Grupo B

  • Súdafrica
  • Samoa
  • Escocia
  • América 2
  • Asia 1

Grupo C

  • Argentina
  • Nueva Zelanda
  • Tonga
  • Africa 1
  • Europa 1

Grupo D

  • Francia
  • Irlanda
  • Italia
  • América 1
  • Europa 2

QF1: Ganador Pool B v Segundo Pool A QF2: Ganador Pool C v Segundo Pool D QF3: Ganador Pool A v Segundo Pool B QF4: Ganador Pool D v Segundo Pool C


SF1: Ganador QF1 v Ganador QF2 SF2: Ganador QF3 v Ganador QF4


Perdedor SF1 v Perdedor SF2


Ganador SF1 v Ganador SF2

‘This could be a fantastic group, and certainly might throw up the tightest finish and most intriguing battles. France, Ireland and Italy could all beat each other on their day, similar to the situation in Pool A. Ireland will fancy their chances of topping this group should their exciting youngsters continue to break through as France might be a bit shaky playing in England. Beware of the Italians though, they will certainly be fired up to upset their Six Nations peers and secure a first Quarter Final appearance.’

I’m happy with this! Could defo of been worse! A lot can change in three years but I think we’ll be grand COYBIG

RWC 2015

Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, Oceania 1, Play off Winner.

Pool B: South Africa, Samoa, Scotland, Asia 1, Americas 2.

Pool C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Europe 1, Africa 1.

Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Americas 1, Europe 1.

Imagine how sweet it would be to knock England out in the pool stages…


Irish RWC news:

TV3 have confirmed that they have won the Irish rights to broadcast the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

With the official announcement made at a press conference in Dublin this morning, the broadcaster has revealed that they will manage the screening of all 48 matches in the tournament, as well as delivering a “TV, digital and mobile highlights offering.”

… This is both good and bad. The good; No George Hook or Ryle Nugent (huzzah!) 😆
The bad; the station are only"looking" into HD broadcasts :/ We may as well be looking through a tea strainer otherwise. There’ll be more ad breaks… lots more. And well, anyone who’s seen their GAA coverage will know what to expect analysis wise…as in they do lots of it, but at the same time, don’t really do any… 😥 Also no Brent Pope, awe 😢

There yas go. Decide for yourselves if the good outweigh the bad, 😉



Los días pasan y va quedando menos para el inicio de la copa, a casi 120 días ya está listo “el pack” como lo bautizaron, son más de 4.000 voluntarios que colaboraran con el torneo en varios aspectos, esto definitivamente pone en tierra derecha el campeonato.

Les 36 + 1 du XV de France retenus pour la préparation de la Coupe du Monde RWC 2015

Elle est là. Elle est belle. Elle est pleine de joueurs.
Ce n’est d’ailleurs plus une question de chiffres (vous allez le constater) mais aussi de lettres ;)

Tu es sûr ?

Là voici : la liste des 36 joueurs du XV de France retenus pour participer à la préparation (et pas aux vacances à Tignes, hein) dés le 6 juillet en vue de la Coupe du Monde de rugby 2015 en Angleterre.

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I will truely not be pleased if the opening game of the RWC 2015 will be played in freaking Cardiff. Sure, there will be games played there, by Wales or not, but come on- the opener of the World Cup should be played in its hosting country. It is also true that the capacity of Twickenham is 82,000 seats compared to the Millenium Stadium’s 72,500. The opening is going to be a huge event and everyone wants to watch it- it makes sense to have the bigger stadium. I have only been to Twickenham and the Millenium, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed the Twickenham experience and atmosphere much better. I liked the Millenium, but it was too small for my liking and there weren’t as many stalls or places to buy food from. I actually really enjoy the walk to Twickenham as the atmosphere is electric as the crowd is surging towards the stadium- I cant put it into words. I may be bias and English, but I really feel it would be better to play the game at Twickenham, in England.