Okay So

First RWBY overtakes Red Vs. Blue as RT’s signature show

Then RWBY gains a fanbase so big there’s a fan made game, fan made animation and even a fan made visual novel/

Then RWBY gets a massive fanbase in Japan.

Then RWBY gets to be the first American made anime (Yeah, I know anima means “Japanese animation” but Monty called it an anime so suck it) to get a JAPANESE DUB.

Then RWBY gets a manga in Japan which gets a major release.

Then RWBY actually AIRS on Japanese Tv.

And now RWBY is not only in a crossover fighting game but the people making the game are so confident in the show they actually made it one of the focuses of the ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER (sharing the spotlight along with legends like Blazblue and Persona.)

… Monty, you really didn’t know what you started.


graphics battle: cockbiteproductions vs rooster-tumble

  round five: rt + animated movie posters


More RWBY next gen kiddos!

First we have Ash. Cinder and Emeralds Son.

Then we have Joe and Colden. The daughter of Coco and Velvet and the son of Weiss and Ruby.

Last we have Neos adopted twin faunus kiddos! they dont have desided names yett, but we are thinking about  Luna and Leeora.

This is an alternate universe created by me and my friend  meaning that this isnt cannon.

keep in mind that this is just for fun! we have chosen the ships we both like most, even if some of them are really weird^^“ this is just supposed to be a fun little project, so dont get mad if we dont include your favorite ship in this AU.

I would also love to hear if you guys have any ideas and suggestions for this AU!

  • Voice Mail: To leave a message, just wait for the tone.
  • Tai: I know how to leave a goddamn message.
  • Voice Mail: When you are finished recording, just hang up or press pound for more options.
  • Tai: Really. Hang up. No shit. I was just gonna keep talking until she decided check her voice mail.
  • Voice Mail: For delivery options, press five.
  • Tai: Just give me the damn beep!
  • Voice Mail: To leave a call back number, press eight. To page this person, press six,-
  • Tai: Come on!
  • Voice Mail: To repeat this message, press nine.
  • Tai: I will fucking stab you, computer-phone-lady!
  • Voice Mail: To mark this message as urgent, press eleven.
  • Yang: Oooh language.
How many..?

I was just thinking about the amount of characters that the fine peeps at Rooster teeth and all the families have played. This is a list of as many characters I could find played by Achievement hunters, (Excluding one-off minor roles, outside productions and exadurated personalities, ie. RT Shorts, playing themselves)

Geoff Ramsey

  • Dexter Griff (Red vs. Blue)
  • Agent Georga (Red vs. Blue)·         
  • King Geoff/The First/The Heart (Minecraft Kings)(Right arm of 5 gods)
  • The Kingpin (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • The Corpirate (WWE, X-Ray & Vav)
  • Boomerang Geoff (11 Little Roosters)

Jack Pattillo

  • Junior (RWBY)
  • Lord Jack/The Carpenter (Minecraft Kings)
  • Jackie/Overlord/Mother Goose (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Jack the Red (11 Little Roosters)

Ryan Haywood

  • John Elizabeth Andersmith (Red vs/.Blue)
  • [Mad] King/Dark God Ryan/The Dark One (Minecraft Kings)
  • The Vagabond (Fake AH crew, GTA5)
  • Prof, Peter Port (RWBY)
  • The Mad King (X-Ray & Vav)

Gavin Free

  • Scarlet David (RWBY)
  • Vav (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Golden Boy (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • King Gavin/The Freebird/Whimsical (Minecraft Kings)
  • Gavin the Third/Agent Mavin (11 Little Roosters)
  • Woody Johnson (Lazer Team)

Michael Jones

  • Sun Wukong (RWBY)
  • Max (Camp Camp)
  • Mogar (X-Ray & Vav)
  • King Michael/The Warrior (Minecraft Kings)
  • Operator Mikey/Agent Mavin (11 Little Roosters)
  • The Wild Card (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Zach Spencer (Lazer Team)

Jeremy Dooly

  • Lord Jeremy/The Reckless (Minecraft Kings?)
  • Rimmy-Tim (WWE/Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Jermsay (11 Little Roosters - post-credits)

Lindsay Jones

  • Ruby Rose (RWBY)
  • Vanessa Kimball (Red vs. Blue)
  • Hilda (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Space Kid (Camp Camp)
  • Red (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • Queen Lindsay/ The Firebird (Minecraft Kings)
  • Jermsay (11 Little Roosters - post-credits)

Ray Narvaez, Jr.

  • X-Ray (X-Ray & Vav)
  • Br0wnman (Fake AH Crew, GTA5)
  • King Ray/The Rose King (Minecraft Kings)