Qrow vs Tyrian
Jeff Williams & Alex Abrahams
Qrow vs Tyrian

Did some scavenging around Youtube and I was able to find a version of this with some of the audio cut out, now you can still hear a bit of the scene, but most of it’s been cut out. The lyrics aren’t official but the person who uploaded this video did transcribe them:


Is your reward for being near me.


Won’t be your friend when I’m around. 


Me for the tragedy that follows. 


The situations that surround.

I’m a harbinger,

I cannot lie,

I will change the color of your life.

I don’t mean to bring you pain,

but I will, just why, I can’t explain.

I am no one’s blessing,

I’ll just bring you harm.

I’m a cursed black cat,

I’m an albatross,

I’m a mirror broken,

Sad to say,

I’m your bad luck charm.

Bad Luck Charm (Qrow’s Theme, working unofficial title)

Is your reward for being near me

Would be afraid when I’m around

Before the tragedy that follows

The situations I Surround

I’m a hole in light
I cannot lie
I will change the color of your life

I don’t mean to bring you grief
But I will, just wait, I can explain.
I am no one’s blessing
I’ll just bring you harm

I’m a cursed black cat
I’m an albatross
I’m a mirror broken

Save yourself
I’m your bad luck charm

Red like roses [ music box ]
Red like roses [ music box ]

Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest

Tribute to Monty - Red like roses
Artwork by: kumafromtaiwan
Original: Here
Download: Here

Pretty much, composing is what i do best, so i decided to transcribe several pieces from RWBY to music box as tribute to Monty’s recent passing. 

May you rest in peace, Monty Oum.

Roman Candle
Rooster Teeth
Roman Candle

I’ve isolated the lovely piano-violin duet in episode one that could easily be argued to be Roman’s theme (seeing as how the same melody occurs in each encounter with him). It’s just after the narration, when we first get a glimpse of Roman as he’s walking down the terrorized streets of Downtown Vale.

As it’s part of the score, it technically doesn’t have a name. I took the liberty of calling it “Roman Candle.”


Sweet lord, I haven’t slept at all because this stupid idea smacked me in the middle of the night–have more Sunflowyr doodles, I guess.

AKA The Band AU no one asked for

AKA That time Ren let Pyrrha and Nora drag him to a concert and wound up with a hardcore crush on the drummer.

Episode 12 of Volume 4 be like:

Tyrian: Well, here we are again. It’s always such a pleasure.

Ruby: Remember when you tried to kill me twice?

Tyrian: Oh, how we laughed and laughed.

Ruby: Except, I wasn’t laughing.

Tyrian: Under the circumstances, I’ve been shockingly nice!

In other news, the Qrow vs Winter score is so perfect bc

  • Qrow and Winter’s themes flow into each other perfectly
  • There are clear parts of which parts of the music is representing which fighter
  • The music styles are also reflecting characters. The Schnee family has always been classical, Ruby has had rock and guitar pieces, Yang has had some electronics, and together we get Qrow. Recently Weiss has had more electronic music that fits Winter as well.
  • It sounds like a very intense dance, almost ballroom like on its own. Which goes back to Ozpin’s quote about fighting being just like dancing, which shows how dangerous both Qrow and Winter are to each other
  • The first time I listened to it, I wondered why it sounded considerably… Weaker and less violent. Then I realized it was because the weapon clashes and glyph sounds and destruction fit so perfectly with the music you barely realize it when they’re gone
  • The tone of the music changes. The beginning has a tambourine which is considerably more playful sounding than a full orchestra, guitar, and various wubwub noises. Likewise, the fight goes from some joking to insults to a soldier trying to stab a man in public
  • It cuts off in the middle of the phrase when Ironwood comes in (ending with Winter’s theme as she’s the one attacking) and you CRY AND SCREAM BECAUSE WHY IS IT OVER ALREADY
Blow Out the Candles
Rooster Teeth
Blow Out the Candles

Well, since the last song was such a hit, I say I’ll hand out another. Even though I’ve had these little pieces sitting in my iTunes for a while.

This is the song that plays after the iconic cliffside battle in episode 9, when we see the scheming Torchwick cooking up a nefarious plan to [?????]. All we know about his motives is that it’s requiring a lot of pilfered Dust. Can’t wait to find out more.