Die (RWBY - RoosterTeeth) ~orchestral battle cover~


So this time I’ve done “Die” which is heard in the fight scene in Episode 4 of RWBY Vol 2. I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to go about this at first, especially since this is based off the rough version that Jeff posted on his SoundCloud, so the finished version may still sound different yet. That being said, this is what I’ve come up with. I changed and added a few parts as usual.

A special video version will be uploaded later on YouTube which will be posted after RWBY is out for the public viewing!

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Roman Candle
  • Roman Candle
  • Rooster Teeth
  • RWBY

I’ve isolated the lovely piano-violin duet in episode one that could easily be argued to be Roman’s theme (seeing as how the same melody occurs in each encounter with him). It’s just after the narration, when we first get a glimpse of Roman as he’s walking down the terrorized streets of Downtown Vale.

As it’s part of the score, it technically doesn’t have a name. I took the liberty of calling it “Roman Candle.”
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Red like roses [ music box ]
  • Red like roses [ music box ]
  • jestereir

Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest

Tribute to Monty - Red like roses
Artwork by: kumafromtaiwan
Original: Here
Download: Here

Pretty much, composing is what i do best, so i decided to transcribe several pieces from RWBY to music box as tribute to Monty’s recent passing. 

May you rest in peace, Monty Oum.

Shine [Full version]
  • Shine [Full version]
  • Jeff Williams ft Casey Lee Williams
  • RWBY Volume 2 OST

Baby it’s time to make up your mind
I think that tonight is when our stars align 
Honey, it’s time to leave the doubt behind  
Take my hand cuz you and I are gonna shine 

I was cold in the dark
It was empty in my life
From the outside it looked so bright
But nothing felt right ….to me

Like a sky with no sun 
Like a night that has no day
My heart was eclipsed by the dark
Then something changed

I saw a little ray of light come through
The tiniest of sparks came into view
And then 
You made me hope again

I’ve been watching you helping you 
Wishing that you’d see
That the girl you’ve been waiting so long for could be me

Now- I’ve never been in love 
but I think this is it
It might be just a school girl crush
But i have to admit

I wanna take a chance and make you see
I think that you’re the one who’ll rescue me
This time
You’re finally gonna see you should be mine

But baby it’s time to make up your mind
I think that tonight is when our stars align 
Honey  it’s time to leave the doubt behind  
Take my hand cuz you and I are gonna shine 

I won’t need any dreams
It’s all there if you’re by my side
Every moment’s enough
And you take me to paradise

When i needed a hero you knew it
And you were there
And I’m scared but I’ll open my heart up
I’m ready to dare

I know i’ve never felt like this before
I never really knew what love was for
I dreamed
But never did believe

But baby it’s time to make up your mind
I think that tonight is when our stars align 
Honey it’s time to leave the doubt behind  
Take my hand cuz you and I are gonna 
Light the sky until it’s dawn and 
Baby you and I are gonna shine


Something I’ve noticed with this season is that the score and music has made me so much more engaged in the story. This season the score has just been so amazing. In this last episode, I was shivering and the score had so much to do with it. I’m so glad they elevated the score and music in general this season.

Blow Out the Candles
  • Blow Out the Candles
  • Rooster Teeth
  • RWBY

Well, since the last song was such a hit, I say I’ll hand out another. Even though I’ve had these little pieces sitting in my iTunes for a while.

This is the song that plays after the iconic cliffside battle in episode 9, when we see the scheming Torchwick cooking up a nefarious plan to [?????]. All we know about his motives is that it’s requiring a lot of pilfered Dust. Can’t wait to find out more.


I Burn (RWBY || RoosterTeeth) ~Orchestral Battle Arrange~

The orchestral battle version of Yang’s theme “I Burn” is out! …Well, it’s actually been out for about 4 days. I lowkey uploaded it, but it’s already gotten about 2k views, and that’s without me posting it on Tumblr/Reddit. Anyway, the reason why Yang’s theme took so long in particular is because her theme is actually my least favourite out of the 4 girls’. As such, I didn’t have much inspiration or ideas for her theme. Then the inspiration finally hit, and on December 28th 2015, I sat down and worked on this for a solid 10 hours straight to give you what you hear above. I hope you enjoy this, and continue to #PrayForYang because I’m non-sponsor trash and haven’t seen the latest episode yet.

Who's The Loneliest Of All (Mirror Mirror R)
  • Who's The Loneliest Of All (Mirror Mirror R)
  • Musicjunky
  • Time and Memories

So since RWBY Vol 2 is coming out tomorrow, and it’s hup123hup123slapslap’s birthday I decided to post my RWBY White Trailer theme here for kicks~ Enjoy folks!~

Credit for artwork: X


Mirror Mirror (RWBY || RoosterTeeth) ~Orchestral Battle Arrange~


It’s finally done! I think I got a bit too ambitious with this. My computer couldn’t even handle this, and I had many technical issues making this, but yeah. It’s done! The orchestral battle arrangement of Mirror Mirror from RWBY! I’ve changed and added some bits, which is what gives it its 5 minute length.

Hope you enjoy, haha!