I have beeen working on this for EIGHT hours straight and I’m not entirely sure about the state of my mind (or my wrist) BUT here’s Weiss Schnee WIP from RWBY.

I would like to commend whoever has drawn Weiss with her full detail and the offical artist. Also, you see the lace on the bottom of her dress? Yeah, that was fully inked by hand because I recently got a new laptop and it does not have PS so I couldn’t make a brush for this god damn lace and if I copy-pasted it, it would look really chunky. The details on her sleeve were also done twice bc I didn’t like how it was coming out the first time. Oh, and everything is done on a separate layer so that it would be easier for shading, and this is done linelessly with only a sketch for reference so you can imagine my pain.

So, I would like to first and foremostly blame perinoots for making me watch RWBY, and secondly I would also blame perinoots for making me fall in love with Weiss, and thirdly I blame myself for being so god damn hell bent on doing it with all those details.

Now that I am done with my complaining, I thought I’d mention that I’m going to be doing a tutorial for how I colour in this style ( kot00ne asked me how people do lineless colouring and I told her a while ago i’d tell her how.)

Good night. Daily doodles 01/08/15 happy August everyone.)

I would appreciate it if you didn’t delete any of that if you reblog this, since I would like people to understand the extent of my pain.)

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Die (RWBY - RoosterTeeth) ~orchestral battle cover~


So this time I’ve done “Die” which is heard in the fight scene in Episode 4 of RWBY Vol 2. I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to go about this at first, especially since this is based off the rough version that Jeff posted on his SoundCloud, so the finished version may still sound different yet. That being said, this is what I’ve come up with. I changed and added a few parts as usual.

A special video version will be uploaded later on YouTube which will be posted after RWBY is out for the public viewing!

Roman Candle
  • Roman Candle
  • Rooster Teeth
  • RWBY

I’ve isolated the lovely piano-violin duet in episode one that could easily be argued to be Roman’s theme (seeing as how the same melody occurs in each encounter with him). It’s just after the narration, when we first get a glimpse of Roman as he’s walking down the terrorized streets of Downtown Vale.

As it’s part of the score, it technically doesn’t have a name. I took the liberty of calling it “Roman Candle.”

Blow Out the Candles
  • Blow Out the Candles
  • Rooster Teeth
  • RWBY

Well, since the last song was such a hit, I say I’ll hand out another. Even though I’ve had these little pieces sitting in my iTunes for a while.

This is the song that plays after the iconic cliffside battle in episode 9, when we see the scheming Torchwick cooking up a nefarious plan to [?????]. All we know about his motives is that it’s requiring a lot of pilfered Dust. Can’t wait to find out more.

This Will Be The Day (RWBY || RoosterTeeth) ~orchestral battle cover~
  • This Will Be The Day (RWBY || RoosterTeeth) ~orchestral battle cover~

Song: This Will Be The Day (RWBY || RoosterTeeth) ~orchestral battle cover~

 I gotta say…that was pretty awesome, this mix is EPIC. You know, just yesterday I was reading Japanator’s Nominees for best anime soundtrack of 2013, and you know what? The RWBY OST is just as great as any of those on the list…if not more; Jeff Williams really outdid himself out there, he deserves more credit.


Most people are most excited for the next season of RWBY for more culmination of the plot, new characters and weapons, and the enhanced effects.  Me?  I’m most excited for the new music soon to come.

Mirror Mirror battle cover tease
  • Mirror Mirror battle cover tease

Trying something different with the next RWBY battle cover (which as you can tell, is Mirror Mirror). I’ve just started and this is live concept. Hopefully I can have it out by next episode’s release.

(oh as a sidenote: I’ve changed my tumblr name from “majinken” to mctrickyvgm, as the latter is what i go by usually, mostly without the “vgm” at the end. I’ve also updated my tumblr theme, to make it more visually pleasing, since before it was a mess. I’ve had quite an increase in followers after posting these RWBY covers, so thanks guys!)

If I was ever a barista at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or where you get coffee from
  • Customer:Can I have coffee?
  • Me:Yo listen up, I hope you like it hot.
  • Grab yourself a mug, 'cause I made a fresh pot.
  • Come and get a dose of my kick-ass java.
  • Fuelin' your addiction with this thick black lava.
  • We can do up an espresso, or the cappuccino way.
  • Sure to get your fix, venti or grande.
  • Sugar, Splenda, Equal, maybe Sweet'N Low.
  • Everybody's happy when they hanging with Joe; let's go.
  • Customer:WHAT THE FUCK??
  • Me:I'm getting fired aren't I