I’m pretty sure that by now, everyone in the RWBY fandom has heard of Entertainment Weekly’s article on tomorrow’s Vol. 4 episode and the way they confused Sun for Jaune. With my friends to inspire me/goad me into making increasingly bad decisions (especially @alisha-b-marie), I did what I did best: MEME. Every single vaguely blonde character, no matter how minor, is now Jaune. Enjoy.

Thanks to @noseless-rwby for the bases without noses. Go follow them. That blog gives me life.

Also @dippzz, you need this.

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Yang playing Sun/Moon is hilarious to me because, well naturally she'll pick Litten (because pun), and you'd think she'd name it after Blake, but nah, because it's both dark and fire, i see her naming it 'our son' or 'our daughter' or 'Bang'. it is the bumblebaby