Rochira had been cleaning her guns when a portal practically screaming deus ex machina opens up under her feet and plops her gracelessly into the broken!verse. She curses all six Gods and the two evil puppetmasters who did this to her.

He’s out like a light, He hadn’t even had the strength to clean himself up or do anything more then pull the blanket close and pass out. He really hoped this magic was over soon.

He doesn’t even react to her appearence

เจอคนนี้ฟินเลย!>< น่ารักจุงกะเบยย น้องนอร์ทขวัญใจสาวๆ5555 #Brother #RW2 (at โรงเรียนฤทธิยะวรรณาลัย2)


The United States Postal Service celebrated the 101-year anniversary of Letters to Santa last Wednesday. Post Office executives officially kicked off the program at the main branch, 443 W. Harrison St. The program is available in 17 cities across the states. Children from local daycare center Corporate Childcare Center were present to meet Santa and corporation Microtek was there to pick up forty letters to answer.