I met a 7 year old girl yesterday who crushed fire ant hills fearlessly,
no concern for her bare-feet as she stomped
and screeched “Look at how they run!” and told me
that what was a hill of sand to us was a mountain to them
and if she could destroy it, what was stopping her
from causing our own mountains to crumble,
her dreams are probably filled
with bringing nations to their knees,
kingdoms and kings breaking beneath her feet.  

I think this little girl is an old god in a new body.

I don’t think she knows it yet,
but in her little clenched fists are a power,
full of possibility that this world has not seen in centuries.
Oh, and little girls like her are told by littler old woman
with pink lipstick on their teeth that one day
they will grow up to be heartbreakers,
but I pray this phrase never hits her ears.
I would hate to see what happens
when someone praises her, reassures her,
that she has the power to be a destroyer.

—  reincarnation || O.L.

I’ve been having an idea that has gotten new fuel with the Rose Skins concepts-

Wilson is the only one with a change to his hair, a red streak. My first thought - not the possible Sweeney Todd shout-out - was,

“Charlie, did you mark Wilson?”

Unlike any other survivor, Maxwell included, he saw and met her directly in her grue form. He has unique voice lines about objects related to her even though he doesn’t seem to consciously remember her. He would be running for the hills if he did, imo, not call out into the night when he senses her presence.

I’m not saying he has a special position in the game. Only that maybe freeing Maxwell, being shackled to the throne, interacting with Charlie, having her power rush through him as she tortures him- it did something to him. It maybe established an ever so faint connection to her, of whatever kind that connection might be.

Which isn’t really a good thing in a world like the Don’t Starve one.

anonymous asked:

What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

probably one where I was being chased by rattlesnakes and my house started tilting backwards so I had to run up a steeper and steeper hill. Then I was suddenly in a river but it was like milk or something.. I don’t even know.

A warning to Tumblr

If you thought that the Sherlock fandom has been insane the past two weeks, just you wait.

Next Sunday is our season finale and you know exactly how well those go. And for this one, the director of the episode said he’s “so sorry” and Moffat and Gatiss said it would be even more of a cliffhanger than Reichenbach.

You have been warned.