I Am Worried About Sam....

I think it is safe to say that the most dangerous place for Sam Winchester to be right now, is anywhere near Dean.

First of all, that spell that Reject (I hate him so much I can’t be bovvered with his name) used on Dean was fucking terrifying. All free will, “stripped away”. Telling how he’d “come to enjoy it”, as though he does this a lot… well, his zoo.


What did they do about his Zoo?!

All of those creatures? Did they just leave them there?

Fuck. I wonder if Crowley released them? I wonder if Crowley SHIVVED them?

I wonder if Crowley took em home to hell for his own menagerie?


He forced a shape shifter to lure Sam into the room, and the shifter did it full well knowing he was  gonna die.

And then he bound up Sam, and was gonna torture him in front of Dean. The really sick part is that he probably was gonna do it to see what kind of react.

I really hope that that spell isn’t transferable. And I hope that Cain don’t know about it. I hope Crowley doesn’t figure it out.

And the look on Sam’s face when Dean was looking at him, with the blade in his hands.

As insane as this sounds, I’m really glad Crowley took the first blade. Cause the way Dean was sizing up Sam.

Sammy boy, you need to find Castiel. Maybe he’s at Camp Chitoqua with his folllowers. Take your laptop, take the colt, take the demon killing knife, and find your angel and STAY with him. It’s probably the safest place for you to be.


based off something that actually happened sometime ago when I was having lunch with my blockmates


(part of this au)

“… So I had to buy from Starbucks.”

And somehow, even when she was peeking at him from behind her fingers, Nonong could still see Aurora’s meticulously penciled eyebrow go up.

He stifled a laugh. He opted for a cheeky smile instead.

Aurora groaned. “Oh my god, Nong.” she said, once again closing her fingers over her face in a gesture of absolute exasperation. “You spoiled little brat.”

Hala! How is that spoiled?” Nonong scoffed, a mock-hurt look on his face. “I have to make baon, Au! Baon. I’m going full-on Jose–”


“–On this one. How is that spoiled?”

Jose threw a crumpled up paper napkin, surprisingly accurately aimed. Nonong dodged it, though and it ended up on the floor where one of the Ateneo cats gave it a dainty little sniff.

It meowed in protest.

“See.” Nonong pointed out, making little tsking noises with his mouth as he urged the cat to hop on to the empty seat next to him. “Even Muning agrees.”

“Oh.” Jose mocked, rolling his eyes. “You poor baby.”

“I hate this school, bro.” Nonong cried, pouting. “They don’t accept cards–”

Aurora scoffed. “Withdraw.”

“Credit, Au. Credit is the only way to go.”

Jose and Aurora exchanged glances before simply turning back to their food to finish what they had started. They threw in a little eye roll in there as well. Just for good measure.

About half-way through their meal, the Ateneo bell gave its little sing-songy ring, signalling the end and start of yet another class.

And within five minutes, out from the onslaught of students, emerged Goyong with Joven in tow.

“Jovenito!” Jose cried, dashing out of his seat and pulling Joven into a hug that kinda resembled a choke-hold. “How was your first day of college, hmm?”

Joven flushed. “O-Ok naman K-Kuya–”

“He’s dressed for Gonzaga.” Nonong commented, smirking as Aurora glared at him.

“Stop feeding that nonsense to his impressionable ass.” She scolded him, moving a seat to leave room for their scared freshie and his overstuffed bag. “Don’t listen to him, Joven, you do you.”

“It’s true though.” Goyong shrugged, clasping hands with Nonong as a sign of greeting before finally taking the seat next to him. The cat on the floor meowed in protest before finally slinking away, annoyed.

Jose rolled his eyes. “Mga Ateneanista talaga.”

“What?” Goyong laughed, unhitching his backpack from his shoulders. “Not my fault our little Jovenito can’t graduate from his white long socks.”

Joven flushed and pushed his glass up the bridge of his nose. “I-Is it bad, ba?”

“Yes.” Nonong immediately answered. “But the conyo is coming along nicely. Keep it up.”

“Oh my god, stop.” Aurora groaned, once again burying her face in her hands as she is wont to do. “Joven, don’t listen to the assholes.”


“Your Kuya Goyong went Wal-Wal and got drunk last night.”

Jose snorted. “Super.”

“And he threw up all over your Kuya Rusca.”

Joven frowned. “Is that why they’re so grumpy today?”


“And your Kuya Nonong–”

“Au stop making buking us to his impressionable ass!”

“– Is complaining about his Starbucks sandwich.”

“Because it’s cold!” Nonong cried, a fake-pout upon his face as he snatched the said Starbucks chicken-pesto sandwich he had previously laid in front of them just about an hour ago. “It was warm awhile ago but now it’s cold!”

Aurora rolled her eyes. “Maybe if you ate it when we got here instead of complaining about it–

“Awww, bro.” Goyong fake-grimaced, making a face full of manufactured annoyance. “Did ‘Tay forget to give you allowance again?”

“Yeah, bro.” Nonong nodded, trying his best to hide a smile. “And they don’t accept cards here. So I had to go drop by Starbucks pa kanina. Ugh. So hassle.”

“Gg, bro.”

“Yeah. Sobra.”

The brothers looked at each other, just a few seconds more, and finally, they burst out into one long, shared, over-exaggerated guffaw.

Joven looked on in horror.

“This is… This is normal?” he asked.

Aurora and Jose nodded.

“We’re so sorry you had to find out this way, ‘Ven.” Aurora said, patting him on the shoulder. “But your Kuyas are not sane.”

“Welcome to Ateneo.” Jose said, laughing despite himself. “Don’t forget to bring enough allowance.”

“Or else.” Aurora warned, finally letting lose the fond smile she had every time she was around both Aguinaldo-Mabini brothers. “You’ll end up making baon Starbucks sandwiches.”

Nonong wiped tears from his eyes and grinned, all teeth, at their wide-eyed little Joven. 

“Yeah.” he agreed. Goyong nodded. “Totally not worth it, bro.”

A/N: So Goyong I know is definitely Atenista. Nonong I’m still a little up in the air about because I can’t see him going to UST…

Pero I know Jose and Aurora are not Atenista. They’re there to see Joven off on his first day of college. Jose’s UP of course. And Au is as well.

I apologise. But this had to be done.

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#00031e - {midnight}

your name reminds me of sitting on the edge of a roof in the late night hours, the immense awe of staring at the flickering stars littered throughout the sky as your breath draws in the winter air. it reminds me of distant mountains and flocks of birds soaring through clouds of grey, the gentle strumming of a guitar and the warmth of a fire after the first snowfall. it reminds me of knitted hats pulled down to cover smiling eyes and quiet words too gentle as to be caught. of spilled paints in time transformed into the most intricate artwork and over-contemplated thoughts yet to behold. it reminds me of the notes in-between lyrics which implicate such personal meaning, landscapes of blissful solitude, the feeling of belonging.

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