Stop telling people what they can and can’t say! “Don’t say insane.” “Don’t say mad.” “Don’t say retarded.” “Don’t say mental.” There are so many things you tell people not to say and it the most annoying thing in the world. That’s basically saying to people with disabilities what they should and shouldn’t be offended by. Just because 1 disabled person, 2 disabled people, 5, say that they’re offended by the term “retarded” or “mad” or “insane” or “lame”, it doesn’t speak for all of us. Stop censoring words to make people a small population of a large group of people happy. I have both physical, neurological and mental disabilities, and I’m not offended. Words only have the power you give them. I’m more offended by you telling me and the rest of the population what they can and can’t say than the words themselves. It’s not fair. 1 person taking offence at a word does not mean everybody does. Get the fuck over yourselves.

Things feminism taught me:

- its OKAY for men to cry

- its okay for anyone to cry jfc weve all done it

- rape is never the victims fault

- sex means something different to everyone. No one has to have it and its not possible to have too much of it

- CORRECT feminism is equality for all genders, poc, and humanity in general

- feminism only has a ‘female’ root because it became widely popular when females were widely oppressed

- real feminists defend male rape victims, and ignore gender norms for every gender

- don’t fucking judge people for being happy and confident oh my god

- love your body its a temple, the size, shape, and composition of it does not matter

- be confident. Be full of yourself. You are a fucking cutiepie