Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 1/?]

Summary: Gavin stays home sick after falling ill suddenly, but he’s not sick; He’s earned his training wings. Bizarre things are begining to happen in the Rooster Teeth office…

Rating: Teen

Characters: Basically everyone

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A Predator's Instincts

Word Count: 2,684

‘Verse: padalickingood’s Rooster Teeth Hybrid AU

Summary: Jack acts so domestic it’s hard to remember he’s a lion hybrid sometimes. Except when it’s not.

Warnings: Violence, PG-13

Author’s Notes: I love this AU and wrote a thing for it at about 5am when I couldn’t sleep, so I apologise for any mistakes I couldn’t pick out! I love the design of Jack as a lion hybrid and I wanted to explore a bit more of maybe why he was specifically a lion as opposed to something less predatory. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here x x !

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