More illustration for the Swedish table-top RPG Järn (”Iron” in Swedish). It was (very) successfully crowdfunded so I was commissioned to do more work for it and it’s been a blast.

The first picture is the cover illustration for the book that’ll be sold in stores. The second and third pictures are the front and back of the limited edition cover. The rest are chapter heads. 

Facebook page is here (Swedish)


And another batch of illutrations for the table-top RPG Järn (”Iron” in Swedish)

These are combat- and action card illustrations (four of each, first four are combat). They will be cropped to fit the cards in the final version, but I made them so they can be used as stand alone illustrations as well.

facebook page is here (Swedish)

Sawyer Bennett | Eternally Nineteen | Nemesis Form | Resembles Evan Peters | Open


Sawyer wasn’t supposed to end up in an early grave. At only nineteen years old, Sawyer found himself just another body buried on government property and wasn’t expected to be heard from again. Before he died, he had everything going for him. He had just finished his freshman year of college and was going on to his sophomore year, he had already been offered a job at Marasia’s biggest technology firm and was scheduled to start as soon as he graduated, and he was excited to get his mutation. He was on the top of the world. To him, nothing could get better than that and absolutely nothing could ruin this for him. But boy, was he wrong.

Sawyer grew up as the only child to a single teenage mother. His father walked out on his mom as soon as she told him she was pregnant, and he didn’t return. Left with three options, abortion, adoption, or just keeping it, his mother originally intended to give him up for adoption. But she soon grew to love the child, and wanted to keep it all for her own. As a child, Sawyer was friendly and undoubtedly smart. He was a fast learner and got high grades in class without the help of a mutation unlike the rest of his peers. Teachers automatically assumed his mutation was Enhanced Intelligence, but they were surprised when they learned he was human. The school had him tested and found out he had an IQ of 132, and considered him a child prodigy.

When Sawyer found out about the mutation surgery, he begged his mother to get it. By this time, the success rates were high despite still being relatively new to the world. All of the other kids were showing theirs off, but Sawyer had nothing to show. Being smart could only get you so far when you were mutation-less in a world full of mutants. She told him that she didn’t have the money for it because she was still working to keep a roof over their head, and that if he really wanted it, he’d have to save money for it. And that’s exactly what he did. Years and years later, saving every dollar he earned, Sawyer had enough money for the surgery. By this time, he had already completed his freshman year of college, and almost everyone he knew had their mutations. As soon as school let out and summer began, Sawyer signed up for his surgery and planned to surprise his mother with his mutation when he came home to visit. When it did happen, things were going great up until the last moments. The doctors noticed that Sawyer’s pulse rate was slowing, but they figured it would get itself back together once the surgery finished. It was then that the monitor flatlined, and Sawyer died on the table. Scared for their reputation, Sawyer was buried with the rest of the patients who passed away during surgery. His official cause of death: anesthesia overdose.

Sawyer’s mother began to worry when Sawyer didn’t arrive when he promised. He didn’t even call her. She called his friends, and they told her that they didn’t hear from him ever since school ended. Confused and concerned, she called the police. The police did all they could, but they couldn’t find him. They questioned his friends and the only thing they could say was that Sawyer planned on getting the surgery. Left with no leads, the case went cold and was later thrown out. Heartbroken, Sawyer’s mother moved away to an undisclosed location, wanting to leave Marasia in the past.

In present day, death has changed Sawyer. Nothing but revenge and hatred runs through his mind towards other mutants and scientists. He’s known as one of the more ruthless Children of Chaos members and his mutation only makes it worse. He’s dangerous and not one to be taken lightly. The last person you want to piss off is Sawyer Bennett, because your ending won’t be so nice.


Nemesis Form is a form of shapeshifting. However, despite this, it onlyallows the user to turn into the worst fear of others no matter what the fear is. The user also doesn’t need the person they are using their ability against to tell them their fear for them to change. The mutation itself picks it up.


Children of Chaos - Groupmates/Best Friends: The only people Sawyer allows himself to trust and be nice to, are his fellow COC members. Because he was ripped away from his mother and friends twenty years ago, they are the only people he has left in the world. Killing for him has become second nature, and now he rarely feels guilt for those he murders.

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