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If someone is making a game with the default graphics (which everyone seems to think is some sort of Cardinal sin in the RPG maker community) would it be worth it to advertise for help? (Such as making a post asking for the help of composers or voice actors) or would it be considered pretentious and looked down on if you ask for the help of others for sound or coding when you don't even make your own graphics?

No, it’s looked at as a “cardinal sin” by people outside of the community.  There’s plenty of games made with the default RPG Maker Graphics in the community that don’t get flack since, well, it’s the RPG Maker community. Heck, there’s even a Misao category on RPG for best use of the default assets. Usually, people just add on stuff from free graphic packs and do their best to make some pretty maps when they can’t or don’t do tileset graphics themselves.  You’d be surprised at what you can make with just some parallax mapping and a little lighting know-how!

The reason why people are instantly averted to RPG Maker games with default graphics is because of junk like this being put out on commercial platforms like Kickstarter & Steam.  Since you have the same graphics as them, your game is tainted by looking like others and gets lost among the crowd in spite of how good or bad the game ends up being. 

I don’t think it’d be pretentious or looked down upon to ask for help with that stuff.  Maybe someone will think you’re more naive since it’s hard to get people to sign on for any project, but not pretentious.  In the community, people won’t take you too seriously when you ask for help and don’t have a playable thing yet.  I say “thing” because if you have a demo out, people will be more likely to sign on to your game since then you have a tangible thing that says “Hey, here’s what I’m doing.  You interested?”  People who’ve already released a game will be taken seriously.  

The reason why there’s less people willing to sign up for someone without a playable thing is because most people won’t sign up for an “ideas guy.”  That is, someone who has some rad ideas, but don’t do much else.  If you’re programming (like you do events and implement the bulk of the game in the engine) and mapping out the game, that’s at least something.  

So yeah, just go ahead and ask for help.  As long as you don’t act like you’re entitled to help, people won’t be mean to you. The worst they’ll say to you is “no”.


I just started playing a game called Silver Creek Falls. It’s basically a murder-mystery adventure game built in RPGMaker - which is okay, since I’m a sucker for retro graphics.

The game is clearly using RPGMaker’s built-in sprite/portrait editor, and again, that’s fine if you don’t mind everybody looking basically the same except for their hair and eye colours. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can edit the output in an art program to fine-tune it, and that’s clearly what’s been done here.

And I do mean clearly.

I just ran into a fellow wearing a sheriff’s hat. RPGMaker’s sprite editor does not have a sheriff’s hat as a built-in asset, at least not in the version they used. No big deal, right? Easy enough to whip up some pixel art of a hat.

This is not what has been done.

As near as I can tell, what’s been done is that the developer literally Google Imaged Searched “sherrif’s hat”, picked the first result that was shown from roughly the correct angle, cropped it, and pasted it onto the sprite.

So, like, this guy has a photo-realistic hat perched on a low-res pixel art body.

It’s not even the same resolution as the rest of his outfit.

There is literally a floating JPEG artefact hovering over his right shoulder.

I’m generally loathe to judge a game on first impressions, but come on.

Blue Dreams (Re)Announcement

Blue Dreams is an adventure game being developed in RPGMaker VX Ace. You explore the daily life of a boy named Lac as he interacts with his family. Following the path of the previous game Dreaming Mary, Blue Dreams will have many secrets to discover for those who look to find them.

Blue Dreams will be a very pretty game with lots of heartwarming family interactions. When you’re done playing around, just go to bed and sleep. Easily you’ll have beaten the game! Hurray! For people who hate horror, as long as you follow my instructions you’re guaranteed a good ending with nothing scary! For people who crave the scares… why would you want Lac to experience such horrible things? Isn’t his happiness good enough for you? Don’t dare take away the memories of his dreams just to replace them with a nightmare, or the consequences will be on your hands.

Development is now moving into the programming and graphics-making stage. No new information will be provided until the final stages of the game, where our new ask blog will open and accept questions. As was done in Dreaming Mary’s final development phase, relevant questions asked during this period will be included in the game’s radio! Please look forward to it.

The release date is set this year.

The game format and concept have been changed over the past years, so previous information regarding the game is no longer applicable.

Thank you for your patience, listeners! I guarantee that we will give you something surprising♪


Starbot is a light, melancholic rpgmaker game tribute to The Little Prince. You play as a work-in-progress robot who befriends a star, explores satellites, and fetches parts for their (v gay) engineer and mechanic. Their journey takes them through strange dream worlds and crosses paths with a cast of wistful NPCs and eccentric, slightly intimidating sloths.

Music and sound by enderbabby and close beta by zdou, rhythmprince, and enderbabby.




(it would be nice~)

Hello everybirdie :3

I think it’s time for one more masterpost about Virgo, maybe the last one before launching the demo, if everything runs smoothly until then!

I’ll show you some more about the Zodiac Realms system and more in depth info on battle system! I’ll also talk a little about my considerations in regards of a crowdfunding campaign in the near future for Virgo!

In Virgo you will travel through multiple worlds with vastly different enviroments to explore, each owned by a different Zodiac Sign. Each realm will be themed by the characteristics of their ruling sign. The main quest of Virgo is very clear: You have to dethrone all of the other Zodiacs, but as you go along the areas, Virgo will see herself amidst different paths and side quests, that will somewhat change her vision of this world around her, since she never really had a direct connection with (almost) any of the Zodiacs as she’s experiencing now by visiting their realms.

You can interact with almost anything on the game, except for trees - they aren’t friendly. Sometimes interactions may present you with choices for different actions that may change your path as you go.

Stat points can also be earned through interaction with the enviroment and characters. There will be plenty of situations in which the player must make a choice that not only will impact the story, but also Virgo’s statistic growth. Maybe forcing your way into a roadblock will raise your Ambition while waiting for it to be cleared will raise Patience. Several stat-checks will also be present, enabling some secret areas and rewards for different player builds~

This will affect the whole playthrough. Items received can be different and even the responses to the environment, as you may trigger specific events.

Players will progress from world to world, all connected to a Hub area, which will often be filled with NPCs you’ve encountered in the areas previously visited, so it’s possible to find Salarygoats there, for example.

Zodiac Realms may be revisited once they’re completed and each will feature its specific Black Hole Zone - the only places where Heretics respawn endlessly for optional bonus experience, currency and special rewards. The game will be perfectly winnable without spending time on these arena-like zones, though, so if you absurdly despise grinding, you don’t have to go there.

Virgo’s combat system is designed around making every turn very significant. From guarding when enemies will most probably strike you with all they’ve got to removing their buffs at the right time to not get countered and abusing their weakness through skill combos, the core philosophy is to give meaning to every single action and mechanic.

Buffs should be drastically noticeable, enemies will fight with their own varied intelligence so that players won’t ever find a single optimal strategy for the whole game.

Virgo will be the only playable character, but think of it as a plus, as the story and every enemy will be personally designed for her, giving a lot more meaning to all of your actions throughout the game.

(Look, it’s Musashi!)

Every single fight is made to test the player’s skills and tactical thinking, with a focus on in-conflict demands and results, as opposed to having dungeons with dozens of easy battles that just matter to wear down the characters slowly so they must manage their resources over time.

In Virgo, Purity (the resource used to cast abilities) regenerates naturally in battle and outside of it and items are significantly powerful, but can only be carried in very limited amounts, to assure a per-conflict danger.

A battle against a very tough foe can’t just be brute-forced through by spamming Attack 35 times and using 56 Potions, but a smart use of skills available as well as taking advantage of special items to inflict status effects on foes.

Skills and abilities are earned through equipment; items will often give Virgo a new ability in addition to stats and passive effects. Players are encouraged to mix and match pieces of equipment to create various skill combos, such as combining a Shield’s risky Block-chance Buff (that works at the cost of armor) to a Ribbon’s Blinding Spell to minimize the downsides of the first buff.

I think the development of the game untill now is doing really great! Now I’m in a critical moment where I find bugs that weren’t supposed to be there, so setting a date for the release of the demo is hard, but saying it will certainly be around this month or early march is certain!

I also am going to release a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (kickstarter doesn’t accept my country unfortunatelly), so I can pay my musician, buy some new equipment (still using a decade-old computer for this) and maybe feed myself with lots of cupcakes to fuel development directly (through unhealthy amounts of sugar). I plan on launching the campaign on Virgo season (august/september), so please keep up with me until then~!

Also, I’ll probably have to launch a greenlight campaign soon for Virgo because of the new Steam direct policy (with its potentially absurd fees), so if you could help me with the greenlight it would mean the world to me~! Thank you all for your support until now reblogging and spreading the love on Virgo, it makes me constantly glad to have this community helping me with my little gaimu T____T~



February’s Featured Game: Aria’s Story

GENRE: Horror, Puzzle, Exploration
WARNINGS:  Blood, minor jumpscares
SUMMARY: Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and always spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out… In that moment she becomes the protagonist of her own story.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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