For those who enjoy making slightly rubbish but entertaining RPGs like me, you can get all the RPG Makers really cheap right now on Steam.

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Starbot is a light, melancholic rpgmaker game tribute to The Little Prince. You play as a work-in-progress robot who befriends a star, explores satellites, and fetches parts for their (v gay) engineer and mechanic. Their journey takes them through strange dream worlds and crosses paths with a cast of wistful NPCs and eccentric, slightly intimidating sloths.

Music and sound by enderbabby and close beta by zdou, rhythmprince, and enderbabby.




.:*・°☆.。100+ Free Indie Games .:*・°☆.。

Indie games for my backlog. Feel free to check it out, it has screenshots too… I’ll try to update this and add more games in my free time.

Games marked with"❀" are my favorite games in the list. Links lead to games that are in english or have an english translation (unless stated otherwise).

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OLD FANS: Have a replay and revisit all those lovely memories now smothered in 6 feet of nostalgia!!

NEW FANS: Give it a try! You just might find its strange and off-putting nature incredibly charming! Become a member of the OFF fandom today!


((This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Bring Back the OFF Fandom Committee))

Horror RPGMaker Game「Ao Oni」to get Live Action film!!

A live action film was announced for the popular horror rpgmaker game Ao Oni, and the film is set to hit cinemas on July 5th

The cast of the upcoming film features AKB48’s Iriyama Anna playing the female lead, as well as Suga Kenta, Jinnai Shou, Seiya, Furuhata Seika, and Ozeki Riku.

Official Site


LONELY WOLF TREAT is the heartwarming story of a wolf who moves into a town full of rabbits that are all very afraid of her, so she can’t make any friends… until one little bunny bursts into her home, and decides to make her some delicious curry!

it’s a 15-20 minute little game made in about 3 weeks. there are no branching paths and it only has one ending. it’s my first experience using rpgmaker, and also my first time doing the music!


and hey if you’re into my stuff and want to throw money at me, maybe support me on patreon!

thanks, please enjoy! <3333


Oneshot is an RPG Maker 2003 Puzzle/Adventure game where you, as the player, must guide a lost child through a strange world, utilizing items, characters, and the environment to progress.

I’ve been working on this game with Night for a month now and we’re both excited to be able to release it!


Hiraeth Ver 1.1 now out! Includes fundamental changes to the ending. Also no more spider enemies, and some fixes to the beginning and tilesets. If you would like to see the new ending but do not wish to replay the game, you can just extract the new game files and place your latest save file into the folder. It should run properly. 

If you liked Hiraeth, please vote for us on the IGMC page!

HELLO!!! mizukas and i have been working on this RPGMaker game called Hiraeth for the past month or so and we’re finally finished! Please take a look at it if you have the chance, and vote for it if you liked it! We would also appreciate any reblogs!

Thank you so much!!


Middens is a very, VERY wonderful Indie game. Another RPGmaker Gem, the surrealism and abstract world in the game creates a truly unique experience. And while this game itself is anything, if not a piece of artwork, the game dosen’t make the mistake of forgetting it’s a game. However, I feel only it’s creator, John Clowder, can properly describe this game to you.

“Using collage and pixel art in tandem as its center aesthetic Middens takes the perspective of an ambiguous drifter traversing a veritable x-zone. Roving its interminable wastes the nomad chances upon a sentient revolver beside an ominous pile of remains. The pistol offers its exploit in exchange for a pledge of inextricable companionship. Espousing to be the player’s conscience the dubious weapon directs the drifter to a nearby outpost wherein the story further unfolds.  

Despite its appearance as a wasteland the rift is home to many strange denizens—-some dangerous and others harmless. Whatever their disposition the pistol represents the choice to engage them or to spare them. Offense and passivity both have their appropriate times with rewards and consequences being granted to both paths respectively.”

Having played this game myself, I can tell you that I was not only amazed as a gamer, but inspired as a fellow artist. This game is breathe taking and stupendously atmospheric! It is on par with OFF by Mortis Ghost, and to anyone who enjoyed that game, I highly recommend you give Middens a try. However make no mistake. While the two games share a few similar themes, OFF and Middens are two completely different beasts. It baffling how this game is so unknown by people. So, I felt I should do my part as a fan of this game, and help it get the recognition it deserves, because Middens is truly a one of a kind game.

You can download Middens here from John Clowder’s Tumblr. I also suggest following him because the man is a truly wonderful and creative artist, and also has a very elegant way with words.