I hope everyone involved is having a lovely time with the ANONYMOUS PENPALS EVENT, and, as a final reminder, we have moved the big reveal to January 8th [06/08/15 for us] so everyone should still have plenty of time to develop your plots and new connections! Having said that, as we discussed in the OOC blog a short while ago, I am keen to start having lots of little events going on continuously that both provide talking points and opportunities to climb and fall on the Glist. These events can, hopefully, be instigated by every member of the group at some point; be they parties, cheer events, a glee club showcase, etc., and would only ever be day-long minor events. 

I will obviously try to create a few, alongside coordinating the bigger events such as Sectionals, the Spring Musical, etc. but this is really a chance for you to develop events for your character’s clique, your plot and to shape the group in a way that is creatively productive for you. Once you have formulated your event, just send me a message on the main providing the pertinent details and I will make a quick event post so that everyone can be aware, I can check it won’t clash with anyone else’s event, and I can provide the relevant information regarding potential Glist points. As an example, under the cut you will find all the information you need about SUGAR AND HARMONY’S END OF YEAR/JESSE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY at BREADSTIX. Please LIKE this post once you have read it and I look forward to all of your future suggestions for events! 

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“Heeey, Dipper, check out my sweet-ass ride!”
“Mabel…is that…is that Waddles?? Did Bill drag him into this game too?”
“Nah, brobro, I just did this quest for a steed whistle, and since my subclass is Beast Master, I get to customize. Pretty sweet huh? And his name is Waddles Jr.”

For my RPG AU. Needed to draw Mabel and her freakin boar steed. heehee, had fun with this. :D

Wendy from my RPG AU. and guys, i’m pretty sure Wendy is the “cool” symbol on the Bill’s wheel SO BATTLE AXE ICE POWERS. or snow. ICE.

i thought about pairing her up with Robbie, possibly being a zombie bard, but i think he deserves his own (and also DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN HER PRESENCE!!). ughhhh, i’m so slow at these. more to come eventually, but i might just do some sketches. compositions are hard. 

Merry Christmas everyone ! ❄

(this is for cracky-anon, who sent me such a sweet message some time ago. i can’t even find the words to thank you enough, i hope you’ll like it even though it’s not much ♥ i’m so touched that people still care about this thing i started a year ago,you are amazing…)


ok, i don’t really follow what goes on in the fandom, but I had fun playing with this idea of Bill Cipher trapping everybody in Gravity Falls in an RPG. Here we have Mabel as a badass sorceress and Dipper being a wimpy page. He isn’t very good at the game. Possibly because Bill gave him shitty stats…who knoooows~ Anyway, Mabel is the one keeping them alive, and she LOVES IT. Anyway, Grunkle Stan is in there too, he’s a merchant (with shady business deaaals). Or a smith. I’m debating on whether I want to make him younger and shirtless. Soos is a monk or something. maybe a barbarian? Wendy is gonna be a badass with two battle axes, Robby will be a bard that everyone dreads to hear (but he uses that to his advantage). Aaaaaand Mabel can totally call a giant pig to her. it’s Waddles. 

GIF of Eijun from my RPG AU.

A bit of an experiment. I tried doing another painted animating figure but with more parts this time.

It’s still a WIP. Incomplete shading. Non-finalized color scheme. Some parts are still awkward and aren’t seamless yet. And the animation is terrible.

I need to fix the blink. It’s too stiff and even. And I kind of want to animate the hair, but that I’d have to do in Photoshop. Gawd…

ALSO. I just realized I forgot his scabbard… That’s why his belt is empty. Dengit. OTL

I wanna do some of the others too–But I’m even less sure of their color palettes than Eijun… =A=;;

Kagerou Project RPG AU - Till Death Do Us Part

They told him that he’d be paired up with a more experienced Black Mage named Hiyori. Sure she may have a bit of a temper, but she’ll teach you a lot, so go with her. But little did Hibiya know just how dangerous Hiyori was. Now that they’re being made to journey into the depths of Panzermast together with some other companions, will they be able to work together? Or will their differences turn out to be disastrous? (Artwork commissioned from Squigs)

Table of Contents

  1. Hiyori Learns Some New Tricks
  2. Panzermast, Entrance: Crying Prologue Tower
  3. Panzermast, Floor One: Daze
  4. Panzermast, Floor Two: Toumei
  5. Nighttime: Parting With Death

+ Press Start.

+ New Game.

“Your name is Gavin Free…”

New little AU I wanna try developing! 

Basically just an RPG au thats pre-Kings au 

So I was thinking that the Lads and Gents are all adventurers and meet up to form a team to defeat this crazy enemy yknow classic rpg storyline (…maybe Edgar?) and I guess in the end they’re celebrated as heroes and become kings which really just leads to a kings au

Headcanons still a mess since i literally just thought about it but if you have any ideas lets talk about it! We can plan out their journey together >u>

(Ask blog may be coming soon!)


I wanted to have at least two more guys done before posting, but eugghhh… OTL (Been feelin’ a bit down today.)

Anyway. More RPG AU! This time with Ryo, Jun, & Tetsu!♥

They, and the other 3rd year regulars have quite a bit of armor on them; except Ryo who has less armour as he needs to be a bit more nimble as an archer.

The idea basically is that; 3rd years are the experienced ones and make up the main driving force of the party. 2nd years are more specialized units that have special skills that make them invaluable to the party. And the 1st years are the new recruits who have very low stats at the start but have very high growth rates~. 8P

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SWEATS OK THe long not awaited ref for rpg!hersh OTL he looks more like a hobo than anything tho lmao

Hershey | 17 | Thief

  • first things first he LOOKS cool but he’s p much the Comic relief guy who’s surprisingly and also somehow badass
  • he often wears his hoodie over his head to the point where you can’t really see his eyes, and also covers his mouth with that bandana
  • yeah tho he’s pretty much normal hershey, goes on quests with a smile but if necessary he’ll be more willing to put others at risk idk 
  • tattoo of the rpg logo on his right hand ayy
  • he’s a high status??? bc he’s obsessed with rpgs and. ye

ugh yeah this is really dumb since i don’t know much at all about rpgs so spare me i guess haha