❛  i  just  don’t  think  you  understand  how  much  you’ve  upset  me .  ❜
❛  LISTENNNNN  ——  !  ❜
❛  you’re  such  a  fucking  cheater ??  ❜
❛  leave  me  alone .   don’t  talk  to  me  ever  again ,  ❜
❛  i’m  so  sick  of  your  SHIIITTT !! 
❛  are  you  going  out ?   nice .   don’t  come  home , 
❛  don’t  be  FUCKING  rude  
❛  [  laughing  ]   YOU’RE  NOT  EVEN  FUNNY …  ❜
❛  what  are  you  looking  at ??  ❜
❛  we  are  not  friends  anymore .  ❜
❛  you  watch  the  same  shit .   stupid  detective  shows  and  fbi  movies  and  cop  crap .   sometimes  lawyers  are  there  too .   i’m  so  tired ,  ❜
❛  yeah,   well,   you  watch  weird  shit .  ❜
❛  ___ ,   guess  what ?   GUESS  WHAT ??   …   teapot .  ❜
❛  i  hate  kids .  ❜
❛  how  can  you  hate  kids ??   …   okay,   never  mind,   i  see  your  point .  ❜
❛  can  you  make  any  MORE  noise ??  ❜
❛  leave  me  alone  i’m  fucking  fidgety ??  ❜
❛  GO  AWAYYYYY .  ❜
❛  why  are  you  opening  the  windows  AT  ALL ?   it’s  winter .   it’s  winter  and  ___’s  decided  NOW’S  the  prime  time  to  drop  the  house  temperature  to  sub  zero .  ❜
❛  why  are  you  shouting .  ❜

Open starter?

What can be better then warm day of fall? Yellow and red leafs in the wind, a bit yellowish grass, clean blue sky with few clouds. A perfect day for walk in…graveyard? At least a big black wolf thought so, walking around graves and caring about one of them. He carefully got dust away from the photo, cleaned the grave from leafs and got fence standing again.

protective sentence starters

as requested. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

  • “Don’t you hurt a single hair on his/her/their head.”
  • “Hands off!”
  • “What do you think you’re doing to him/her/them?”
  • “I’ll never let you go.” / “Don’t ever let me go.”
  • “Don’t ever leave my sight again.”
  • “I got your back.”
  • “Where are you going? It’s not safe out there!”
  • “Do you trust me?”
  • “Be more careful next time. I don’t want to bandage you up again.”
  • “Hey, it’s cold outside. At least wear a jacket.”
  • “I’d die for you.”
  • “You’ll back off if you know what’s good for you.”
  • “Get behind me NOW.”
  • “Here, I have an extra weapon.”
  • “Duck, you idiot!”
  • “Go on without me.”
  • “Well what did you expect would happen while you’re walking alone at night? Come on, let’s get you away from that creep.”
  • “Hey. Pal. I’ve got a gun/knife/fist/weapon and I’m not afraid to use it.”
  • “You can stop hugging me now.”
  • “You scared the shit out of me. I’m never going to stop hugging you.”
  • “Quit babying me! I can protect myself.”
  • “I’ll always be there to save you.” / “I know you’ll always be there to save me.”
  • “If you even THINK about touching him/her/them, I’ll kill you.”
  • “[choked up] I thought I lost you.” / “[choked up] I never thought I’d see you again.”

❤ ▬▬ emotional starters to kick you in the feelings.

“What am I to you?”
“If you could be with me, would you?”
“Do you still think about (___)?”
”Do you want to be something more?”
“I need to tell you how I feel.”
“I miss how we used to be.”
“Is it okay to say that I’m jealous?”
“I’m so sorry I’m jealous… It’s such an ugly feeling.”
”I can’t help the way I feel.”
”They all want you, but they don’t even know you.”
”Is it okay to want you for myself?”
“You’re mine. I don’t want to share.”
“I want to be the only one for you.”
“It’s you. You’re it. You’re the one I want.”
“If you want me, you can have me.”
“You can have others, but I will be your priority.”
“Let’s talk about what you want.”
“Let’s talk about what I want.”
“I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait until you’re ready.”
“You’re my friend. You didn’t know that?”
”I don’t think I know how to love…”
”Can I trust you?”
“I forgive you.”
“I only play around because I don’t have you.”
“Name it. I’d give it up for you.”
“You play so hard to get. Will I ever catch you?”
“How can I get you to like me?”
“Is there some secret to winning your love?”
“Are you available?”
“Are you afraid of commitment?”
“If I agreed to be exclusive with you, would you do the same?”
“Do you feel anything?”
”Why are you pushing me away?”
”The instant you start to feel something, you turn tail and run.”
”He/she/they love you, you know…”
”Don’t. I’m not good for you. Don’t even think about falling for me.”
”I will hurt you. That’s just a fact.”
“You’re so wild that I want to be the one to tame you.”
”If you love them, then I want to as well.”
“Your heart is safe with me.”
”You’re the type who wants to have your cake and eat it, too.”
”You’ve got me wrapped around your finger.”
”I’ve missed you so much.”
”Your happiness comes before mine.”
”I don’t mind sharing, as long as I’m with you.”
“I am so sorry for hurting you.”
“Can we start over?”

Drinking starters

as requested by @ambitionbled (it won’t let me tag you, sorry!)


  • ❝How much have you had to drink?❞
  • ❝You could have fucking alcohol poisoning!❞  
  • ❝Easy, there. Try to sit up.❞
  • ❝I think I might’ve overdone it on the alcohol…❞
  • ❝We’ve got to go get your stomach pumped.❞
  • ❝I thought you said you were clean!❞
  • ❝Yes, it is a big deal.❞
  • ❝Let me drive you home.❞
  • ❝You are NOT driving like this!❞
  • ❝You are gonna have one hell of a hangover tomorrow.❞
  • ❝Drinking until you puke is not normal.❞


  • ❝Is this real life?❞ 
  • ❝I want to go to sleep but I can’t find any sheep.❞
  • ❝How do you show fish affection?❞
  • ❝Taco Bell is open 24 hours, right?❞
  • ❝Tequila is not my friend? YOU’RE not my friend.❞
  • ❝Drunk I am not.❞
  • -glasses on head- ❝Where did I put my glasses?❞
  • ❝How do I tell my parents I’m a mermaid?❞ 
  • ❝I’m not even tired.❞
  • ❝I should call my ex.❞
  • ❝I’m not drunk enough for this.❞
  • ❝Does playing Mario Kart drunk count as drunk driving?❞
  • -hugging the floor- ❝I’m trying to stop the floor from spinning.❞
  • ❝Can we go out for fried chicken?❞


  • ❝What’s the fucking point anymore?❞
  • ❝Screw recovery. I want a drink.❞
  • ❝I’m too sober for this shit.❞ 
  • ❝I don’t give a shit what you think.❞
  • ❝I seriously don’t feel too good.❞
  • ❝I didn’t even have that much to drink.❞
  • ❝Will you stop fucking interrogating me?❞
  • ❝I can drive. I’m fine.❞
  • ❝There’s a reason I drink so much.❞
  • ❝You’re the reason I drink so much.❞
  • ❝I’m only happy when I’m drunk.❞


  • ❝You’re cute, you know that?❞ 
  • ❝You wanna get wasted?❞
  • ❝I’m bar-hopping tonight, wanna come?❞
  • ❝What are you drinking, and why aren’t you sharing?❞
  • ❝I’m having a party for two.❞
  • ❝You’re so hot.❞
  • ❝I’m usually too chicken-shit to say this, but…I really like you.❞
  • ❝I don’t want to kiss you with your alcohol breath.❞
  • *kisses on forehead*
  • *kisses on cheek*
  • *kisses on lips*
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rp sentence starters - 5 w’s 


  • “ Who are you? “
  • “ Who are you really? “
  • “ Who was that? “
  • “ Who’s there? “
  • “ Who am I? “
  • “ Who cares? “
  • “ Who knows? “


  • “ What’s going on? “
  • “ What are you? “
  • “ What just happened? “
  • “ What do we do now? “
  • “ What are you doing here? “
  • “ What do you know about me? “
  • “ What do you know about them? “
  • “ What the hell? “
  • “ What happened to you? “
  • “ What happened to us? “


  • “ When did this happen? “
  • “ When did you get that bruise? “
  • “ When did all of this start? “
  • “ When are you going to start telling the truth? “
  • “ When did you first start lying to me? “ 
  • “ When can I see you again? “
  • “ When’s dinner? “
  • “ When are we gonna get there? “


  • “ Where am I? “
  • “ Where are we? “
  • “ Where are we going? “
  • “ Where are you going? “
  • “ Where have you been all this time? “
  • “ Where have I been? Uh… See… I can explain… “
  • “ Where were you when I needed you? “


  • “ Why did you do that? “
  • “ Why are we doing this again? “
  • “ Why are you doing this? “
  • “ Why did you hit me? “
  • “ Why did you kill them? “
  • “ Why do you hate me? “
  • “ Why do you love me? “
  • “ Why don’t we ever talk anymore? “ 
  • “ Why do I love you? “
  • “ Why did you do something so stupid? “
  • “ Why are you up so late? “
Send a symbol for your muse to find mine...

🌷- Alone

🥀- Dying

🤕- Injured/sick

☠️- Dead

🐥- Alive

😈- Possessed

👻- As a ghost

😼- Transformed into an animal/monster

🦋- In a joyful mood

☔️- In a somber mood

☀️- Overheated

☃️- Shivering from the cold

💫- Dazed and dizzy

💦- Crying

🍇- Extremely hungry

🏇🏻- Being chased

🗜- Stuck in a trap

🔮- In a dream

🛌- Bedridden

📖- Reading/studying

🎍- Tending to a shrine/visiting a grave

🌼- Caring for some plants

⭐️- Stargazing

☄️- In a dangerous situation

vampire starters

as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns, lore, or anything else !


  • “Oh, bite me. Wait–don’t do that.”
  • “Woah, those are some freaky colored contacts/fake fangs/fake bloodstains.”
  • “Is that why you’ve always been so…weird?”
  • “I’m not afraid of you.”
  • “You got a little something on your face there…and hands, and..oh gosh..”
  • “So…how old are you?”


  • “What’s happening to me?!”
  • “Did you just…bite me?”
  • “This..hurts…”
  • “Get away from me!”
  • “I feel…weirdly stronger…”

Newly Turned

  • “I’m still not used to this…”
  • “Being immortal sounds pretty cool.”
  • “Am I supposed to…kill things?”
  • “I want cool vampire powers.”
  • “I can’t believe this actually happened to me.”
  • “I have so many questions.”

Born a Vampire

  • “Drinking blood isn’t weird for me.”
  • “We watch Dracula to make fun of how dumb humans are.”
  • “You don’t have to drink human blood, dumbass.”
  • “Someone around here should show you the ropes.”
  • “I’m actually not that old.”


  • “I’ve lived through hundreds of generations.”
  • “Doritos are the greatest invention in the history of time.”
  • “So many people have died in front of my eyes.”
  • “There’s no such thing as ‘the good old days’. Every time sucks.”
  • “I wish I could be with you forever.” / “I can’t wait until your ass dies.”


  • “I don’t sleep in a coffin.” / “I sleep on silk sheets.”
  • “No, we don’t turn into bats.”
  • “Are you checking to see if I sparkle? Because I do, with my shining personality.”
  • “Most of the crap in movies isn’t true.”
  • “I’d stay away from anyone that smelled like garlic. So would you, if you’re a reasonable person.”


  • “No matter how much I eat, it’s never enough.”
  • “You’re bleeding…”
  • “Go. Now. Before I-”
  • “Everyone’s blood smells different. Yours smells like chocolate/dog shit/cheese fries.”
  • “I shouldn’t have waited this long…”
Starters | Heroes & Villains


“You’re not getting away this time!”

“Your tools are impressive, but they can’t beat natural born power.”

“Don’t you ever grow weary of the same routine?”

“You’re a monster.”

“I must say, of all the people I put behind bars, you’ve got to be the worst.”

“I don’t want to play your sick mind games, I’m not one of your victims!”

“You can’t control me like you can your little puppets, can you?”

“Ugh, I feel bad for whoever has to sort all this mess out.”

“I’m just…tired. I’m tired of everyone’s lives lying on my shoulders.”

“Why can’t these people just learn to take care of themselves?”

“I enjoy my work, I’m a savior! I wouldn’t trade that for anything!”


“What’s the matter, are you afraid of me? Good.”

“I have to say, you are giving me quite a bit of trouble.”

“You’re about to piss me off, brat.”

“Come on, you can get out of that, can’t you? At least try.”

“Go on, at least put on a show if you’re going to challenge me.”

“The last guy didn’t end up so well, if you’ve heard. I admire your bravery.”

“As much as I appreciate tenacity, I don’t appreciate annoying flies interrupting my plans.”

“Now that I’ve got you, what should I do first?”

“Relax, kiddo. Not everyone’s out here for mass murder or world domination. Maybe I just wanted to take this car for a joy ride.”

“Why do you always have to ruin my fun?”

“Why did I turn bad? Why do heroes ask such inane questions?”

“You don’t need to understand me, I don’t WANT you to understand me!”

“Not everyone can be pulled into the light, hero.”

Send a muse + an ending

GOOD END- The ideal end to my muse’s story where everything is resolved and they can live a good life.

BAD END- The bad guys win. Everything that can go wrong for my muse had gone wrong.

TRUE END- Bittersweet ending. Some things go right, other things go wrong. Some sacrifices have to be made, but most people are happy in the end.

EVERYONE LIVES- No one has to die in my muse’s story, be it for Better or for worse.

WE ALL FALL DOWN- No one is safe in the end of my muse’s story. Everyone important to the story has perished. This can include your muse or not.

WENT DOWN IN HISTORY- Your muse’s story is passed down through the ages, sometimes being stretched or exaggerated in places until it becomes a legend told in storybooks and campfires as poems, tall tales, etc.

SECRET END- Crack. Come up with the silliest end to your muse’s story as possible.

- ; phrases that really hit you where it hurts

“ did you really have to be that honest? ”
“ every time i see you i just feel more alone. ”
“ you changed me. ”
“ was this all just a joke to you? ”
“ i don’t want to know. ”
“ can we start over? ”
“ you make me feel so insecure. ”
“ i don’t know if i can love you. ”
“ every time i wake up i’m reaching for you … but you’re never there. ”
“ of course it meant something! ”
“ stop yelling! ”
“ i gave up on you a long time ago. ”
“ you think i care about you? cute. ”
“ did you just forget about me or something? ”
“ i still need you. ”
“ i wanna say that there’s still hope but sometimes things just don’t go your way. ”
“ you said you would keep trying! ”
“ no, you ARE strong. ”
“ you promised me! ”
“ fine. you’ll never see me again, okay? ”
“ i gave you everything i had. ”
“ your eyes can be so cruel … ”
“ i can never do anything right can i !? ”
“ i want my life back. ”
“ stop crying. ”
“ you should go. ”
“ don’t come back. ”
“ does hurting me make you feel good or something? ”
“ just stop it. ”
“ i was never in love with you now leave me alone! ”

Jealous Lovers Sentence Starters

as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

  • “Who was that?”
  • “I don’t like the way he/she/they look/s at you.”
  • “How could I make you jealous? I melt whenever you say my name.”
  • “Hi! I’m ___’s girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/etc. Ever heard of me?”
  • “So what if I’m jealous?”
  • “You are spending WAY too much time with that guy/girl/person.”
  • “How come you never do that with me?”
  • “Hey. You’re mine.” / “Don’t worry. I’m yours.”
  • “I’m going to kick his/her/their ass! No one can touch you like that except for me.”
  • “I heard you and ___ had lunch.”
  • “Are you jealous?~”
  • “Can I just give you another hickey?” / “Did you really have to give me so many hickeys?”
  • “I can’t have these people all over you.”
  • “Oh, come on. Don’t worry about him/her/them, we’re just friends.”
  • “Don’t you trust me?” / “You’re not the one I don’t trust…”
  • “I know that you love me, but your jealousy is getting out of hand.”
  • “You don’t own me…except when you make that face.”
  • “I don’t remember our hello kiss being a hello makeout. Are you threatened by my friend?”
  • “Who are you texting? I thought I just saw a heart emoji.”
  • “Why is your ass so amazing? Everyone is staring at it and I hate it.”
  • “Hey, pal. His/her/their eyes are up there.”
  • “I don’t know what that was about, but I love seeing you all riled up.”
  • “This is outrageous. I demand more attention.”
  • “Oh you and ___ went there? That’s where we went on our first date.”
  • “You’re with ME now.”
  • “What is/are he/she/they doing here?”
Make my Muse sad!
  1. Who’s someone you miss?
  2. Something you regret saying?
  3. Something you regret doing?
  4. Worst thing you’ve said to someone you love?
  5. Worst goodbye?
  6. What’s a moment that still stings?
  7. Physical scar with the worst memory?
  8. Emotional scar with the worst memory?
  9. Are you okay?
  10. What was the last serious thing you’ve cried about?
  11. How often do you cry?
  12. Would you try to get back in touch with someone you used to know?
  13. Have your parents ever hurt you with their words?
  14. Worst thing a friend has done to you?
  15. Worst thing a lover has done to you?
  16. Who hurt you?
  17. Do you abuse yourself in any way known?
  18. What are your darker thoughts like?
  19. First heartbreak?
  20. How do you eat?
  21. How do you sleep?
  22. Something you heard from a loved one that hurt you?
  23. Has someone you loved ever put their hands on you?
  24. How often are you told you’re loved?
  25. How did you handle your first ‘i hate you’?