Heads up! Best part of the episode — maybe the season! — coming through! Coach Roz calls Blaine and Becky to her office to tell them that she’s real suspicious of the fact that they’re co-captains of the Cheerios. It’s Fruity Fonzie she’s most worried about. Why? Because he’s never done an actual cheer in his life, but he got Sue to make him co-captain and three weeks later she got fired. Coach Roz has a perfectly logical explanation, though: “That makes me think you used your fruity voodoo powers to put a hex on her that caused her to bring a gun to school for no reason and get real clumsy so she drops it twice and it goes off both times. That sounds like some dark-sided fruity voodoo stuff to me.” She says it all in one big breath while Blaine’s face is teetering on the edge between incredulity and delight. Becky very nearly comes out with the truth but gets it together in time to take Roz’s blood oath and loyalty pledge.

Words can’t do justice to the next part. Roz makes Blaine and Becky repeat back a promise never to hex her, emphasis on the “neeeeeevvvver.” It’s so ridiculous and so hilarious. If we get outtakes from any scene this season, I hope it’s this one. The editor probably had 30 takes to work from and Darren Criss must have broken in every one of them because even in the one they aired, he’s almost giggling up when he says “do solemnly swear.”

—  The BackLot (formerly AfterElton) 04x19 recap