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tbh I this American food is pretty weird though-- [as an American] Like, we wrap almost anything in bacon, deep fry desserts, and even eat large portions of unhealthy things at theme parks and parties--

It’s the type of culinary experience I’d love to try for a week then get back to my traditional cuisine.

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*heart symbol thingie* ovo//

He was…slightly startled to say the least. Alistair leans back in his chair, his fingers absently tapping on the arm until his brother swats at him and makes him stop. He sticks his tongue out at Dylan when Arthur isn’t looking, fidgeting with the paper. He had to admit, Anya was very attractive and interesting though…never in all his time had he thought she’d write a letter to him confessing her love for him.

He folds the paper again and leans on the table, green eyes flicking to the Russian. He catches her glance and winks at her, scribbling a little note to pass across the table that said, “If you can promise your brothers won’t beat me, I would very much like to take you out to dinner. -Alistair.”