I hate when news articles misleadingly use Doctor Who in their headlines. For Example: Doctor Who *gets super excited* Saved 2000 Orphans From The  Measles Virus Gets Honored Today *sigh of disappointment*

Missed Chances | Part 3/?

Word Count: 2900
Characters: John Smith, Rose Tyler
Summary: Lonely professor John Smith meets an enchanting student that he should fall head over heels for. But he fears that either their timing will never be right, or he’ll never be brave enough to truly open up to her.
A/N: For allegoricalrose​’s AU prompt.
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Parts: One | Two

Come on.” He whispered into her ear after brushing her wet locks behind it. “Chips. And then we’re calling Jackie from my mobile to tell her you’re getting a new one. A not-pink one.”

“Do I have to?” Rose pouted at John while she stepped out of a hole-in-the-wall chippy two hours later.

“What?” John paused, and held out his hand in front of her to stop her from walking. “You don’t want to call your mum? That’s not like you, Rose.”

His heart swelled when he realized that he knew Rose well enough to gather this fact about her. In their phone conversations Rose often spoke so fondly of her mum, giving credence to the idea that she was as much a friend as she was a doting mother. Rose kept next to nothing from her mum. If John was to venture a guess he would wager that there’d be no point in it anyway. Those eyes of Rose’s that could see right past him had to come from somewhere, he pondered.

“I want to,” Rose confessed in a sigh as she eyed the streets, perhaps contemplating where she was going. “Just not yet. Mum hated Jimmy.”

His thin lips curled into a bit of a smirk. “No humble pie for Rose Tyler, then?”

This statement earned him a scowl, and a hand placed on her hip. “Oh, now go on. Say it.”

“Say what? I wasn’t going to say a thing!” John shook his head and his hands in front of his face. “Just maybe ask if I could see you home? You shouldn’t be alone. On the way, I mean. If you want. Just offering.”

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You know I find it so odd when Rose haters want to pinpoint Rose’s jealousy as a reason to hate her… Guess what? She’s human. Jealousy is a human trait. Not to mention Rose always tends to get over her jealousy with other women when it comes to the doctor. 

Sarah Jane - It was more about being left behind and forgotten like Sarah Jane was. Even then though both Sarah Jane and Rose saw how stupid they were being in this case. They made up, and laughed at the Doctor’s weird quirks like stroking the TARDIS, etc. 

Reinette - Rose was jealous but she was never mean to Reinette, she was actually the one who was nice out of the two of them, and even though the Doctor basically blew her and Mickey off to play Prince Charming, Rose was still concerned about him at the end of the episode when Reniette died. Yes I can see how Rose is such an awful bitch just by these 2 examples.

Martha - She was frustrated because she built a dimension cannon just to see the Doctor, and get back to him, and trying to save the world, etc. She was the only one who couldn’t get through to speak to the Doctor. A man whom she was in love with and hadn’t seen in years. Not to mention she later was impressed with Martha and how she handled Davros, and didn’t fail to mention it “oh she’s good!”, etc., etc.

But besides that being jealous is totally understandable to me in this case. She is used to being his only companion, and traveling with him… So when these other women come in, of course it’s going to seem threatening. Especially if you’re in love with someone.

Oh and please we will bash Rose for being jealous but not Nine? Anyone remember how he was with Mickey and Jack though? Why isn’t the fandom bashing him for being jealous? 

i will follow you into the sky

Tentoo/Rose | ~800 words | light T maybe

helium hearts / we’re falling skyward / we’re never coming down
prompted by mypatronusisdoctorxrose

The hot air balloon is Rose’s idea. After the Doctor whines about wanting to get out and do something different—something other than cruise around London on a bus, because that’s as far as they can afford to go right now without asking too much of Pete—Rose surprises him.

They’re up even higher than the zeppelins that criss-cross over the city. Rose lets out a joyful “ha!” of laughter before looking over at the Doctor. He grips the side of the basket tightly, knuckles white.

“You’re not afraid of heights, are you?” she asks, incredulous. She leans over and bumps him playfully on the shoulder with her own.

He mutters something about Donna and takes a deep breath. Rose laughs again and links her arm through his.

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Xocoatl: Blind (18/?)

Description: A Nine x Rose AU based on the film from 2000, Chocolat, and the book by Joanne Harris of the same name.

Overall Story Warnings: Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.  Off-camera and non-explicit rape.  Character death.  Religion.

Chapter Warnings: No warnings for this chapter (that I can think of, feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Catch up: Teaspoon, Fanfiction, AO3

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11,Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17


The Saturday before Easter was Wilf’s birthday.

“I’d like to have a party,” he said to Rose as she poured him a second cup of chocolate and slid it over beside his plate of French pastry.  “I haven’t had a party in years.  Not since my Eileen died.  Haven’t felt like partying since, but now that Donna and Chris are back… well, it doesn’t seem so bleak anymore.”

Rose smiled at him, and began to wipe down the counters.

“Donna’s said she’ll plan it, and Chris has agreed to host it on his boats,” Rose glanced up in surprise, but Wilf continued.  “You’ll come, won’t you my dear?  I’ve also invited Sarah Jane Smith and her son Luke, and all of the members of Chris’ crew, and Martha Jones, and Father Williams.  You must come.”

Rose’s smile transformed into a grin.  “Of course I’ll come, Wilf.  I wouldn’t miss it.”

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