As Good As You Can Be

Richard Grayson sat at the bar, listening to the hum of the noise around him. It sounded like static, calm and normal and expected, except for that perfect, low, husky voice that said his name. He grinned and turned around on the stood, looking up into those eyes that haunted his dreams. If only Raven knew what kind of dreams he had about her.

“The bar looks… empty.”

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The First Time is Always Special

The night actually started out with the bed curtains catching on fire, and that should have been their first clue that this evening was going to go horribly, horribly wrong.

Robin had brought lavender scent candles to the room, letting them light the room with a warm, soft glow. It was beautiful and serene, and the sight quickly lead to a slow sensual massage, his hands finding all the knots and hollows of Raven’s back. She let go of a soft, slow moan, and then opened her eyes in shock as the scent of burning fabric filled the small space. She screamed. Robin yelped. They both reached to put out the fire with a small pitcher of water by the bedside.  This fiasco was almost immediately followed with hot wax on the pillowcase, a few curses loud enough to wake the dead, limbs tangling in sheets, and two sore, embarrassed bodies falling from the bed and landing in an undignified heap on the carpet.

Robin might have sprained his wrist.

Raven was pretty sure she singed her hair.

They were both utterly embarrassed.

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A moment I’ve been thinking about a lot from Teen Titans came from “Haunted”, where Raven used her Soul Self  in an attempt to free Robin from Slade’s hallucination.The more I think about that interaction, the more I have to agree with neopuff that this is a sneaky-important moment between the two Titans.

I think we the audience take for granted the mythos and origin story of the Robin (Dick Grayson) character, and thus potentially forget just how important the moment is in the context of Raven and Robin’s relationship in the show, where we can plausibly assume that the other Titans are not the most aware of Robin’s backstory.

Indeed, the two are friends and implicitly trust one another, but Raven entering the Boy Wonder’s mind is just a much more intimate level of understanding and empathy conducted by the former. She is beginning to grasp why Robin is who he is today, and his motives behind his pursuit of crimefighting within his formative years and beyond (in spite of the risks involved). She is feeling the very sensitive information that is only known by a handful of Robin’s closest allies. Once she stumbles onto this sort of biological data, she will never ever see Robin in the same light again (and vice versa). I don’t think there is any other pair of Titans in the show that has this type of relationship.

This moment sets the stage for the Season Four arc, when Robin enters Raven’s mind and uncovers her motivations, in a way coming full circle.

(to be possibly continued and expanded upon)

You Missed a Spot

He would recognize her butt anywhere.


It didn’t matter if it was the middle of a crowd of butts, he would find her but in an instant. So, to see her crawling underneath the desk in his study, it was a little surprising. Dick lifted an eyebrow and leaned against the wall, watching the hem of her dress ride up just a little, exposing the bare edge of her plain, cotton panties. Raven, ever practical and predictable.

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A message from the Teen Titans cast