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-“I’m gonna marry you one day, if you’ll have me,” he whispered, brushing his index finger in a smooth line where a ring would appear on Louis’ hand. “I’d marry you tomorrow. I’d marry you today. At brunch, if you’d like. It doesn’t matter if we get married today or tomorrow or the next day. No matter what, I’m going to spend my whole life loving you. Making you happy. Every surprise.” He used his thumb to trace the same spot. “Every adventure.” His hand gently curled over Louis’ fingers. “Every day of our lives.”



I love you all!💚


Relief Next To Me by  dolce_piccante (haydolce) TRAILER


AU. What happens when a baker and a graphic designer meet via a very specific Craigslist post? Fate, friendship, food, and maybe more.

Why didn’t anybody warn me that These Inconvenient Fireworks is so fucking good. Halfway through and the tears are just running down my face. The only other Fic that made me so unexpectedly cry like this was “I fucking love you. I love fucking you” in 210 days. Thank you to whosever Fic rec list I finally found the PDF on. I don’t even remember but I know I knew I had to read it because my Fic rec fairy god mothers @larryappreciation & @lads-laddylads & @jimmytfallon always put it on their favs lists. This is a lot.


Here are some super amazing fics that everyone should read if they haven’t already, so enjoy :) xx

1. The Dead of July by whimsicule (117k)

Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him.

or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

2. Help! (I Need Somebody) by MiniMangaFan (2k)

The wet kissing noises are getting louder, the feet shuffling closer to the bed and – oh God, that was a moan. That was a sex moan that was deep enough to be Harry’s and no, Liam cannot be here for this, he will not listen to his friends having sex.

Or, Liam’s prank backfires spectacularly.

3. Wear It Like A Crown by zarah5 (141k)

AU. As part of a team of fixers hired to handle a gay scandal in Buckingham Palace, Louis expects Prince Harry to be a lot of things—most notably a royally spoilt brat. Never mind that the very same Prince Harry used to star in quite a number of Louis’ teenage fantasies.

4. Let’s Be Alone Together, We Can Stay Young Forever by hilourry (11k)

“I’m sure they were all pathetic old men with failing marriages, am I wrong? So, I did you a favor, really,” Harry says, giving him a shit eating grin. Louis can’t argue with that, but would never admit that to Harry. He scans over him and sees the gold band on his left ring finger.

“Married, huh? Maybe you aren’t much better than my other clients,” Louis sneers.

“Well, I’ve got to at least be better looking then them, with a bigger dick, I’m sure. Now, you’re pretty when you don’t talk, so let’s get those clothes off of you and put you to work, hmm?”


Harry Styles is a millionaire in the 50’s who owns hotels in Europe. Louis is a prostitute and they accidentally fall in love.

5. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante (333k)

AU. What happens when a baker and a graphic designer meet via a very specific Craigslist post? Fate, friendship, food, and maybe more. 

My nighttime ritual

1. Watch 1d carpool karaoke
2. Thank not only God, but Jesus, for James Corden
3. Reaffirm my decisions throughout the day based on whether or not Harry Styles would approve of them
4. Run through them again, but based on if Louis would approve of them
5. For the regretful decisions, look at pictures of the actual sun, Louis Tomlinson
6. Have a small cry over rntm
7. Close my eyes and dream of the end of this stunt bullshit

anonymous asked:

i've been wanting to read rntm for a long time but never do, what's it about??? like the summary doesnt really say much, is it a friends w benefits thing, slow burn??? omg what's it about??

Oh dear god. It’s honestly so so amazing. It’s probably my #1 in the fandom right now, to be honest. I’m not gonna spoil anything for you (or anyone else reading this) but it starts where all amazing adventures start: craigslist. Louis posts an ad and Harry answers. Yes, it basically starts out as an arrangement/fwb type deal but morphs into so much more but it’s the WAY it happens that’s really amazing. This fic doesn’t have the same cliches and pitfalls typical of other friends-with-benefits themed fics. You’ll have to read it to understand what I mean. It’s FUN to read. The whole thing is just very refreshing - the characterizations, the slow build, the writing style. THE SMUT IS A++++. I honestly don’t see how anyone couldn’t like it.