Brooklyn producer and musician BAILE is no stranger to working with Ava Luna’s Felicia Douglass, having partnered with her a number of times on his excellent Matter EP. There’s no sign of this combo weakening as they reunite on warped curling new single Without. The slick surging, glossy bulging piece feels restlessly unsettling, partly due to its shadowy shuffling stride and largely due to its twisted, turning synths. There’s some brilliant sonic sorcery at hand here as Without captivates with heart stopping suspense. It’s like a contorted version of What So Not and George Maple, or Flume and many of the amazing female vocalists he’s worked with. Without’s stormy future R&B leaves me in a state of free fall. The ground has been pulled out from right under us, and we’re plummeting through a vortex. It’s a thrill ride we’ll line up for over and over again.

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