NAME: A Real Magic Skeleton

AGE: Young Adult


SPECIES: A Real Magic Skeleton

BACKSTORY: He’s a magically enchanted skeleton with his own thoughts, dreams and personality.

CHARACTER BIO: Works at the boring frame store and hates everything about it except working with his best friend Brandon. Jealous of KO, Rad & Enids’ cool adventures.

ATTACKS: Skull Toss (he throws his head. It’s pretty strong but then he’s gotta go pick it back up and it’s kind of embarrassing)

WEAKNESSES: When he uses a powerful spell, he falls apart and his skull has to re-collect his parts.

FUN FACT: He has no talent with magic. But he’s taking night courses at the community college in hopes of getting better!

VOICED BY: Ben Jones

Ian Note: ARMS’s model sheet remains almost exactly the same as his first appearance in the 2012 pilot, “Lakewood Plaza Turbo”


What a time to be alive

"Run It Up"
Kur Feat. Lil Uzi.
"Run It Up"

“..We Been Smokin’ Way Too Muchh!, These Bitches Doin’ Way Too Much!!, I Been Doin’ What I Want!, I’m Just Young & Havin’ Fun!!, Never Givin’ Love To Hoes!!..All These Bitches Made Me Numbbb!!, Every Other Day Is Fuck My Ex!..Every Other Day I Fuck My Ex!!..Everyday I’m Smokin’ Weed..!!”

Some Brandonbones headcanons

(Free to use in drawings and fanfic, you can link me to it aswell!)

  • On days where Brandon is ansty/iffy about something, or maybe just bummed in general, RMS likes to clear it up with petting him or tickling him.
  • Since skeletons don’t have lips and bears do it by touching noses or licking, it’s sometimes awkward when they want to kiss.
  • Brandon and RMS stay in an apartment together, therefore sharing a bed/couch and just snuggling on it after a long day.
  • Sometimes RMS is so tired, he wakes up and dresses in brandon’s shirt/pants by accident
  • RMS’ reason to stay at Brandon’s is to comfort him and make him feel better, and Brandon returns the favor while they’re both alone, cuddling and snuggling to no end.
  • Brandon is sometimes caught purring or gruffing in his sleep, and RMS finds it adorable.