"Run It Up"
Kur Feat. Lil Uzi.
"Run It Up"

“..We Been Smokin’ Way Too Muchh!, These Bitches Doin’ Way Too Much!!, I Been Doin’ What I Want!, I’m Just Young & Havin’ Fun!!, Never Givin’ Love To Hoes!!..All These Bitches Made Me Numbbb!!, Every Other Day Is Fuck My Ex!..Every Other Day I Fuck My Ex!!..Everyday I’m Smokin’ Weed..!!”

Here it is, my December beauty edit. To fight the dry and the drab of winter I selected some of my favorite beauty products in a round up to get that “winter glow." 

1. Human Being Journal-Need Supply’s lovely bi-annual magazine that shares intimate narratives with artists, designers and other inspiring personalities binded in a print with little ad disturbance.

2.  RMS Living Luminizer-I’m all for organic cosmetics, and I’ve been using the highlighter around my eyes, nose, and temple to achieve that subtle, winter glow.

3. Uslu Airlines Shield Nail Polish-A perfect pale lilac nail lacquer.

4.  Glossier Priming Moisturizer-My favorite primer I’ve used in my realm of experience. It leaves a soft, velvety texture onto your skin that makes foundation application just absolutely seamless.

5. Crude Cosmetics-One of the most effective face masks I’ve ever used. I’ve splurged on sheet masks, clay masks, gel masks galore but this green tea crude mask takes the cake on brightening my skin and tightening pores.

6. Glossier Soothing Face Mist-The spray is a little bit more aggressive than the Evian, but just as easy to pack.

7. Uslu Airlines Glitter Nail Polish-Because the holidays are here, and what rings in the new year better than a glittery gold manicure?

8. Salt Eyewear-Timeless frames for sea, air, and land.

My sincerest apologies,
That I am not all sunshine and rainbows,
That I am not all caps lock and laughing,
That I don’t always see the best in things.
Sometimes I am a rain cloud,
Sometimes I shed tears.
There are times when I’m a raging storm,
When I lash out in bitter anger,
Without cause,
Without reason,
Without need.
Sometimes I am as unpredictable,
As a Tornado,
Ripping through everything in my path yet-
At times skirting off to the side,
Keeping all my pain to myself.
Sometimes I am a Blizzard,
I become cold and unresponsive and
Hard to get along with hard to
Talk to.
Sometimes I am a Volcano an,
Eruption waiting to happen and when,
I do eventually explode I leak,
Toxic gas,
Noxious fumes,
Rivers of lava and I mercilessly,
Cause damage where it will hurt,
The most.
But even after all the storms,
All the lightning,
All the rain,
All the damage,
All the pain,
I will become Sunny again.
Sometimes there will be a Chance of Rain,
Sometimes Clouds will dot over me and,
Threaten to cast their cool shadows,
But I’ll be sunny again.
—   Vent Poetry by Airanke.