Loves Me, Loves Me Not
a Makishima/Toudou (Yowamushi Pedal) doujinshi


Hi guys! This is my first Yowapeda doujin and it’s a light TouMaki story about Makishima contacting Toudou out of the blue– hinting that he has a surprise for him. Toudou’s imagination goes wild and starts overreacting about Makishima’s intentions. SLIGHT spoiler warning for the events after the first Interhigh.

  • B5 (7" x 10") sized
  • 20 b&w pages, staple bound
  • featuring guest art by Saph
  • + bonus 5 x 7" postcard will be given with every book!
  • price: RM12

This book will be available at Comic Fiesta 2014 this coming 27/28 December. You can find me at booth E18 (Night Safari). :DD

I’m nervous and excited at the same time as this is my first pairing centric book *A* Anyways, if you’re in KL I hope to see you at the event! <33

Thanks so much for reading! Reblogs would be very much welcome m(_ _)m