you know what bothers me since I’ve read Rave Master? Sieg (who looks exactly like Jellal from Fairy Tail) is from a town where everyone has these tattoos, so Sieg’s Tattoo under his eye does have a story. But Jellal is the only one with a tattoo in this shape in FT. So, I noticed that we don’t know ANYTHING about Jellal’s hometown. Isn’t this sad? Or am i the only one who thinks this way?

Blinded Obscurity: AdjustedInsanity

Rating: R/M

Summary: Regina Mills had always been unlucky in love. Forced to hide behind her career and harbor a secret, she’s content to spend her days with her best friend Graham. Then she meets the love of her life. Secrets come to light and life throws a curve ball. Will love prevail or is Regina destined to be alone? AU! No Magic! No Curse! SwanQueen!

Also contains G!P (aka girl penis)

Links: FFnet