My health’s improving, so I should return to my regularly scheduled gushing about FS and gay touhous soon! Sorry if my silence worried anyone.

One good thing about being sick though: lots of time to write! And indeed, I’ve finally finished draft 2 of the ddc fic! Woohoo!! It narrowly escapes the 100k mark at 97,256 words. Which means it’ll probably surpass 100k words in draft 3… scary.

The tentative publishing date is 1st May, and I’ll be posting two chapters a week. It’s a bit far away, but the next few months are going to be crazy busy for me, and I want to give myself lots of time to make the last few major changes (mostly clarifying character motivations and other annoying emotional stuff. I also need to completely rewrite chapter 11, and one of the sex scenes. Thrilling.) If anything comes out in canon that contradicts the fic, oh well, I’ll just stick a ‘written before XX’ disclaimer in there and roll with it.