Castle Queer Headcanons

It always seems to make the homophobes really angry when I mention my queer Castle headcanons so let’s get them all organized now.

1. Castle

     a. Castle likes to dress in drag. This is not so much a queer thing as it is something that he actively loves to do. He did a lot of research for a Derrick Storm book at a Burlesque where all the dancers were drag queens and they helped him with his makeup and picking out a dress that suited him and heels that he could dance in and a wig that complimented his bone structure. He loved it and, until he started dating Beckett, he would sneak away on weekends when he had writer’s block and no cases and perform as “Nikki Fuego” and just have the time of his life. After he and Beckett began a romantic relationship, she would accompany him to the Burlesque and cheer him on from the crowd, whistling and blowing kisses to her lovely partner.

                i. Castle once got Kate to dress as a drag king and seeing her with a penciled in beard and mustache was almost disturbingly hot.

      b. Castle has kissed men before. The first time was because a college friend of his dared him to for a drink and the second time was because he wanted to know if the feeling he got the first time was just a fluke. It wasn’t. Castle is, for the most part, very interested in women, but he likes to think that it would be possible for him to have a committed—or even just sexual—relationship with a man. He’s never gone farther than kissing, though, since he met Meredith and had Alexis right after college.

2. Beckett

     a. She identifies herself as pansexual (if anybody asks; rarely anybody ever does) because she has had relationships with women in college and (maybe) high school. She’s not sure if teaching your best friend to French kiss (thoroughly) counts as a relationship, whether or not you actually got to second base. One of her boyfriends—before Castle—was a drag queen and looked just as beautiful as a woman.

       b. She was incredibly attracted to both Lanie and Javier when she started at the Twelfth, but the former quickly became her best friend, and she only had a short fling with the latter before they realized that there was nothing long-term there. She didn’t want to risk ruining either relationship (it was a little awkward for her when they started dating, though).

        c. Her “college sweetheart” was an incredibly hot girl who she dated for two years before they graduated and she moved back to Kiev. Kate met her while abroad and they had a whirlwind romance that led to her transferring to NYU for her last year of college. The last Kate heard, Ana had moved to London and now had a wife and three children. She was also a Professor at Oxford.

        d. Kate dated a fellow detective from Boston who is still in the closet but is a lot of fun.

3. Martha

       a. Her sexuality is as fluid as the wine in her glass

       b. She has many wild stories that include more than one partner at a time, all of multiple genders, but she can barely remember half of them. She just knows that she had a hell of a life. Rick had as many “aunties” as he had “uncles” growing up. It was never odd for him to see his mother kissing women like she did men. They were always nice to him, anyway.

       c. Martha has slept with some of the biggest Broadway divas, though she’s never kept a Little Black Book, and she’ll never reveal their names. She’s classy like that.

4. Lanie

        a. Like most women who are even marginally homosexual, she felt a strong attraction to Kate Beckett when she first met her. She wondered if there could have been anything there, but they became best friends not long after and she didn’t want to make it weird.

         b. She’s from the south, so her attraction for women was mostly stifled until college, when “experimentation” was encouraged. It was never an experiment for her and she actually hates that phrase. She had at least three college girlfriends, all of whom were very important to her and would not be chalked up to a phase.

         c. Elected to stay in New York to be close to her last girlfriend, who was doing her Residency at New York Presbyterian. Sadly they broke up in the last year of their residency and went their separate ways.

          d. Has a major crush on Hayley Shipton. Also had a slight fling with Tory, but it ended badly and now things are slightly awkward.

5. Alexis

          a. Bisexual.

          b. Fell in love with Mandy Sutton during her father’s investigation but put her own feelings aside to get her back together with her boyfriend even as Alexis ended her own relationship.

          c. Had a huge crush on Beckett for the longest time, but knew it could never happen because of their age difference (also Kate was so obviously in love with her father that it was ridiculous).

         d. Feels attraction to Hayley (but, again, the age difference is stopping her).

6. Hayley Shipton

         a. Bisexual.

          b. More attracted to women than men, but still very much likes to look at men. Especially their butts.

          c. Has been in more relationships with women than men.

          d. Has some romantic feelings for Alexis, but puts them aside to be her mentor instead.

          e. Flirts shamelessly with Dr. Parish whenever she gets the chance.

           f. Not opposed to polyamory (she has said this in Alexis and Lanie’s presence as if dropping a hint the size of an atomic bomb).

           g. Had her eyes on Kate Beckett for a bit, but was not about to get between her and Rick Castle (as much as she knows she could take him in a fight).

7. Kevin Ryan

           a. Has been in romantic relationships with men, but never sexual relationships.

            b. Had a crush on Esposito for the longest time and even admitted his feelings, though they were not completely reciprocated. They still flirt sometimes.

8. Caskett and Ryan children

             a. Lily Castle’s first crush is on Sarah Grace Ryan. Sarah, being 2 or 3 years older, thinks it’s cute and they hold hands a lot and she gives Lily flowers because “they remind me of you”. When they’re older, SG is also Lily’s first kiss.

              b. Despite both of his parents being queer and not against the LGBTQ community in the least, it still takes Jake a while to come out of the closet. This is mainly because he’s a jock and, in high school, he doesn’t want to be criticized or made fun of for being gay. He comes out to his twin brother first, and Reece accepts him and makes sure he feels loved. It gives Jake the courage to start coming out to all their family and friends.

                c. Nicholas Javier is trans. She becomes Nikki—in honor of her Auntie Kate’s fictional counterpart—but keeps the middle name in honor of her Uncle Javi, who is one of the most supportive people in her life. Her parents accept her readily and her transition starts as soon as possible.


To the whole Castle family- our amazing cast, our remarkable crew, our imaginative writers & our wonderful fans, thank you for 8 amzing yrs!

                                                                        -  Andrew W. Marlowe